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Welfare and the Public Health Service. Some of the major amendinents are listed in table A of the appendix.

Other programs administered by the Department and the Service such as, for example, programs relating to clean air, solid waste disposal, and Indian health services, have been enacted as separate statutes and have been included in this compilation for the reasons already stated.


The Water Pollution Control Act of 1948 (Public Law 845, 80th Congress, 62 Stat. 1155) was replaced by the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1956 (Public Law 660, 84th Cong., 70 Stat. 498) which included provisions for comprehensive programs for water pollution control; interstate cooperation; research, investigation, training; grants for water pollution control programs; grants for construction of treatment works; and enforcement measures against pollution of interstate waters. The 1961 amendments (Public Law 87-88, 75 Stat. 204) vested all functions under the act in the Secretary, and among other things expanded the enforcement authority, increased maximum grants for construction of treatment works, and authorized the establishment of field laboratory and reSearch facilities.

The 1965 amendments (Public Law 89-234, 79 Stat. 903) to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act established within the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, a Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, to provide grants for research and development, to increase grants for construction of sewage treatment works, to require establishment of water quality criteria, and for other purposes. Water pollution programs formerly administered through the Public Health Service are now administered through the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration.


The Clean Air Act, approved December 17, 1963 (Public Law 88206, 77 Stat. 392) provided for air pollution prevention and control activities of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and for other purposes. (This act replaced the act of July 14, 1955, PubJic Law 159, 84th Cong., and amendments thereto of September 22, 1959, and October 9, 1962.) The 1965 amendments (Public Law 89 272, 79 Stat. 992) to the Clean Air Act require the establishment of standards for controlling the emission of pollutants from certain motor vehicles.


The Solid Waste Disposal Act, approved October 20, 1965 (title II of Public Law 89-272, 79 Stat. 997), authorizes a research and development program with respect to solid-waste disposal.


The act of August 5, 1954 (Public Law 568, 83d Cong., 68 Stat. 674), effective July 1, 1955, transferred to the Surgeon General, for administration under the direction of the Secretary, all functions, responsibilities, and authority of the Department of the Interior relating to the conservation of the health of Indians; and provided for the transfer and administration of health facilities. It was amended by the act of July 31, 1959 (Public Law 86-121, 73 Stat. 267), to authorize the Surgeon General to construct, improve, extend, or otherwise provide and maintain essential sanitation facilities for Indians; to arrange for participation wth tribal groups, local authorities, and so forth, in the construction costs and in subsequent operation and maintenance of facilities; and to transfer completed facilities to State or local authorities and Indian tribes, or in the case of domestic facilities, to individual Indians.

The act of August 16, 1957 (Public Law 85–151, 71 Stat. 370), authorized the use, under prescribed conditions of appropriations for the construction of Indian health facilities, to pay part of the cost of construction of community health facilities serving both Indians and non-Indians.




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Part I. Public Health Service Act, as amended (Public Law 410, 78th Cong.,

as amended):

Section Page

Title I-Short Title and Definitions.

1 1

Title II- Administration..

201 2

Title III–General Powers and Duties of Public Health Service:

Part A-Research and Investigation..


Part B-Federal-State Cooperation.

311 36

Part C-Hospitals, Medical Examinations, and Medical


321 45

Part D-Lepers.

331 49

Part E-Narcotics Addicts.

341 50

Part F—Biological Products ..

351 56

Part 6—Quarantine and Inspection..



*Part H-Ġrants to Alaska for Mental Health.

371 64

*Part H-National Library of Medicine..

371 65

Part I-Assista nce to Medical Libra ries

390 69

Title IV-National Research Institutes:

Part A-National Cancer Institute..

401 80

Part B-National Heart Institute..



Part National Institute of Dental Research..

421 85

Part D-National Institute on Arthritis, Rheumatism,

and Metabolic Diseases, National Institute on Neuro-

logical Diseases and Blindness, and Other Institutes.. 431 88

Part E-National Institute of Child Health and Human

Development; and..-

441 90

National Institute of General Medical Sciences.. 442 91

Title V-Miscellaneous.

501 92

Title VI-Assistance for Construction and Modernization of

Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities:

Declaration of Purpose--



Part A-Grants and Loans for Construction and Modern-

ization of Hospitals and other Medical Facilities -- 601


Part B-General.

621 111

Title VII—Health Research and Teaching Facilities and Train-

ing of Professional Health Personnel:

Part A-Grants for Construction of Health Research




Part B-Grants for Construction of Teaching Facilities

for Medical, Dental, and Other Health Personnel.



Part C-Student Loans.-

740 131

Part D-Centers for Research on Mental Retardation and

Related Aspects of Human Development..

761 136

Part E-Grants to Improve the Quality of Schools of

Medicine, Dentistry, Osteopathy, Optometry, and


770 138

Part F-Scholarship Grants to Schools of Medicine, Oste-

opathy, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, or Pharmacy - 780


Title VIII- Nurse Training:

Part A-Grants for Expansion and Improvement of Nurse


801 144

Part B- Assistance to Nursing Students

821 150

Part C-General.

841 156

Title IX-Education, Research, Training, and Demonstrations

in the Fields of Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Related




*The 84th Congress amended the PHS Act by adding two pts. H.


Part II. Legislation not enacted as part on the Public Health Service Act:
A. The Clean Air Act (Public Law 88,206, as amended by Public

Law 89–272):

(1) Air pollution prevention and control.

(2) Control of air pollution from motor vehicles

B. The Solid Waste Disposal Act (Title II, Public Law 89–272).

C. Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health

Centers Construction Act of 1963 (Public Law 88-164, as

amended by Public Law 89–105):

(1) Construction of Research Centers and Facilities for the Men-

tally Retarded:

(a) Project grants for construction of university-affiliated

facilities for the mentally retarded..

(b) Grants for construction of facilities for the mentally


(2) Community Mental Health Centers:

(a) Grants for construction..

(b) Grants for initial cost of professional and technical person-

nel of centers.

D. Title XVII of the Social Security Act (Public Law 88-156, as

amended by Public Law 89-97):

Grants for pianning comprehensive action to combat mental re-


E. Indian health:

(1) Indian hospital, health, and sanitation facilities (including

transfer, maintenance, and operation of hospital and health

facilities for Indians to Public Health Service), (Public

Law 568, 83d Cong., as amended)

(2) Community hospital facilities (Public Law 85–151).

F. Water pollution:

Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Public Law 660, 84th Cong.)

as amended


Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1953.

Table A-Major amendments of the Public Health Service Act since


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