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• Enforcement

81 Federal enforcement actions continue to set records for criminal, civil, and administrative cases, and are resulting in increased accountability and innovative settlements.

• Federal Facilities Management

91 In addition to cleaning up the pollution of the past, federal facilities are working on pollution prevention, energy efficiency, clean fuels, and recycling.

• Fisheries and Marine Mammals

...... 101 The conservation of the nation's invaluable living marine resources depends on ecosystem management, regulation of fishing practices, and support of research.

• Forestry

.... 111 By adopting ecosystem management on federal lands, the nation seeks conservation and sustainable development of U.S. forests, while leading a global campaign to combat deforestation.

• Hazardous and Solid Wastes

123 To curb an increase in volumes of hazardous and solid wastes, the United States is supporting improved waste management, recycling, and new technologies at reasonable costs.


• International Issues

The United States is deeply engaged in global environmental protection,
including the issues raised at the U.N. Conference on Environment and
Development in June 1992.

• National Environmental Policy Act .....

........ 151 By upgrading methods to incorporate NEPA goals into policies and programs, federal agencies are producing more accurate environmental impact analysis and better decisions.


• Pollution Prevention

Federal, state, local, and private market-driven initiatives are changing
the way the nation produces and consumes goods, resulting in reduced
emissions and wastes.

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• Private Sector Initiatives

183 Various nongovernmental efforts demonstrate the grassroots spread of an environmental ethic in America as well as a synergy between environmental protection and economic growth.

• Public Lands ....

193 Sustainable multiple-use management can provide range, timber, minerals, watersheds, fish and wildlife habitat, wilderness, and recreation, while protecting scenic and cultural values.

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Barry Walden Walsh

Editorial Staff:

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Dinah Bear
Allan Bedwell
Elizabeth Blaug
Patricia Bliss-Guest
Ray Clark
Jonathan Elkind
Lawrence G. Flick
Charles N. Herrick
Mary Holland
Lee Langstaff
Seth Miller
John Mostyn
Andrew Neblett
Robin O'Malley
Spencer Phillips
Lucinda Low Swartz
Patience Whitten
Jane Yager

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The editors would also like to thank numerous federal colleagues

for their assistance in preparing and reviewing this report.

Council on Environmental Quality

January 1993

This report's cover and pages are printed on recycled paper.

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