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October 1951-June 1952


Activity Period in Public High Schools, review, Dec cover 3.
Adult education, Oct 1-2.
Advertising Council, better schools campaign, Oct 13.
Aging, conference report, Dec 36.
American Education Week, announcement, Oct cover 4;

message from President Truman, Nov 22; They Can't

Wait, Oct 6-7.
Anderson, Lucille G., commended by Commissioner McGrath,

Dec 39.
Annual Report. See Report of Education, 1951.
Answering Criticisms of Public Schools (McGrath), Mar

Armsby, Henry H., and Jager, Harry A., Engineering and

the High School as a Source of Supply, Feb 67-68.
Atomic Energy Education Comes to the Forefront (Pinette)

Mar 83-84.
Audio-visual aids, Nov 18; Jan 50, 59; Feb 76; Mar 88-89;

Apr 104-5; My 120-21; Je 136-7.
Aviation education, events in 1951, Jan 57; workshop, Apr

Azad, Abul Kalam, Indian delegate to Geneva conference,
Oct 9.


Hamon, Ray L.: How Many Classrooms Do We Need?

Nov 17; National Survey of School Facilities, Feb 69.
Handicapped, children, Feb 72–73; school housing, My 127;

severely retarded, Jan 55; visually, Feb 76.
Hanna, Paul R., MSA chief, My 127.
Hawke, Jerry, R., obituary, Nov 28.
Health, Physical, and Recreation Education, events, Jan

Herblock, cartoon, Nov 17.
High Cost of Illiteracy (Reece), My 115–16.
High schools. See Secondary education.
Hill, Arthur S.: Special Education Serves Them, Too, Jan 55.
Hill, Wilhelmina, and Mackintosh, Helen K.: How Children

Learn About Human Rights, Feb 70.
Hodgson, De Wayne, Star Farmer, Dec 36.
Home economics education, events, Jan 57.
Homemaking education, Apr 103; New Horizons, Jan 53-54.
Housing. See School building; School housing.
How Children Learn About Human Rights, review, Feb 70.
How Children Learn To Think, review, Feb 70.
How Children Use Arithmetic, review, Feb 70.
How Many Classrooms Do We Need (Hamon), Nov 17.
How Peoples Work Together, review, Mar 86.
How To Obtain U. S. Government Films (Reid), My 120-21.
Hull, J. Dan: Secondary School Curriculum Adjustments

for the National Emergency, Nov 19-20; Trende in High-

School Subject Enrollments, Oct 7.
Human Rights: Day observed, Dec 43; How children learn

about, Feb 70.
Hutchinson, Earl W.: Point IV Pilot Project in Education-
Thailand, Dec 38.

Illiteracy, cost of, My 115-6. See also Literacy education,
Improving Education for Children, Jan 49–50; Apr 101-2;

My 113-4.
Inspect Your School for Fire Safety, Je 138-9.
Institutions of Higher education. See Colleges and universi-

International education: Books, Mar 85; experiment, Dec

37; Fifth Congress, Feb 72–73; friendly gesture, Nov 26;
Geneva conference, Oct 8-9; language study, Je 129–30;
Point IV project, Dec 38; teacher exchange, Nov 24-25.

See also United Nations; UNESCO.
International Society for Welfare of Cripples, Fifth World
Congress, Feb 72-73.

Jager, Harry A.: The Wealth, the Power, and the Glory,

Jan 60; and Armsby, Henry H.: Engineering and the

High School as a Source of Supply, Feb 67-68.
Jones, Galen: Delegate, Geneva convention, Oct 8; examines
publications, Mar 82.

Kabir, Humayun, Indian delegate, Geneva conference, Oct 9.
Keesecker, Ward W.: Recent Supreme Court Decision

Relating to Education, Je 132–4.
Kempfer, Homer: Manpower Through Literacy Education,

Oct 1-2.
Kent, Druzilla, and Coon, Beulah I.: The Family--A School

Responsibility for the Nation's Defense, Apr 103.
Kilgore, Harley M.: Literacy and the National Welfare,

Mar 90-91.
Klinefelter, Cyril F., obituary, Apr 110.
Knapp, Margaret F.: Practical Nursing-A Career for Life
Adjustment, Je 131.


Land-Grant Colleges, What They Are, review, Feb 76.
Language Study and World Affairs (McGrath), Je 129-30.
Library of Congress, cards for films, Jan 59.
Libraries; film, Jan 59; service to, Jan 57.
Life Adjustment Education in American Culture, conference

report, My 127.
Life Adjustment for Youth, National Conference, Dec 40-41.
Literacy and the National Welfare (Kilgore), Mar 90-91.
Literacy education: Community responsibility, Nov 23;
manpower through, Oct 1-2; national welfare, Mar 90-91;

universal, Nov 27. See also Illiteracy.
Ludington, John R.: National Conference on Life Adjustment

for Youth, Dec 40-41.


Das, Mrs. P., Indian delegate, Geneva conference, Oct 12.
Defense: Critical materials, Nov 29; Dec 45, Feb 74, Mar

92-93, Je 135; counseling students during period, Apr 107-8;
education for, Oct 10-11, Nov 29–30, Dec 45–46, Jan 54,
Feb 74, Mar 92-93; FCDA terms, Je 142–3; manpower,
Oct 1-2; purchasing school busses, Feb 74; scrap for, Feb

cover 4.
Defense Information Bulletins, Oct 10-11; Nov 29–30; Dec

45; Jan 54; Je 135.
Deferment, student, Oct 10-11; Nov 29–30; Mar 92.
Directory, Higher Education, My 127; 16 mm Film Libraries,

Dec 47, Jan 59, Feb 76.
Does It Make Any Difference? (Wilson), Mar 95.
Drop-outs. See Graduates and Drop-outs in Virginia.
Dunham, Franklin; Effect of Television on School Achieve.

ment, Mar 88–89; Television Brings New Challenge to
Teaching, Nov 18; honored, Jan 50.

Bathurst, Effie G.: How Children Use Arithmetic, Feb 70;

and Franseth, Jane: Modern Ways in One- and Two-
Teacher Schools, Feb 70; and Richmond, Lucille McGraw:

Culloden Improves Its Curriculum, Dec 39.
Beach, Fred F.: The Financing of State Departments of

Education, Apr 100.
Better schools, ads build, Oct 13.
Beust, Nora E.: Books To Help Build International Under.

standing, Mar 85-86.
Biennial Survey of Education, Ch 5, review, Dec 39.
Blackwood, Paul E.: How Children Learn To Think, Feb 70.
Blaenser, Willard W., and Miller, Leonard M.: Counseling

High School and College Students During the Defense

Period, Apr 107-8.
Bodet, Jaime Torres, Director General, UNESCO, Oct 9.
Book Week, Oct cover 4.
Books To Help Build International Understanding (Beust),

Mar 85-86.
Broderick, Gertrude G.: Radio and Recordings as Teaching

Aids, Apr 104-5.
Brown, Muriel W.: An eriment in Intercultural Com-

munication, Dec 37.
Brown, Willis C.: Publications Sharing Project, Mar 82.
Budget, national. See Presidential Messages and Reports,

Economic Report. See Presidential Messages and Reports.
Edison, Thomas A., birthday materials, Oct 15.
Education-An American Heritage, Je 143.
Education: Events, Jan 56-57; Presidential messages, Feb

65 66; report, My 118-19.
Education and the Productive Citizen (McGrath), Nov 21.
Education Directory, Part 3, My 127.
Education for the Nation's Defense, Oct 10-11, Nov 29-30,

Dec 45, Jan 54, Feb 74, Mar 92, Je 135.
Education in Rural and City School Systems, Feb 77.
Education of Visually Handicapped, Feb 76.
Education Unlimited, review, Feb 70.
Educational Aids From Your Government (Cave), cover 3,

Oct through Je.
Effect of Television on School Achievement (Dunham), Mar

Eisenhower, Dwight D., on human rights, Dec 43.
Elementary education: Conference, Apr 101-2, Je 143;

events, Jan 56-57; improving, Jan 49-50, Apr 101-2;

problems, My 113-14.
Engineering and the High School as a Source of Supply

(Jager and Armsby) Feb 67-68.
Engineering, mathematical needs, Je 139.
Engleman, Finis E., delegate Geneva conference, Oct 8.
Enrollment: Estimated, Oct 6-7, Nov 27; subject, Oct 7;

Dec 39.
Exceptional children. See Crippled children; Handicapped

Exchange teachers. See Visiting teachers.
Experiment in Intercultural Communication (Brown), Dec 37.
Ewing, Oscar R., presents exchange teachers to President

Truman, Nov 24-25.

Cartoon, classroom needs, Nov 17.
Catalog of 3434 U. S. Government Films, Jan 59.
Cave, Edna K.; Educational Aids From Your Government,

cover 3, Oct through Je.
Cerebral palsied children. See Handicapped children.
Chambers, Donald L.: Outstanding Events in the field of

Education—1951, Jan 56-57.
Chilean children, message, Nov 26.
Citizens Federal Committee on Education, Oct 13.
Civil Air Patrol, Educational Scholarships, Apr 100.
Civil defense, FCDA terms, Je 142–3.
Civil Defense and the Schools (Meredith), Apr 99-100.
Classrooms, estimated needs, Nov 17.
College students, counseling, Apr 107-8; deferment, Oct

10-11, Nov 29-30, Mar 92; scholarships, Apr 100.
Colleges and universities: Directory, My 127; land-grant,

Feb 76; scholarships, Apr 100.
Collier, Paul: Introduced Members Life Adjustment Edu.

cation Commission, Dec 41.
Communication, intercultural experiment, Dec 37; interna-

tional, Je 129-30.
Community cooperation, Dec 33; My 117.
Community Responsibility for Literacy Education (Wood),

Nov 23.
Conferences: Elementary education, Apr 101-2; Je 143;

life adjustment, Dec 40-41; public education, Oct 8-9;

welfare of crippled, Feb 72-73.
Conrad, Herbert S.: Research-Education's Gibraltar, Apr

Conservation practices, Je 139.
Construction. See School construction.
Coon, Beulah I., and Kent, Druzilla: The Family-A School

Responsibility for the Nation's Defense, Apr 103.
Cooperation in Cosseyville (Tompkins), Dec 33-34.
Core Curriculum: Why and What? (Wright), Feb 71.
Cortes, Josephine O., commended by Commissioner McGrath,

Dec 39.
Cotner, Thomas E., welcomes exchange teachers, Nov 24-25.
Counseling High School and College Students During the

Defense Period (Blaesser and Miller), Apr 107-8.
Crippled children, International Society for Welfare, Feb

72-73. See also Handicapped children.
Critical areas. See Education for Nation's Defense.
Critical materials. See Defense, critical materials.
Crusade for Freedom, Nov cover 4.
Culloden Improves Its Curriculum, review, Dec 39.
Curriculum: Core, Feb 71; Culloden improves, Dec 39;

enrollment trends, Oct 7; Secondary school adjustments,
Nov 19-20.

Facilities. See School facilities.
Family, A School Responsibility, Apr 103.
FCDA, defense terms, Je 142.
Federal Civil Defense Administration. See FCDA; Civil

Defense and the Schools.
FCC Television Decision Opens New Era for Education, Jo

Federal Educational Activities and Issues Before Congress,

Nov 30.
Federal Security Agency, appropriations, Jan 63; conference

on aging, Dec 36.
Feinberg law, Je 132-4.
Fellowships. See Scholarships and fellowships.
Fifth World Congress of the International Society for the

Welfare of Cripples, Feb 72–73.
Films, catalog of Government, Jan 59: directory of libraries,

Dec 47, Jan 59, Feb 76; How to obtain, My 120-21;

Library of Congress cards, Jan 59.
Financing State Departments of Education, Apr 100.
Fire safety, inspection blank, Je 138–9; school, Feb 70, My

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. See FFA convention.
First National Survey of School Facilities (Hamon), Feb 69.
Flash Reviews of New Office of Education Publications, Dec

39, Feb 70, Apr 100, My 127.
Foreign teaching positions, Dec 42, 47.
Foster, Emery M., L'niversal Mass Education, Nov 27.
14th International Conference on Public Education (Geneva),

Oct 8-9.
Futterer, Susan 0.: New Books and Pamphlets, Oct 16; Nov

32; Dec 48; Jan 64; Feb 80; Mar 96; Apr 112; My 128;

Je 144.
Future Farmers of America. See FFA.
FFA, 24th annual convention, Dec 35-36.
Future Homemakers of America, Jan 53-54.

Gallagher, Buel G., keynote speaker, Life Adjustment Con.

ference, Dec 40-41.
Geneva conference. See 14th International Conference.
Graduates and Drop-Outs in Virginia (Miller), Mar 87.
Greenleaf, Walter J.: More About Occupations, Oct. 5.
Gregory, R. W., speaker, FFA convention, Dec 35.
Guidance, Oct 5, Jan 60, Feb 79.

McCoy, Raymond F, delegate to Geneva conference, Oct 8.
McGrath, Earl James: Answering Criticisms of the Pablic

Schools, Mar 81-82; Education and the Productive Citizen,
Nov 21; Language Study and World Affairs, Je 129-30;
Report on Education, 1951, My 118-19; Schools for Sur.
vival, Apr 106; chairman, Geneva delegation, Oct 8, 12;
commends Office employees, Dec 39; reports on UNESCO
conference, Oct 8-9; welcomes visiting teachers, Nov 24.
Mackie, Romaine P., Office delegate, Congress on welfare of

crippled, Feb 72-73.
Mackintosh, Helen K.: Examines publications, Mar 82.

and His Years, conference report, Dec 36.
Manpower Through Literacy Education (Kempfer), Oct 1-2.

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