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tion 274; Public Law 86-373; 73 Stat. 688; 42 U.S.C. 2021. OBJECTIVES: To assist states to achieve, maintain, and improve their

capabilities to conduct radiation control programs, so as to assure that State programs established through agreements with NRC for transfer of certain NRC regulatory authority over atomic energy materials to the states will continue to be adequate to protect health and safety and be compatible with NRC's regulatory pro

gram. TYPES OF ASSISTANCE: Training; Advisory Services and Counsel

ing; Dissemination of Technical Information. USES AND USE RESTRICTIONS: Training is provided at no cost to

personnel of State and local governments in order to improve the radiological health training of staff members responsible for carrying out radiation control programs. Courses and counseling are provided in health physics and radiation protection, safety aspects of using radioactive materials, regulatory practices and procedures, and compliance inspection. States may also request reimbursement of their expenses incurred in NRC approved train

ing activities. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Applicant Eligibility: State and local government agencies which are

or will be responsible for administering radiation control programs under an agreement with NRC for assumption by the State

of regulatory authority initially exercised by the NRC. Beneficiary Eligibility: Personnel nominated by State and local

government agencies for specific training courses must have academic training or experience in one of the physical or life sciences equivalent to a bachelor's degree.

Credentials/Documentation: None.

Preapplication Coordination: None.
Application Procedure: Verbal or written request.
Award Procedure: None.
Deadlines: None.
Range of Approval/Disapproval Time: Not applicable.
Appeals: Not applicable.

Renewals: Not applicable.

Formula and Matching Requirements: None.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance: Not applicable.

Reports: None.
Audits: None.

Records: None.

Account Identification: 18-00-0101-0-1-058; 18-00-0103-0-1-058
Obligations: (Travel and per diem expenses) FY 74 $105,000; F?

75 $125,000; and FY 76 est $150,000. Range and Average of Financial Assistance: Not applicable. PROGRAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In fiscal year 1974, there were

83 State personnel who participated in four training programs i both technical and administration subjects neccesary to radiation control programs. Training in the form of accompaniment of State inspectors and compliance training was provided to 15

spectors in 11 states.

Regional or Local Office: None.
Headquarters Office: Chief, Agreements and Exports Branch, Div

sion Materials and Fuel Cycle and Facility Licensing, Nucien
Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555. Telephone

(301) 492-7767. RELATED PROGRAMS: 66.503, Radiation Research Grants.


spendix 1: Programs Requiring Clearinghouse Review

plicants for assistance under the following programs are required 10

y the appropriate planning and development clearinghouse(s) of in**10 apply in accordance with OMB Circular No. A-95 (revised), Part

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13.240 Mental Health-Community Mental Health Centers 13.246 Migrant Health Grants 13.251 Alcohol Community Service Programs 13.252 Alcohol Demonstration Programs 13.254 Drug Abuse Demonstration Programs 13.256 Office for Health Maintenance Organizations 13.259 Mental Health-Children's Services 13.267 Urban Rat Control 13.275 Drug Abuse Education Programs 13.284 Emergency Medical Services 13.286 Limitation on Federal Participation for Capital Expenditures 13.369 Nursing School Construction-Loan Guarantees and Interest

Subsidies 13.378 Health Professions Teaching Facilities-Loan Guarantees and

Inter Subsidies 13.392 Cancer-Construction 13.400 Adult Education-Grants to States 13.408 Construction of Public Libraries 13.477 School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas-Construction 13.493 Vocational Education-Basic Grants to States 13.494 Vocational Education-Consumer and Homemaking 13.495 Vocational Education-Cooperative Education 13.499 Vocational Education-Special Needs 13.501 Vocational Education-Work Study 13.502 Vocational Education-Innovation 13.516 Supplementary Educational Centers and Services-Special

Programs and Projects 13.519 Supplementary Educational Centers and Services, Guidance,

Counseling, and Testing 13.520 Special Programs for Children with Specific Learning Disa

bilities 13.600 Child Development-Head Start 13.609 Special Programs for the Aging 13.612 Native American Programs 13.624 Rehabilitation Services and Facilities-Basic Support 13.626 Rehabilitation Services and Facilities-Special Projects 13.630 Developmental Disabilities-Basic Support (construction only)

or detailed information on requirements which must be met before ving, refer to the Preapplication Coordination section of each pro

i description. This list of Circular No. A-95, Part I programs take 'dence over all previously published lists; provided that any program jously covered but not listed herein because it is not presently

ed or operative which becomes funded or operative is again covered art I, unless specifically exempted by OMB.

Ibsequently as between Attachment D of the Circular and Appendix The Catalog whichever one bears the later date should be consulted.

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 05 Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants 09 Irrigation, Drainage, and Other Soil and Water Conservation

Loans (Exception: Loans to grazing associations (to develop additional pasturage) and loans for purchase of

equipment) 10 Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans 1+11 Rural Housing Site Loans +14 Resource Conservation and Development Loans

#15 Rural Rental Housing Loans +18 Water and Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities

119 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Loans +22 Business and Industrial Development Loans (Exception:

Loans to rural small businesses having no significant im

pact outside community in which located) 423 Community Facilities Loans

424 Industrial Development Grants 658 Cooperative Forest Insect and Disease Control 901 Resource Conservation and Development (Exception: Pro

jects under $7,500, erosion and sediment control, land stabilization, and rehabilitation and consolidation of existing

systems) 904 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention


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300 Economic Development-Grants and Loans for Public Works

and Development Facilities .302 Economic Development-Support for Planning Organizations .303 Economic Development-Technical Assistance .304 Economic Development-Public Works Impact Projects

(procedural exception) .305 Economic Development-State and Local Economic Develop

ment Planning .306 Economic Development District Operational Assistance .307 Economic Development-Special Economic Development and

Adjustment Assistance Program .418 Coastal Zone Management Program Development .419 Coastal Zone Management Program Administration


DEVELOPMENT 14.103* Interest Reduction Payments-Rental and Cooperative Hous

ing for Lower Income Families 14.105* Interest Subsidy-Homes for Lower Income Families 14.112* Mortgage Insurance-Construction or Rehabilitation of Con.

dominium Projects 14.115* Mortgage Insurance-Development of Sales-Type Cooperative

Projects 14.116 Mortgage Insurance-Group Practice Facilities 14.121* Mortgage Insurance-Homes in Outlying Areas 14.124* Mortgage Insurance-Investor Sponsored Cooperative Housing 14.125* Mortgage Insurance-Land Development and New Communi

ties 14.126* Mortgage Insurance-Management-Type Cooperative Projects 14.127* Mortgage Insurance-Mobile Home Parks 14.128 Mortgage Insurance-Hospitals 14.129 Mortgage Insurance-Nursing Homes and Related Care Facili

ties 14.134* Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing 14.135* Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for Moderate Income

Families 14.137* Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for Low and Moderate

Income Families, Market Interest Rate 14.138* Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for the Elderly 14.139* Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing in Urban Renewal Areas 14.141 Non-Profit Housing Sponsor Loans-Planning Projects for

Low and Moderate Income Families

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ..101 Beach Erosion Control Projects 1.106 Flood Control Projects ..107 Navigation Projects 2.108 Snagging and Clearing for Flood Control 2.109 Snagging and Clearing for Navigation DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND

WELFARE 3.210 Comprehensive Public Health Services-Formula Grants 3.217 Family Planning Projects 3.224 Health Services Development Project Grants 3.235 Drug Abuse Community Service Programs

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23.002 Appalachian Supplements to Federal Grant-in-Aid (basic

grants only) 23.003 Appalachian Development Highway System 23.004 Appalachian Health Demonstrations (planning and construc

tion only) 23.005 Appalachian Housing Planning Loan 23.008 Appalachian Local Access Roads 23.010 Appalachian Mine Area Restoration 23.011 Appalachian State Research, Technical Assistance, and

Demonstration Projects 23.012 Appalachian Vocational Education Facilities and Operations 23.013 Appalachian Child Development 23.014 Appalachian Housing Site Development and off Site Im

provement Grants 23.016 Appalachian Vocational and Technical Education Demon

stration Grants

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PACIFIC NORTHWEST REGIONAL COMMISSION 11.76.001 Pacific Northwest Economic Development 76.002 Pacific Northwest-Technical and Planning Assistance

Note: The following programs either have not been assigned a **Catalog number or have an uncertain organizational or funding status. 1. Public Law 92-424. Economic Opportunity Amendments of

1972. Assistance under programs for New Special Emphasis (Section 11), Design and Planning Assistance (Section 226), Youth Recreation and Sports (Section 227), Consumer Ac

tion and Cooperation (Section 228). 2. Public Law 92-318. Education Amendments of 1972. For Con

struction of Academic Facilities (Section 161). 3. Public Law 93-641. National Health Planning and Resources Tre

Development Act of 1974: Planning Grants to Health Systems Agencies (Section 1516); Assistance for modernization, construction conversion of medical facilities (Section 1601 et seq-Title XVI, Public Health Service Act). These programs will replace 13.206 (Comprehensive Health Planning-Areawide Grants) and 13.220, and 13.253 (Health Facilities Construction).

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