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THE TOWNS HOSPITAL needs no introduction. For 14 years

the treatment has been administered successfully. It is a strictly

ethical work, under the supervision of physicians in a real Hos-
pital devoid of sanitarium features.
The Towns treatment is administered only in the Towns Hospital in
New York; it has no connection with any other institution. The course
is brief-so brief that it is of distinct advantage to out-of-town physicians
who wish to come to New York with their patients and follow the
treatment, no part of which is secret.
PRIVACY is a feature of this hospital; we are not interested

in the social position of a patient; we do not group
or mass our patients together; each is treated individually. Patients are
separated and not permitted to invade the privacy of each other.
THE TOWNS METHOD has been fully explained

in articles appearing in
the Journal of the American Medical Association, and reprints of these and
articles from other publications, together with a booklet containing full
information as to the treatment, duration, terms, etc., will be mailed on

M. W. application.

Coupon ROOMS may be had en suite or provision is

THE made for patients of moderate means.

CHARLES B. TOWNS There is but one charge—no "extras.” The coupon

HOSPITAL is attached for your convenience.

293 Central Park West,

New York

Please send me copies of CONSULTING physicians constantly in communication. Staff

reprints and booklet. of four resident physicians always in attendance. TELEPHONE: River 6710

Mellin's Food

was the first preparation of maltose and dextrin presented
to physicians in serviceable form, and it stands today as a
true representation of Liebig’s principles which are now
so generally applied to scientific infant feeding.

There is a distinct advantage to the physician in the
employment of Mellin's Food where

A Maltose and Dextrin Product
is desired, and we cannot emphasize too strongly the impor-
tance of using a product scientifically prepared from care-
fully selected material and by clean methods if successful
results are to be obtained.

Samples and literature upon request.



of Definite Potency,” and opens with this signifi- foric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrocyanic acid and cant question: “When writing a prescription for quinin in a delicious cordial which will never pall a fluidextract or tincture, what assurance have you upon the patient and may be exhibited indefinitly. that the product dispenst will be medicinally ef- This is a property of the utmost importance in ficiente That it will be activ, yet not too activ? chronic disease and one which has not received the That it will produce the therapeutic result that attention it deserves. As the physician will gather you hope for and expect?” It is well known that from the formula, Wheeler's Tissue Phosphates is Parke, Davis & Co. are authorities upon the sub- invaluable in convalescence from acute disease or ject of standardization, chemical and physiological, surgical operation; for pregnant and nursing mothand it may be confidently asserted that the practi- ers (it is a galactagogue of the first rank); in cian of medicin who reads and ponders what is said anemia, neurasthenia, functional derangements of in the announcement referred to will find that his

all kinds, and in every form of prostration arising time has been well spent. The physician's obli- from running the machinery of the body at too gation to his patient does not cease with the writ. high a rate of speed. The manufacturers, T. B. ing of a prescription. There remains the further Wheeler, M.D., Company, Rouses Point, N. Y., duty to assure himself that trustworthy products will send World readers a four-ounce sample upon are used in compounding that prescription. When request. he prescribes a fluidextract or tincture, the phy. sician owes it to his patient to specify the brand

I have used Valentine's Meat-Juice myself in a of a reliable manufacturer.

recent severe attack of inflammation of the bowels

which I had, and for forty-eight hours nothing In his book entitled “Through South America,

passed my lips but Valentine's Meat-Juice and a

little carbonated water. It is very palatable and Van Dyke says: “The neighbors of the Paulistas

excellent to sustain the strength during fevers. I in the State of Rio Grande do Sul are principally engaged (with Paraguay) in supplying the twenty

have frequently prescribed it and shall continue to

F. D. LAWSON, M.D. millions or more of consumers in South America,

New York. and growing numbers elsewhere, with the leaves from which the beverage is made that is known

To keep the alimentary tract as free as posas yerba mate, or Paraguay tea, which those who

sible from fermentable matter, to inhibit as far drink it contend has all the stimulating and nour- as possible the activity of the putrefactiv bacteria ishing qualities of the tea we use, but none of its which normally inhabit the intestinal canal, and to injurious effects. See advertisement on page xxvi, eliminate the toxin produced by the bacillus ty. and fill out the coupon for a trial package.

phosus as rapidly as possible are desirable results

to accomplish in treating typboid cases. The Wheeler's Tissue Phosphates combines iron phos- power of Glyco-Thymoline to produce these results fate, calcium phosfate, sodium phosfate, phos

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do so.

Doctors, you believe in research. We spend in that way $100,000 yearly to better Goodyear Tires

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There are scores of experts in our lab- double-thick, with deep, sharp, resistless oratory. They build thousands of test tires, grips. to compare features and formulas, fabrics and methods. To secure maximum quality They Must Be Best

-to minimize troubles - to insure that Goodyears show lowest cost per mile.

We have spent 15 years in improving

these tires. The ablest men we could find The result is a tire so sturdy and en

have been put at it. during that we last year sold nearly a million and a half-nearly one for every car

Men have tried out millions of them. They have compared them with others in

every way. Their verdict shows in the Fortified Tires

fact that Goodyears outsell any other tire.

In the five ways mentioned-all excluThe results of these efforts show in Goodyear Fortified tires. They are made

sive to us—you can see that they excel. of extra-grade rubber, of extra - strong

They must be best-be very much the fabric. And in these five ways, used by best. And you who stand for efficiency no one else, they protect you against tire should buy them. Any dealer will supply troubles:


in use.

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B. Hall

one of the first investigators TRI-CROTALIN

011. 1-40 Grain Iodide Araenio. x Grain Iodide Calcium.

of the venoms since they

(Venom of the Crotalis atrox) came into hypodermic use.

Field Collected Under Sanitary Conditions, Free He made the first thorough from Bacteria and Possessed of Superior Medical chemical, bacteriological and Properties. physiological examination of

Sample and Literature the venom of all the species with clinical reports on the TREATMENT OF AFFECof the Crotaline. This work TIONS OF THE NERVE CENTERS, AS NEURAS

THENIA FROM OVERWORK OR SEXUAL CAUSES, is explained in our literature. In Tri-Crotalin we offer the


MALE CASES, PERIODIC HEADACHE, EPILEPSY, purest and most potent form

MANIA, ETC. of venom.

Write for Our Prices and Sample Correspondence concern

Special Terms to Institutions ing cases will be answered

THE HALL BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS COMPANY by specialists. 210 So. Pennsylvania Street

Indianapolis, Ind. Of BUDWELL'S EMULSION

Cod Liver 011 is amply proven by the clinical reports from PROPERTIES- Alterative Nutritive General Tonio

eminent physicians in all parts of the country. INDICATIONS Lung Diseases Sorofula Rheumatic Gout Glandular Swellings Anemia The distressing condition of fissured tongue and Each Tablespoonful of No.1 Contains: Each Tablespoonful of No.2 Contains: "crackt” lips is immediately relieved and the 50 Per Cent. Pure Norway Cod Liver 50 Per C. Pure Norway Cod Liver Oil, 1-40 Grain lodide Arsenic, % Grain

sordes of teeth and mouth quickly removed by the Todide Calcium, Grain lodide Man.

use of Glyco-Thymoline. ganese, 2 Minims Purified Guaiacol X Grain lodide Manganese.

2 Minims Creosote Carbonate. Free Sample-Advertise to Physicians Only-Detachable Labels BUDWELL PHARMACAL CO., Boz 259, Lynchburg, Va. It should interest American physicians to learn

that there is promise of a tetanus-antitoxin famin Establish an Enviable Professional

in this country. Enormous orders for this remedy

have come in from Europe, where the antitoxin is Skill in the Treatment of administered to wounded soldiers to prevent the

occurrence of lockjaw, which is one of the most common and deadly complications of the wounds of war.

It is said that virtually every large

commercial serum laboratory in this country, as PLUTO

gout, and other therapeutically trouble. well as a laboratory maintained by a great munici. some stages of chronic rheuma

pality, is disposing of its surplus output to the

French, Russian and other European armies. Since tism, by directing the

it takes from six to nine months to produce tetanus regular use of

antitoxin, there is considerable likelihood of a famin in this indispensable commodity. In view of this threatened antitoxin famin we cannot too strongly urge all American physicians to provide at once for a supply of this remedy before prices advance, as they are almost sure to do. Whatever happens abroad, it is important that our own peo. ple in the United States are taken care of. The

Abbott Alkaloidal Company is arranging to take in connection with the dietetic regimen.

care of the needs of American physicians, pre

ferring above everything to conserve the interests Pluto is specifically indicated in

of our people at home. It has made no advance autointoxication and the various

in the price of Slee's Tetanus Antitoxin, which it forms of intestinal stagnation. Hy

handles exclusivly. We suggest that our readers gienically bottled.

make immediate provisions for supplies of this Clinical data convincingly substan

product, which we can recommend as of very tiating the claims made for Pluto and

superior quality. The Abbott motto,

"Americans delightfully descriptive of the superior

first, is a timely one. advantages of America's famous Spa, supplied promptly by

Anedemin, which contains apocynum, strophFrench Lick Springs Hotel Co.

anthus, squill and sambucus, is a preparation of

no little merit. It is said to give results in FRENCH LICK, INDIANA

dropsical condition due to cardiac, renal and

(Continued on page ouvi.)

Uric Acid Diathesis,

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MATERIA MEDICA Editor The Therapeutic Record :

As all practitioners know who have ever treated uterine cancer, the odor which it emits is most overpowering. In fact its sickening nature and its persistence have to be known to be fully understood. It has been our hope to find a remedy that would prove a deodorant in cancer. In the New York Hospital, Micajah's Wafers are used for this purpose. I accord

I ingly had them tried in the city hospital, and they have proved a most efficient agent for this purpose. So valuable

indeed is this remedy that I do not hesitate to claim that the agent is a most valuable addition to our armamentarium.

Micajah's Wafers are used extensively in vaginitis, urethritis, prolapsus and other female diseases, but not until within the last year have they been known to possess the valuable property of deodorizing that scourge of mankind-cancer.

Most respectfully,


Warren, Pa.


Expert Physical Training

IT IS A TRUISM that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. In this stronuous age when nervous affections are so prevalent, particularly the great American disease neurasthenia, this truism cannot be ignored. Most of such patients are materially benefited by physical exercises judiciously selected by one possessing the necessary qualifications, namely: extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of physiology and anatomy as applied to physical training.

A GREAT MANY PHYSICIANS APPROVE OF MY WORK for women and I wish that every physician knew what my personal work for women really is, and does, because physicians who fully understand it frankly welcome my help—they send me hundreds of patients.

EVERY PHYSICIAN HAS CASES in which an individual, scientific, personally directed course in proper exercise, breathing, bathing and diet would greatly assist to build up.

MY EXERCISES WILL MATERIALLY HELP YOUR CASES of chronic constipation, torpid liver, indigestion, anemia, neurasthenia, weakened heart muscles, undeveloped lungs, poor circulation, uterine displacement, increase the oxygen carrying power of the blood, by building up and strengthening the physical and nervous system.

I STUDY EACH PUPIL'S SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS, and prescribe for her individually, just as you prescribe for your patients. I give no promiscuous exercise, but direct each woman according to her needs and her strength. I have spent years in the study of anatomy and physiology, and accept no cases where pronounced pathologica, conditions are present, as I know the possibilities of my work and I know its limitations.

FOR 12 YEARS I GAVE PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS TO WOMEN before attempting instructions by mail. Upon request, I will send you full information concerning my work. I have written the following books: A Good Figure; Circulation; Body Manikin and Position of Vital Organs; Ideals and Privileges of Woman; Character as Expressed in the Body; Mind Over Matter-The Nervous System; Effect of Habit Upon Life Foods; Self-Sufficiency-Mental Poise ; Motherhood; The Vital Organs—Their Uses and Abuse. Published, by the Headington Publishing Co., 624 S. Michigan Blvd., Chicago. SUSANNA COCROFT 624 S. Michigan Blvd., Chicago, m.

Miss Cocroft has perhaps had a wider experience than any woman in

America in prescribing remedial exercise for women

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