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he National Institute of Standards and Technology' was established by an act of Congress on March 3, 1901. The Institute's overall goal is to strengthen and advance the Nation's science and technology and facilitate their effective application for public benefit. To this end, the Institute conducts research to assure international competitiveness and leadership of U.S. industry, science and technology. NIST work involves development and transfer of measurements, standards and related science and technology, in support of continually improving U.S. productivity, product quality and reliability, innovation and underlying science and engineering. The Institute's technical work is performed by the National Measurement Laboratory, the National Engineering Laboratory, the National Computer Systems Laboratory, and the Institute for Materials Science and Engineering.

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NIST Special Publication 772

Intelligent Processing
for Primary Metals

Report of Workshop: August 29–30, 1989
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

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Library of Congress

Catalog Card Number: 89-600773 National Institute of Standards

and Technology

Special Publication 772

Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol.

Spec. Publ. 772

40 pages (Nov. 1989)


U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington: 1989

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents

U.S. Government Printing Office Washington, DC 20402

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