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torio, 87_New Music, 88—Progress of Podagræ Encomiors, 91.

Music in England, Catalani, Cambridge Poetical Expression, 513.

Festival, 202__Madam Pasta's benefit, Poetry, species of, that admits rhyme, 29.

203—Romeo e Giulietta, Pasta, Garcia, Scripture, 513.

204-New Music, 205—Philharmonic, Poetry:

and Ancient Concerts, 314-Oratorios, Address to Sleep, 4.

Concerts Spirituels, 315_Remarks on Vale of the Waterfalls, 7.

the failure of Subscription Concerts, I've been roaming, 8.

Pecuniary Embarrassments of the King's Sweet blue bells, 10.

Theatre, 316--Review of the Musical How the vale bells tinkle all around, 11.

Season, New Publications, 317–Musi. The W’oods are sighing, 13.

cal Festivals, Salisbury, Portsmouth,

&c. Farewell the Groves, 14.

427—Worcester Meeting, 428_Affairs Time, 35.

of the King's Theatre, Sunday Sacred The Cuckoo, 36.

Music Assemblies, 429—New Music, John A'Schaffelaar, 42.

430 — The Norwich Festival, 539— The Last Day of Summer, 52.

Wakefield, ditto, Braham, Newcastle Sonnet : 'Twas Evening's farewell, 55..

Festival, 540—the Eisteddvod, at Welsh-

from Tasso: If Love his cap-

pool, 541_Der Freischutz, New Music, tive bind, 55.

542—The Edinburgh Festival, 641-

ditto, Thy unripe youth, 56.

projected Festival at York, affairs of the

ditto, I see the anchor'd bark,

Opera House, 642 - Oratorios, City 56.

Amateur Concerts, New Music, 643.

from Tolomei : Blest star of

Love, 57.

Natural History, works, 99, 320.

Stanzas : The Shadows which grow, &c.

New South Wales : Excursion to the Five 78.

Islands, &c. 181-Discovery of the Address to Echo, 116.

Brisbane river, 205_Narrative of a A Storm, 131.

Voyage from, 251.

Indian Song, 141, note.

Notes from the Pocket-book of a late The Idler's Epistle to John Clare, 143.

Opium-eater, No.V. 25. No. VI. 625. On'a Picture, 163.

Novel-reading, 380, 401.

Sonnet: The Return of Time, 163.

Nugæ Philosophicæ, No. I. 269 ; No. II. Stanzas to 164.


Ballad: Away! away to Normandy,


Old English Drama, 133.

Le Cuisinier Français versus Dr. Kit-

Jesters, No. VII. 61; No. chiner, 179.

VIII. 285; No. IX. 406.

Sonnet, on an Austrian soldier smoking,

Opie, Mrs., her visit to Hayley, 507.


Opium-Eater, see Notes.

on a Youth who died of eating

Oramas, the, 273.

fruit pie, 201.

O'Rourke, Billy, letter from, on Mac. Boy! your Persian courses like me not,
adamization, 350.

Orpheus, a Dream of, 240.

Sonnet : The rude cold blast of winter,

Oxley, Mr, his discovery of the Brisbane 224.

river, 205.

Highborn Helen, 227.

Song : And must I surrender thee, 228.

Pastum, Walk to, 409 ; temples, &c. 409 A Dream of Orpheus, 241,

--wolves, 411; river Salso, 411—fes- Elegy: A Shadow on my spirit fell, 256.

tival at Capaccio, 412- Franciscan Mo. Sonnet: There was a light bark, &c,

nastery, 413—Capo d'Acqua, 416– 277.

Acropoli, 517– Insula Leucosia, 518- Vauxhall Meminiscences, 289.

Pæstum, 519_Sele Morto, and Portus Heart's-ease, 308.

Alburnus, 520.

Sonnet: The fields are carpeted, 311.

Painting, French School of, 611-peculi. There's a stain on thee that can never.

arities, 613—why not successful in land- fade, 383.

Memento Mori, 393.

Paris, difficulty of a stranger obtaining in- Now am I happier than a King, 408.

formation at, 611-extreme brilliancy of On the Death of a Young Girl, 416.

the atmosphere, and its effects, 614. Montgomery's Mistress, 417.

Parisian Aristocracy, 633.

Hymn to the Monad, 426.

Peele, George, dramatist, 61 ; his Jests, My Harp: from Holty, 462.

61-List of his works, 62.

Tis Past the Fond the Fleeting Dream,

Peru, contrasted with Chili, 231-climate, 491.

234_feinale costume, and manners, 235 Song: There may be Ilope, 494.

-throwing the Lasso, 236,

Stanzas : Since Fate my every hope de-

Plea for Female Genius, 53.

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stroys, 496.

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Song of the Stars : from Stolberg, 512. fortress blown up by its garrison), 438

The Revelation of Beauty, 528.

Brazils, domestic events, 439–France :

Clotilda of Kynast, 531.

ceremonies on the decease of the King,

The Old Oak, from the Danish, 576. and funeral, 543_examination of the

Sonnet : I woke and she was there, 577. body, entry of Charles X. into Paris,

The Retreat, from Berenger, 594.

dissension between the English ministry

In my Bower so bright, 599.

and provisional government of Greece,

Fair Apnie of Lochroyan, 607.

545_various victories of the Greeks

Poets, 402.

over the Turks, 546_adjustment of the
Modern French : Berenger, 593– difference between the Greeks and Bri.
De la Martine, 595—La Harpe, 596 tish Government; defeat of the Ashan-
St. Lambert, 597-Millevoye, 597- tees, 548—Burmese War, Spain, pro-
Vigée, 598_Le Gouvé, 598.

gress of La Fayette through the United
Portrait-painter, the, No. I. 257–No. II.

States, 549—prices from the New York

Market List, Domestic news, Revenue,
Power of Beauty, a Syrian tale, 165. Irish Mining Company, 550--death of
Praise of the Gout, 91.

Mr. Sadler, 551- Puritans, vindication
Public Affairs : Defeat of the British by of the, 631-Spain : Evacuation of the
the Ashantees, and assassination of Sir

country by the French, organization of
C. M‘Carthy, 100—Spain : report of an a new Royal Guard, expense of the Pc-
insurrection, Death of Madame Riego, ninsula contest, to France, 649-melan.
Portugal; conspiracy of the Queen and choly state of Spain, power of the priests,
Don Miguel, 101-banishment of the 650_decree of the 21st October ; Portu.
latter and his arrival at Paris; France; gal: conspiracies, arrest of the Queen,
Chateaubriant dismissed from the minis- 651-conspiracy against the King and
try, South America, 102–Mexico, Itur. ministers ; Greece: failure of the naval
bide; Greece : Domestic, Debate on expeditions of the Turks, the great
Missionary Smith's case; Mr. Hume's

Egyptian expedition, 652_reported sui-

Motion for the better regulation of the cide of the Captain Pacha, bravery of

Naval Service, 103_Mr. Gourlay's as- Canaris; South America : engagement

sault on Mr. Brougham, Carlile's peti- between Bolivar and Cantarac, Vittoria

tion, 104_Mr. Buckingham's ditto; elected President of Mexico; Brazils :

Slave trade, petition for the recognition success of the expedition against Pere

of the independence of South America, nambuco, 653_Burmese War, Domes-

105—British possessions in the East In- tic News; Ireland : population, theo-

dies, House of Lords, Surrey Sessions, logical disputations, 654-list of suicides

Mr. O‘Callaghan, 106-France: Villele at Paris, 655.

and Chateaubriant, 209_ Portugal: ap-

plication to England for a military force, Quadruped actors, 636

South America, 210—projected confe-

deracy of Columbia, &c. Bolivar, Spain; Raising the Dead, 398.

Italy the Pope's encyclic epistle, 211– Rawlinson, Dr. R., 476.

India : hostilities between the King of Redgauntlet, review of, 69.

Ava and the British, death of the King Religion, B. Constant's work on, 483—ex-

and Queen of the Sandwich Islands, 212 tracts from, 489.

-West Indies, Slaves, Napoleon's will, Reverie on, 472_cases of, 473, 475.

213_Prorogation of Parliament, 214 Review : Capt. Cochrane's Journey, 36-

minor domestic events, 215~Greece ; Godwin's History of the Commonwealth,

capture of Ipsara by the Turks, 322 57-Redgauntlet, 69-Bacon's Elements

and of Cago Peru ; report of the defeat of of Vocal Science, 145—Goethe's Wil.

the Royalists, and occupation of Lima helm Meister, 189, 291-Capt. Hall's

by Bolivar, 323_Mexico : Iturbide de. Journal, 229-Burchell's Travels in

clared a traitor; Defeat of the Ashan, South Africa, 277—Walladmor, 353

tees, Insurrections in Jamaica, 324 Life and Remains of Dr. E. D. Clarke,

France, re-establishment of the Censor. 393_Tales of a Traveller, 401-Med.

ship, departure of La Fayette for Ame. win's Conversations of Lord Byron,

rica, 325—negociations between Hayti 449—B. Constant, De la Religion, 483

and France ; Spain, tumults, pecuniary -Bullock's Mexico, 521_Errors of

embarrassments of the government; Bra- Ecstasie, 571-Talbot's Residence in

zils, 326— France : death of Louis the Canadas, 578.
XVIII. 433--Mexico : return and death Revolution, South American, advantages
of Iturbide, 436—reception of La Fa- of, 233.
yette in America, 437- France : funeral Rhime, the species of poetry which admits
service in honour of James II., Spain ; of it, 29—disposition of rhimes, 30.
Tarifa seized by the Constitutionalists,and Rossini, 147.
retaken by the French-Greece: re-cap- Rowe's Fair Penitent, 239.
ture of Ipsara from the Turks--a Greek Rowley, the dramatist, 644.



Royston, Richard, bookseller, 285—first -Bradgate in the Seventeenth Century,
printer of the Eikon Basilike, 406.

Russia and Siberia, Captain Cochrane's Tarver's translation of Dante, 529.
Journey through, 36–Zashwersk, 38. Theatricals of the Day, 635--quadrupeds,

636—the monstrous school of the drama,
St. Alban's, monastery of, 476.

637-tragedy poets, the pervertors of
St. Lambert, French poet, 597.

the public taste, 639.

Schiller's Life and Writings, Part III. 16, Thomson, James, letter of, 463.

149, 259—his Wallenstein, 152–Mary Tragic poets

, modern, 640.

Stuart, 159—Maid of Orleans, 519– Tropical Recollections, 139.
Bride of Messina, 259_Wilhelm Tell,
260-death, 264_character as poet,

265 Versification, English, No. VI. 29–

--extract from his Æsthetic Education

Rhimes, 30—Cæsura, 33.

of Man, 27, note.

Vision, philosophic theory of, 620, 622.

Scriptural allusion explained, 8.

Vocal Science, Bacon's Elements of, 145,

Scripture poetry, 513.

Voyage from New South Wales, 251.

Scott, Sir W., German Novel attributed to, Voyages and Travels, foreign, 99, 209,

353-Letter of the translator of Wallad-

322, 431, 537.

mor to, 355—Lord Byron's opinion of

him, 458, 460.

United States, future contest with England,

Scotticisms, 192.

582_want of foresight in our cession of
Sculpture, French, 617.

Florida to, 582, note.

Sea voyages, miseries of, 254.

view, character of, 256.

Walking-stick, the lost, 617.

Second Maiden's Tragedy, 133.

Wallachia, government of, 562-singular

Shakspeare, 402.

manners of the Fanariote Hospodars, 563

Siberians, 41.

- dress and etiquette, 564-method of

Social order, the fruit of the Anti-social enriching themselves, 565—their agents

principle, 587, 588.

at the Porte, 566-deposition of an Hose

Society; on what the problem of a perfect podar, 568.

constitution of it depends, 388—plan of Walladmor, Sir W. Scott's German Novel,

nature for accomplishing a perfect state

353-analysis of the story, 357-general

of civil constitution, 390.

character of the work, 380.

Sonnet, remarks on the, 31.

Wallenstein, Schiller's, analysis of, 152.

Soumet's Cleopatre, 206.

Waller, the poet, 32.
South America: see Bullock, Hall, and Walk to Pæstum, Leucosia, &c. 409, 517.
Public Events.

See Pæstum.

Stael, Madame de, 454, 486.

Waverley, author of, 704his poverty of

Stanhope, the Hon. Col. 342_extract from invention, 74-compared with Irving,

his work on Greece, relative to Lord 401, 403.

Byron, 460--Letter from Lord Byron to Whigs, 630.

him, 461.

White, H. Kirke, Life of, 608_his con.

Stewart, Dugald, his explanation of the version, 609—poetical character, 610.

phenomena of Association, 622_defec. Wilhelm Meister, Goethe's, translation of,
tive, 623, 624.

189, 291_Scotticisms of, 192-barba.
Stocks, fluctuations of the principal, 661. risms, 194, and mistranslations, 192-
Strafford, Lord, case of, 59.

the female characters, 293–Mariana,

Sublimity, poetical, 515.

294--Philina, 295–Melina, 295-Coun.

Superficial knowledge, 25.

tess, 296 — Baroness, 297 — Theresa,

Surrey's Letter to the Lion, on Female 298_Aurelia, 301-Mignon, 302.

Genius, 223.

Tell, Schiller's, 260.

Sutton, Mr., pamphlet on the turnip fly, Women, education of, 398.

Wonder of Wonders at Windmill Hill,
Syrian Tale, 165.


Wordsworth, Dr., misrepresentations in his

Talbot's Five Years' Residence in the Ca.

Ecclesiastical Biography, 626, 631-

nadas, 577.

want of candour towards the Puritans,


T-Marian, 383.
Tales : Lilian of the Vale, 5–The Archer Wynn, Sir R., account of Prince Charles
of Ulvescroft, 44—The Indian's Tale,

Journey into Spain, 480.
139_Power of Beauty, 165-St. Henry, Zallony, Greek physician, his Essai sur les
465—Karl and his Horse Nicolaus, 497 Fanariotes, 570.


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Specimens of Sonnets from the most

The Lion's Lead.

eminent Poets of Italy.

Torquato Tasso...

.55, 56

Claudio Tolomei


REVIEW:-Godwin's History of the

LILIAN OF THE VALE, with Ballads





Part III.


From his Settlement at Jena to


his Death (1790_1805). ... 16



Notes from the Pocket Book of a late



Spirit brought to Book

Superficial Knowledge

25 REVIEW :-Redgauntlet, by the Au.


Manuscripst of Melmoth


thor of Waverley.

Scriptural Allusion Explained.. 28 Stanzas.....






No. VI.-By the Public-Orator of

29 | REPORT of Music.


Sonnet on Time.

35 THE DRAMA :-Drury-Lane; Mr.
The Cuekoo; a Scottish Song By

Munden. Covent-Garden; Charles

Allan Cunningham ...


the Second or the Merry Monarch,

My Own Man, &c. The Haymarket
REVIEW :-Captain Cochrane's Pe-


destrian Journey through Russia


and Siberia


the Gout....


John A'Schaffelaar. Translated from

Sketch of Foreign Literature.


the Dutch of Tollens ...




culture, Commerce


The Archer of Ulvescroft ..

44 Literary Intelligence, and List of Books

The Last Day of Summer

52 published ..

.109, 110

A PLEA FOR FEMALE GENIUS.... 53 Ecclesiastical Preferments

Sonnet. By John Clare...

55 | Births, Marriages, and Deaths. ..111, 112

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