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JANUARY, 1804.

State Balances.

H. of R.

bers, was three millions of dollars. But, was it! The question was taken that the House do confixed according to terms on which the debts were cur with the Committee of the Whole House in contracted, allowing her proportion to be one their disagreement to the said resolution, and passtwelfth, then it would only amount to two miled in the negative-yeas 65, nays, 67, as follows: lions five hundred thousand dollars-making a dif- YEAS -- Simeon Baldwin, David Bard, George ference of five hundred thousand, which I consider Michael Bedinger, Silas Betton, Phanuel Bishop, as a dead loss to her by the change. I add to this Adam Boyd, Joseph Bryan, William Butler, Levi a loss of upwards of one hundred thousand dol. Casey, William Chamberlin, Martin Chittenden, lars in claims for services and supplies, which Clifton Claggett, John Clopton, Jacob Crowninshield, were prohibited by the act from being received Manasseh Cutler, Richard Cutts, Samuel W. Dana, by the Commissioners in the final settlement, as

John Davenport, John Dennis, Thomas Dwight, John the certificates for the same were not issued pre- B. Earle, Peter Early, James Elliot, Ebenezer Elmer, vious to the 24th day of September, 1788; which William Eustis, William Findley, John Fowler, Petertwo sums would make her a creditor Stale to the son Goodwyn, Andrew Gregg, Thomas Griffin, Roger amount, at least, of one hundred thousand dollars, A. Hanna, Seth Hastings, Joseph Heister, William

Griswold, Samuel Hammond, Wade Hampton, John had the accounts been settled as they ought. But, supposing for a moment that Congress had Nehemiah Knight, Joseph Lewis, jr., John B. c.

Helms, William Hoge, David Hough, Samuel Hunt, the power of varying the mode for settling those Lucas, Matthew Lyon, David Meriwether, Nahum debis, the termination of the Revolutionary war Mitchell, Thomas Noble, James Mott, Anthony New, was the most proper time for taking the census Ebenezer Seaver, Tompson J. Skinner, James Sloan, for that purpose: the debts then ceased to accrue. John Cotton Smith, Henry Southard, Joseph Stanton, The act, sir, is predicated upon the supposition William Stedman, James Stephenson, Samuel Taggart, that the same or a proportionate state of things | Samuel Tenney, Samuel Thatcher, Abram Trigg, existed then that did when the debts were con- John 'Trigg, Joseph B. Varnum, Peleg Wadsworth, tracted, when the fact was really utherwise; for and Lemuel Williams. the unappropriated land already mentioned induced Nays-Willis Alston, jun., Nathaniel Alexander, vast numbers to emigrate from States that did not Isaac Anderson, John Archer, William Blackledge, possess those advantages, and from other parts of John Boyle, Robert Brown, George W. Campbell, The world into the State of North Carolina; the John Cainpbell, Thomas Claiborne, Joseph Clay, consequence was, her increase of population was

Frederick Conrad, John Dawson, William Dickson, greater than those States that were not similarly John W. Eppes, James Gillespie, Edwin Gray, Gaysituated, which may be proved by referring to her David Holmes, John G. Jackson, Walter Jones,

lord Griswold, Josiah Hasbrouck, James Holland, increase of representation beyond that of Connec: William Kennedy, Michael Leib, Henry W. Livingsticut, Rhode-Island, New Jersey, and others. Of course she had more to pay than she would have Mitchill, Nicholas R. Moore, Jeremiah Morrow, Thomas

ton, Andrew McCord, William McCreery, Samuel L. had if the census had been taken previous to this Newton, jun., Joseph H. Nicholson, Gideon Olin, emigration. And what is this extra expense for ? Beriah Palmer, John Patterson, Oliver Phelps, Thomas nothing that I can discover but because she did Plater, Samuel D. Purviance, John Randolph, Thomas not compel those emigrants to grant supplies and M. Randolph, John Rea of Pennsylvania, John Rhea perform services for the defence of the country, of Tennessee, Jacob Richards, Cæsar' A. Rodney, when they were not under her control, pot being Erastus Root, Thomas Sammons, Thomas Sandford, then inhabitants of that State, and, with respect to Joshua Sands, John Smilie, John Smith of New York, many, not citizens of any of the States. The injury John Smith of Virginia, Richard Stanford, John Stewa sustained on this account cannot be precisely as- art, David Thomas, Philip R. Thompson, George certained, but no doubt it was considerable. Tibbits, Philip Van Cortlandi, Isaac Van Horne, Killian Her injury however did not end here, for by an

K. Van Rensselaer, Daniel C. Verplanck, Matthew act of her Legislature the prices of a great part of Walton, John Whitehill

, Marmaduke Williams, Richard the articles furnished the United Siates by her Winn, Joseph Winston, and Thomas Wynns. citizens were established in the then depreciated The question then recurring that the House do currency, and for which certificates accordingly gree to the said motion, as originally proposed, issued, which when brought into the settlements in the words following, to wit: were reduced, as I am informed, by the Commis- Resolved, Tbat a committee be appointed to inquire sioners, according to a scale of depreciation, to less into the expediency of extinguishing the claims of the than one-half of their real value; the amount of United States, for certain balances reported to be due which loss must be enormous indeed.

from several of the States to the United States, by the Under all these circumstances, can any gentle Commissioners appointed to settle the accounts of the man suppose that she will voluntarily pay any individual States with the United States, and that the part of the balance reported against her?' If they said committee have power to report by bill

, or other. do flatterthemselves with such expectations Ihum- wisebly conceive, ultimately, they will discover their Mr. Varnum moved to amend it, by adding: error; and will now conclude my remarks with a

“And that provision ought to be made to pay to the hope that the House will not agree to the report creditor States, in the stock of the United States, their of ihe Committee of the Whole.

respective proportions of the whole amount of said Messrs. Skinner, Eustis, Gregg, and FindLEY balance, in the ratio prescribed by the Constitution of supported, and Messrs. Rodney and Leis oppos- the United States for the apportionment of direct taxes ed the report of the Committee of the Whole. among the several States."


H. OF R.


JANUARY, 1804.


On this amendment a debate ensued, in which eleventh instant, proceeded to a farther hearing of it was supported by Messrs. VARNUM and R. William Cowan, Agent of the Virginia Yazoo GRISWOLD, and opposed by Messrs J. Clay, Company, at the bar of the House; and, thereBLACKLEDGE, FINDLEY, DENNIS and Alston. upon, the said agent being fully heard, retired

Mr. Nicholson moved to amend the amends from the bar. ment by inserting after “proportions,” the words A petition and memorial of the citizens of the 'if entitled to any." Lost yeas 53, nays 64. town of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia,

signed in behalf of the said citizens, by Jacob Hoff

man, ibeir Mayor, was presented to the House and Friday, January 20.

read, submitting certain propositions to the considOrdered, That so much of the report of the eration of Congress

, by way of amendments to Committee of Revisal and Unfinished Business, their existing charter of incorporation; and prayof the twenty-sixth of October last, as relates to ing that the same may be adopied, under such moda bill to lay out and open a new public road ifications and regulations as shall be deemed best in the county of Washington, in the District of calculated 10 promote the convenience and prosColumbia, presented at the last session, be re- perity of the petitioners.-Referred to Mr. JOHN ferred to the committee appointed, on the twenty- Randolph, Mr. John CAMPBELL, Mr. FINDLEY, sixth ultimo, on a representation of the City Mr. Goodwin, and Mr. Dennis, to examine and Council of Washington, in the said District of report their opinion thereupon to the House. Columbia.

Ordered, That the petition of sundry citizens of the United Staies, resident in the Territory of

MONDAY, January 23. Columbia, presented the 29th of December, 1801, Another member, to wit: WALTER Bowie, from "praying that a bridge may be erected from the Maryland, appeared. produced his credentials, was western and southern extremity of the Maryland qualified, and took his seat in the House. avenue, in the city of Washington, to the nearest The Speaker laid before the House sundry and most convenient point of Alexander's island, letters of the same tenor, written in the German in the river Potomac," be referred to the commit- language, addressed to the “ General Congress of tée appointed, on the tenth instant, on a petition North American Free States," from the Council of to the same effect, of sundry other citizens of the Directors of the city of Memel, in the province of United States, resident in the said Territory of East Prussia, and dated the 25th of May, 1803, staColumbia; to examine the maller thereof, and ung "that a certain Charles Melvill, formerly a report their opinion thereupon to the House. resident of the said city of Memel, had, about four

Mr. Joan RANDOLPH, from the Committee of years previous to the dare aforesaid, removed from Ways and Means, to whom was referred, on the ibence to Charleston, in South Carolina, and reeighteenth instant, the amendment proposed by mains indebted to the Comptroller of the said city the Senate to the bill, entitled "An act for the for iwo bills of exchange, amounting totwenty-four relief of the captors of the Moorish armed ships thousand seven bundred and nine florins, Prussian Meshouda and Mirboha,” reported that the Com- currency: that the said Charles Melvill, it is bemittee bad had the said amendment under con- lieved, died sometime ago, possessed of considerable sideration, and directed him to report to the House property; the said Directors

, with great submistheir disagreement to the same.

sion, request the honorable Congress of the United The House then proceeded to reconsider the States to oblige them with such information as the said amendment of the Senate, at the Clerk's table: nature of the case will admit, offering a reciproWhereupon, the amendment, together with the cation of services therefor. bill, were recommitted to the Committee of Ways Ordered, That the said letters be referred to Mr. and Means.

Conrad, Mr. SAMMONS, and Mr. Jackson; to exMr. John RANDOLPH, from the committee ap- amine and report their opinion thereupon to the pointed, presented, according to order, a bill to as- House. certain and provide for the salaries of the Judges A memorial of the American Convention for of the Orphans' Courts in the District of Colum- promoting the abolition of slavery, and improving bia; which was read twice and committed to a ihe condition of the African race, signed at the Committee of the whole House on Monday next. city of Philadelphia, by order and on behalf of the

Ordered, That the committee to whom was re- said Convention, by Matthew Franklin, their Preferred, on the sixth instant, the petition of sundry sident, and attested by Othniel Alsop, their Clerk, aliens resident in the city of Baltimore, and Slaie was presented to the House and read, praying that of Maryland, have leave to report thereon by bill, Congress will, by law, prohibit the importation or bills, or otherwise.

of slaves into the Territory of Louisiana, lately Mr. McCreery, from the committee last men- ceded to the United States.—Referred to the comtioned, presented, according to order, a bill in admittee appointed, on the twenty-seventh of Ocdition to an act, entitled An act to establish an tober last, on so much of the Message from the uniform rule of naturalization, and to repeal the President of the United States, of the twenty-first acts heretofore passed on the subject ;" which was of the same month, as relates "10 permanent arreceived, read twice, and committed io a Commit- rangements for the government of Louisiana ;" to tee of the whole House on Monday next. examine and report their opinion thereupon to the

The House, in pursuance of a resolution of the House.

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Mr. Nicholson, from the committee to whom The resolution was agreed to-ayes 52, noes 43. were referred, on the twenty-fifth of November, Mr. John RANDOLPH, from the Committee of sundry memorials of the people of the Mississippi Ways and Means, presented a bill making approTerritory of the United Staies, made a report in priutions for the support of Governmeni, during part thereon ; which was read and referred to a ihe year one thousand eight hundred and four; Committee of the whole House to morrow. which was read twice, and committed to a Com

Mr. N., also, from the committee to whom were mittee of the whole House on Monday next.
referred, on the twenty-second of November last,
and the fourth instant, the petition of sundry res-
idents and purchasers of land in the State of

Tuesday, January 24.
Onio, made a report, in part, thereon ; which was An engrossed bill for the better direction of the
read, and referred to a Committee of the whole collectors of the respective ports of the United
House on Monday next.

States, in granting to seamen certificates of citi-
On motion, it was

zenship. was read the third time, and passed. Resolved. That a committee be appointed to Mr. John RANDOLPH, from the Committee of inquire whether any, and, if any, what, altera- Ways and Means, to whom were referred, on the tions are necessary in the "Act to regulate trade sixteenth instant, the amendments proposed by and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to pre- the Senate to the bill, entitled "An act giving serve peace on the frontiers ;' and that the com- effect to the laws of the United States within the mittee have leave to report thereon by bill, or territories ceded to the United States, by the treaty otherwise.

of the thirtieth of April, one thousand eight hunOrdered, That Mr. George Washington dred and three, between the United States and CAMPBELL, Mr. EARLY, Mr. THOMAS LEwis, Mr. the French Republic, and for other purposes," Roger Griswold, and Mr. Earle, be appointed made a report thereon ; which was read, and rea committee, pursuant to the said resolution. ferred to a Committee of the whole House to

The House resolved itself into a Committee of morrow. the Whole, on the bill for the better direction of The SPEAKER laid before the House a letter the collectors of the respective ports of the United from the Secretary of the Treasury, accompany, States in granting to seamen certificates of citi- ing his report respecting the levying new and zenship; and, after some time spent therein, the more specific duties on goods, wares, and merbill was reported without amendment, and order-chandise, imported into the United States, preed to be engrossed, and read the third time to- pared in pursuance of a resolution of this House

of the twenty-first of February last; which were Resolved, That the Secretary of State be re- read, and ordered to be referred to the Committee quested to lay before this House the documents of Ways and Means. and papers deposited in his office by the South Mr. FINDLEY, from the committee to whom Carolina Yazoo Company, and the Virginia Ya- was referred on the thirtieth instant, the amendzoo Company, in support of their claims to public ment proposed by the Senate to the bill

, entitled lands; and that the Clerk of this House do return “An act to incorporate the Directors of the Cothe said documents and papers to the office of the lumbian Library Company," reported that the Secretary of State, when the House shall have committee had, according to order, had the said decided upon the memorials of the said companies. amendment under consideration, and directed him

The House proceeded to consider the amend to report to the House their agreement to the ments proposed by the Senate to the bill, entitled same. "An act making appropriations for the support of The House then proceeded to reconsider the the Military Establishment of the United States, said amendment of the Senate, at the Clerk's tain the year 1804:" Whereupon, the said amend- ble; and, on the question that the House do conments, together with the bill, were committed to cur with the committee in their agreement to the the Committee of Ways and Means.

same, it was resolved in the affirmative.
The House resolved itself into a Committee of A Message was received from the President of
the Whole on the bill sent from the Senate, enti- the United States, communicating a letter from
tled “An act to divide the Indiana Territory into Governor Claiborne, in relation to the govern-
two separate governments," together with the re- ment of Louisiana, under contemplation of the
port of a select committee thereon, made the thir- Legislature.—The Message together with the let-
tieth ultimo; and, after some time spent therein, ter of Governor Claiborne, were read.
the Committee rose and reported progress.

Ordered, That the SPEAKER be requested to
Mr. Bryan moved the following resolution: return to the President of the United States the

Resolved, that the Committee of Ways and Means letter from Governor Claiborne, aforesaid.
be directed to bring in a bill fixing the permanent sala- Mr. John RANDOLPH, from ihe Committee of
ries of those officers whose salaries were increased by Ways and Means, to whom were yesterday refer-
an act passed on the second of March, 1799, &c. red the amendments proposed by the Senate to

Mr. J. Clay inquired whether such a resolution the bill, entitled "An act making appropriations was in order, a similar one having been decided for the support of the Military Establishment of upon before?

the United States, in the year one thousand eight The SPEAKER said it was in order, as the former huodred and four, reporied that the committee resolution was general, and this particular. had had the said amendments under consideration,

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H. of R.

Public Roads.

JANUARY, 1804.

and directed him to report to the House their dis- ginia, Henry Southard, Richard Stanford, Joseph Stanagreement to the same.

ton, William Stedman, Samuel Taggart, Samuel Ten. The House then proceeded to reconsider the ney, Samuel Thatcher, David Thomas, Philip R. said amendments of the Senate at the Clerk's Thompson, John Trigg, Philip Van Cortlandt, Killian table: Whereupon, the question being taken that K. Van Rensselaer, Daniel C. Verplanck, Peleg Wadsthe House do concur with the Committee of Ways worth, Lemuel Williams, Richard Winn, and Thomas and Means in their disagreement to the same, it


Nars-Willis Alston, jun., Nathaniel Alexander, was resolved in the affirmative.

Isaac Anderson, David Bard, Walter Bowie, Adam PUBLIC ROADS.

Boyd, John Boyle, Robert Brown, Joseph Bryan, The House went into Committee of the Whole William Butler, George W. Campbell, Levi Casey, on the bill making provision for the application of Martin Chittenden, Joseph Clay, Matthew Clay, John the moneys appropriated for making public roads Clopton, Frederick Conrad, William Dickson, John B. to the Ohio.

Earle, John W. Eppes, William Findley, Peterson Mr. Smilie moved the rising of the Committee, Wade Hampton, Joseph Heister, William Hoge, Sam

Goodwyn, Edwin Gray, Andrew Gregg, Thomas Griffin, with a view to the postponement of the bill to the uel Hunt, Michael Leib, John B. C. Lucas, David Mernext session. This motion was supported on the ground that Newton, junior, Joseph H. Nicholson, Gideon Olin,

iwether, Thomas Moore, Jeremiah Morrow, Thomas the application of the money was premature, there Samuel D. Purviance, John Randolph, John Rea of being but about $800 in the Treasury, and that the Pennsylvania, John Rhea of Tennessee, Jacob Richdesignation of the route would occasion much ards, Erastus Root, Thomas Sammons, Thomas Sanddiscussion, which would interfere with the trans- ford, John Smilie, James Stephenson, John Stewart, action of important business before the House. Abram Trigg, Isaac Van Horne, Joseph B. Varnum,

It was opposed by Messrs. JACKSON, SAMUEL L. John Whitehill, Marmaduke Williams, and Joseph Mirchill, Holland, and Lyon, who contended Winston. that considerable time would elapse before the On a motion made by Mr. Eppes that the necessary arrangements could be made for making House do come to the following resolution: the roads; previously to which, upon a calcula- Resolved, That a committee be appointed to prepare tion made on a report of the Secretary of the and bring in a bill to discontinue the office of CommisTreasury, $20,000 would be accumulated, and an sioner of Loans in the several States, and to provide annual sum accrue thereafter of about $10,000 ; for the future discharge of the duties at present assignand that the present was as eligible a period as ed to that officer: could occur for designating the points of the roads The House proceeded to consider the said moto be laid out. The Committee rose-ayes 70; when the ques- was called for, and carried.

tion at the Clerk's table: When, an adjournment tion being for giving leave to the Committee to sit again, Mr. R. Griswold said he should vote for it.

WEDNESDAY, January 25. He was of opinion that sufficient information did

The Speaker laid before the House a letter not exist to designate the points of the routes, and from the Secretary of State, accompanied with that it could not he had without authorizing the appointment of Commissioners to explore the sundry documents and papers, which have been ground; for the purpose of modifying the bill, to Virginia Yazoo Companies, in support of their

deposited in his office by the South Carolina and effect this object alone, be should vote for leave claims to public lands, transmitted in pursuance being given to the Committee to sit again.

of a resolution of the twenty-third instant; which This motion was supported by Messrs. ROGER was read, and, together with the said documents Griswold, DENNIS, Lyon, and HOLLAND, and and papers, referred to Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Moropposed by Mr. Smilie; and carried-yeas 72, ROW, Mr. Dwight, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Bryan. nays 54, as follows:

Ordered, That the Committee of the whole Yuas—John Archer, Simeon Baldwin, George M. House to whom was committed, on the seventh Bedinger, Silas Betton, Phanuel Bishop, William Black- instant, the report of a select committee on the ledge, John Campbell, William Chamberlin, Clifton memorials of Alexander Moultrie, of the State of Claggett

, Thomas Claiborne, Jacob Crowninshield, South Carolina, in behalf of himself and others, Manasseh Cutler, Richard Cutts, John Davenport, John and of the Virginia Yazoo Company. by William Dawson, John Dennis

, Thomas Dwight, Peter Early, Cowan, their agent, be discharged from the conJames Elliot, Ebenezer Elmer, William Eustis, John sideration thereof, and that the said report and Fowler, James Gillespie, G. Griswold, Roger Griswold, memorials be referred 10 the committee last apSamuel Hammond, Josiah Hasbrouck, Seth Hastings, Wm. Helms, Jas. Holland, David Holmes, D. Hough,

pointed. Benjamin Huger, John G. Jackson, William Kennedy,

Mr. John Cotton Smith, from the Committee Nehemiah Knight, Joseph Lewis, junior, Henry W. of Claims, to whom was referred, on the thirteenth Livingston, Matthew Lyon, Andrew McCord, William instant, the petition of George Mason, of the State McCreery, Nahum Mitchell, Samuel L. Mitchill, Nich- of South Carolina, presented the 28th of January, olas R. Moore, Anthony New, Beriah Palmer, Oliver 1803, niade a report ihereon; which was read, and Phelps, Thomas Plater, Cæsar A. Rodney, Joshua considered: Whereupon, Sands, Ebenezer Seaver, Tompson J. Skinner, James Resolved, That provision ought to be made, by Sloan, John Smith of New York, John Smith of Vir- law, for the payment of such invalid pensioners as

JANUARY, 1804.

Domestic Manufactures. fc.



were placed on the list in the State of South Car- DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES, &c. olina, agreeably to the former resolves of Congress,

Mr. SAMUEL L. Mirchill, from the Committee who, by the regulations of that State, were enti- of Commerce and Manufactures, 10 whom were tled io pensions at the commencement of the pre- referred on the eighth, fourteenth, nineteenth. and sent Government of the United States, and who twenty-sixth ultimo, ihe petitions and memorial have not since been paid the same.

of sundry manufacturers of corks; of sundry manOrdered, That a bill or bills be brought in, pur- ufacturers of coach and harness ware; of sundry suant to the said resolution; and that the Com-calico printers and dyers ; and of sundry manufacmittee of Claims do prepare and bring in the lurers of paper within the United States; made a

report thereon; which was read, as follows: Ordered, That the committee to whom was referred, on the twenty-sixth ultimo, the memorial Report of the Committee of Commerce and Manuof the City Council of Washington, in the District

factures on various memorials and petitions from

citizens of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, of Columbia, have leave to report thereon, by bill,

and Maryland, praying for Legislative patronage to or bills, or otherwise.

several domestic arts, trades, and manufactures. Mr. Nicholson, from the committee last mentioned, presented, according to order, a bill supple- titions and memorials were presented to Congress from

During the first session of the seventh Congress pementary to an act, entitled "An act to incorporate the manufacturers of gunpowder

, of hats, of printing the inhabitants of the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia ;" which was read iwice, types, of brushes, and of stoneware. These were sevand committed to a Committee of the whole rally referred to the Committee of Commerce and Man

ufactures. And upon them a distinct report was made House to-morrow. Mr. N., also, from the committee appointed, sequence of a memorial from certain citizens, praying

by the same committee on the subject of hemp, in conpresented, according to order, a bill to lay out and an increase of duty on imported hemp and sail-duck. open a new public road in the county of Wash. This was presented to the House on the 18th of Feb. ington, in the District of Columbia; which was ruary, 1802. read twice, and committed to a Committee of the Afterward, during the same session, the memorials whole House to-morrow.

and petitions of various manufacturers of starch, paper, Mr. John RANDOLPH, from the Committee of and umbrellas, referred by order of the House, were Ways and Means, presented a bill fixing the sala- severally reported on. And this report was offered on ries of those officers of Government whose salaries the 8th of March, 1802. were increased by the act of the 2d of March,

The session then drawing toward a close, the reports 1799; which was read twice, and committed to a on these petitions, together with the memorials of Committee of the whole House to.morrow.

certain calico printers, cordwainers, and shoemakers, Mr. LATTIMORE, from the committee to whom were, few of them, acted on, but were left with other

unfinished business to be taken up at the succeeding were referred, on the twenty-fifth and twentyeighth of November last, the petitions of the Le- session. The resolution of the House 10 this effect, gislative Council and House of Representatives passed on the 16th of April, 1802. of the Mississippi Territory of the United States, able number of the former petitions were renewed, or

In the course of that succeeding session, a considerand of sundry residents and claimants of lands on others presented for similar purposes ; and to the formthe Alabama river, and on the east side of the er collection were added memorials from printers, combriver and bay of Mobile, in the said Mississippi makers, gunsmiths, and cork-cutters. The report on Territory, made a report thereon; which was this volume of memorials was made on the 21st of Febread, and referred to a Committee of the whole House on Monday next.

A number of these memorials, or others of the like LOUISIANA TERRITORY.

import, have been presented again during the present The House went into a Comunittee of the session. The cutters of corks, the makers of plated Whole, on the report of the Committee of Ways trappings for carriages and horses, the stainers of plain and Means on the amendments of the Senate to cotton goods, and, in short, the domestic tradesmen and the bill giving effect to the laws of the United artists of almost every other denomination, have applied States in Louisiana.

to Congress to patronize their respective employments, The Committee of Ways and Means recom domestic manufactures by Governmental aid may be

and to increase their profits. The modes of favoring mend a disagreement to the first amendment of reduced to the following heads : the Senate, providing for a port of entry at Natchez.

First. Encouragement by the exempting imported On concurring with this part of the report, a ommended to the House to encourage some of our do

raw materials from imposts. Already has it been recdebate of several hours ensued, on the expediency mestic manufactures, by increasing the facility of inof constituting Natchez a port of entry; when; troducing the raw materials which enter into them. the question being taken, the Committee of the And it was thought sufficient encouragement for the Whole voted a disagreement to the report of the manufacture of wheat into flour, and of mill stones, Committee of Ways and Means, only 33 members that rough or unwrought burrs should be admitted rising in favor of it. This decision is a virtual free from duty. The like opinion was entertained conagreement to the amendment of the Senate, for cerning the encouragement of the brush manufacture, constituting a port of entry at Natchez.

by advising that the bristles of swine should be admits Having made progress in the amendments, the ted free. As our country is not known as yet to furCommittee rose, and had leave to sit again. nish pure antimony, the exemption of the regulus of

ruary, 1803.

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