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Puerto Rico-Continued
Senate of the Commonwealth of, petitions, resolu-

tions, and memorials from, pay differential of
postal employees, memorial remonstrating

against proposed changes in the----
Vega Baja, memorial remonstrating ag st con-

firmation of postmaster for---
Wage-order program in, report on surveys on the

effects of the..
Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, report of low-rent-

housing activities in, July 1958..
Purvis, Rosanne Willcox, to pay gratuity to—(See H.

Res. 341.)
Pyle, Merrill Ernest, Jr.-(See S. 3518.)
Pyrethrum (20 percent) extract and crude quartz

crystals, reports on the disposition of.------
Pysz, Martin-(See H.R. 1725.)




Quey (Kwai), Low Wing-(See S. 2822.)
Quinine, disposition of..

Quintos, Juan D. Jaime Hernandez, and others—(See

H.R. 1516.)
Quock, Mah—(See H.R. 4236.)
Questions of

36, 75, 82, 85, 95, 126, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132,
133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 142, 143,
144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 159,
161, 173, 176, 196, 200, 204, 206, 208, 210, 211,
236, 263, 305, 375, 379, 382, 400, 420, 425, 426,
427, 432, 434, 438, 449, 460, 468, 469, 478, 484,
487, 488, 489, 494, 498, 501, 503, 511, 516, 538,

547, 584.
Addition of name to..

Quota—(See Aliens-Quota.)


Corporation in receivership proceeding or in pro-

ceeding under the Bankruptcy Act, to provide
for the treatment of income from discharge of

indebtedness of a (See H.R. 11405.)
Corporations, to amend the law relating to (See

S. 3765.)
Labor relations, to amend the law relating to - (See

S. 3548.)
Passenger Train Service Act of 1960—(See S. 2935,

S. 3020.)
Pensions and annuities, retirement, to amend the

law to provide that, not be considered as in-
come for benefits from the Veterans' Admin-

istration—(See S. 3010.)
Public ownership of, resolution favoring--

Track motorcars, to amend the law to provide for

the protection of employees by regulating the

use of—(See S. 1425.)
Railroad Retirement Account, draft of proposed legis-

lation to amend the law to revise the interest
rate formula of special obligations purchased
for the-----

Railroad Retirement Act, amending, Railroad Retire-

ment Account, draft of proposed legislation to
revise the interest rate formula of special obli-
gations purchased for the.-

Railroad Retirement Act of 1937—

Pensions and annuities under, not considered as

income for benefits from the Veterans' Ad-

ministration (See S. 3010.)
Spouse's annuity be reduced, eliminating the re-

quirement that, if eligible to receive social se-

curity benefits—(See S. 2758.)
Railroad Retirement Board-
Annual report for fiscal 1959---

Professional and scientific positions established for

calendar 1959.---
Retirement and survivor benefit program, audit of
the, July 1959.-

Railway_(See Rail; Railroad.)
Railway Labor Act, amending, railroad labor relations,

relating to—(See S. 3548.)
Resolutions favoring ----

368, 393
Rainbow Bridge near the Glen Canyon Dam, Utah,
petition praying an investigation of---

Rakintzis, Andreas (Rakajes) — (See S. 3050.)
Ranch- (See Farm and ranch.)
Ranchers_ (See Farmers and ranchers.)
Randolph, Jennings (Senator from the State of West


Committee assignments (See S. Res. 297.)
Conferee, appointed as_

432, 504
Ratajczak, Krystyna- (See S. 3818.)
Rawlins, Comdr. Edward White, U.S. Navy (retired),

favoring the advancement to captain of—(See

S. Res. 375.)
Real estate investment trusts, to amend the law to pro-

vide a special method of taxation of-(See

H.R. 12559.)
Ream, Grace C.-(See S. 634.)
Rebroadcasting activities, to amend the law with re-

spect to certain—(See S. 1886.)
Recession_(See Antirecession.)
Recessions, preventing or lessening the impact of, to

provide standby authority for, through Fed-

eral programs—(See S. 3471.)
Reconstruction Finance Corporation, liquidation of

the, report on-
June 30, 1959.--

September 30, 1959..

December 31, 1959.

158, 182
March 31, 1960.--

285, 309




Racial and religious agitation, petition praying an in-

vestigation of tax-exempt groups which advo-

cate --
Radiation belt surrounding the earth, giving recogni-

tion to the two American scientists who dis-

covered the (See S.J. Res. 197.)
Operators licenses, to amend the law to authorize

the issuance of, to nationals of the United

States—(See S. 3181.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding----
Receiving antennas, to amend the law to give the

Federal Communications Commission author-

ity over-(See S. 3343.)
Towers, painting and illumination of—(See S.


Draft of proposed legislation regarding -----

Fallout-(See Fallout-Radioactive.)
Wastes, coastal and offshore waters of the United

States, resolution favoring the prevention of

disposal of.----
Radkovich, William, Co., Inc.-(See H.R. 9079.)
Rail transportation,
Amending the law with respect to reasonable dif-

ferentials in favor of joint rates—(See S.

National Advisory Committee on, to establish a-

(See S.J. Res. 158.)
Railroad-(See also National Railroad, Rail; Railway.)
Accidents, to amend the law requiring, to make re-

ports to the Interstate Commerce Commission
with respect to certain, to clarify the require-

ments-(See S. 1964.)
Bulk commodities, to provide that the transpor-

tation of, shall be exempt from regulation-
(See S. 3618.)




Reconstruction Finance Corporation and its subsidi- Page

aries, to extend the period for which pay-
ments in lieu of taxes may be made with re-
spect to property transferred by the, to other

Government departments—(See H.R. 9983.)
Facilities in, to authorize the Secretary of the

Army to modify certain leases entered into for

the provision of—(See S. 3260.)
Potentials, acquiring land to preserve, created by

reservoir areas— (See H.R. 12539.)
Red Cross— (See American National Red Cross.)
Red Cross and other emblems, to regulate the use of

the- (See S. 2890.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding--

Red-Ouachita River Basin, to authorize modification of

the project for flood control in the— (See

Red Willow unit, French-Cambridge division, Missouri

River Basin project, Nebraska, soil survey and
land classification of lands in...

Redevelopment area—(See Federal Area Redevelop-

ment Act.)
Reelfoot-Indian Creek-
Kentucky, works of improvement for watershed
protection and flood prevention.---

Tennessee, works of improvement for watershed
protection and flood prevention.--

Reeves, Robert J.-(See H.R. 11165.)
Referees—(See also Voting referees.)
Orders of, to clarify time for review of—(See H.R.

Reforestation_(See also Forest; Forests.)
Programs, to provide for the acceleration of—(See

S.J. Res. 95.)
Refrigerated warehouses, report on-
Authorized to file-

Refugees, resettlement of, to enable the United States

to participate in the- (See S. 3513; H. J. Res.

Registrars, appointment of—(See S. 2783, S. 3046.)
Regulatory agencies—(See Agencies--Regulatory.)
Rehabilitation, extending and improving services of -

(See S. 3664.)
Reilly, John A., Stadium, relative to the naming of the

proposed—(See S. Res. 347.)
Reister, SFC William H., Jr.— (See S. 3477.)
Religion, Communist attempt to infiltrate, resolution
favoring investigation of.---

Religious-Agitation- (See Racial.)

Articles, importation of— (See H.R. 4384.)
Renegotiation Board, communications from, transmit-
ting, report by, on, annual, for 1959...

Rent, ground-(See Ground rent.)
Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1959, amending, trans-

ferring functions from the Secretary of the In-
terior to the Secretary of Agriculture—(See

H.R. 7681.)
Reports, filing, extension of time for...

Reptiles- (See Mammals.)
Rerecich, Andrew, and his wife, Germanam (See S.


Advanced-(See Advanced research.)
Conducted under United States-financed projects,

to provide for the protection of the United
States in basic research with respect to patent

rights arising from—(See S. 3156.)
Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960—(See S. 3006;

H.R. 10777.)
Reserve Officers' Association, communications from,

transmitting reports by, on audit for year
ended March 31, 1959.

Reserve Officers' Personnel Act- (See H.R. 8186.)

Reserve Officers' Training Corps, fight instruction for Page

members of the authorizing continuation

of— (See H.R. 11787.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----- 106
Reservoir areas-
Forest cover for, to provide for the protection of -

(See S. 3092; H.R. 9377.)
Recreational facilities in, to authorize the Secre-

tary of the Army to modify certain leases
entered into for the provision of—(See S.

Resources Development Training— (See Institute for.)
Restraining orders, draft of proposed legislation to

authorize the issuance of temporary, and to
suspend licenses or impose forfeitures in
appropriate cases.

Retailers and other distributors, to amend the law to

restore competitive equality to, with respect to
certain sales to business and other organiza-

tions- (See S. 2995.)
Retired, reduced benefits, to amend the law to permit

to- (See S. 3692, 3693.)
Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of

1960—(See S. 2575.)
Retired Persons Medical Insurance Act, (See S. 3503,

S. 3763.)
Revenues, public, to increase the— (See S. 3806.)
Revised Statutes

Section 2004, vote, protecting the right to, in

Federal elections— (See S. 2782.)
Section 2276, public lands, mineral lease or per-

mit, to clarify the right of States to select

certain, subject to— (See S. 2959, S. 3435.)
Section 2324, mineral, claims, unpatented, to

change the period for doing annual assess-

ment work on-(See S. 3848.)
Section 2455—
Public lands

Isolated tracts, relating to(See S. 3468.)
Public auction, draft of proposed legisla-
tion relating to the sale of -----

Section 3929, postal fraud statutes to cover

enterprises operating under false pretenses,

to broaden scope of the— (See S. 3172.)
Section 4166, vessels, sold or transferred abroad,

to permit documentation of—(See S. 3632.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding------ 314
Section 4426, Alaska, vessels carrying freight to

and from, to extend the period of exemption
from inspection granted certain—(See S.

Section 4504 et al., shipping articles, relating

to- (See S. 3605.)
Reyes, Mrs. Mauricia— (See H.R. 4437.)
Reynolds, Lt. Comdr. Frank F., U.S. Navy Reserve (re-

tired (See S. 3622.)
Rheem Manufacturing Co., Aircraft Division, Downey,
Calif., report of pricing of contract---

Rhode Island-
Cemetery, national, resolution favoring providing
a, in---

Davis Park, Providence, resolution remonstrating

against efforts to diminish services to vet-
erans at-----

House of Representatives of State of, petitions,

resolutions, and memorials from, Social Se-
curity Act, income for persons receiving less
than the maximum amount under the, resolu-

tion favoring an increase in---
Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Cementery, national, resolution favoring pro-
viding a, in.--










Rhode Island Continued

Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Davis Park, Providence, resolution remon-

strating against efforts to diminish serv-

ices to veterans at----
Old-age hospital and surgical care, resolution

favoring providing a low-cost.
Saline water conversion plant on Aquidneck

in Newport County, resolution favoring con-

struction of a..
Student enrolled in institution of higher edu-

cation, resolution favoring amending the

law to permit exemption for parents of----
Vatican State, concurrent resolution favoring

diplomatic relationship between the United

States and..
Newport, to convey property known as the Govern-

ment Landing-(See S. 2819.)
Saline water conversion plant on Aquidneck in

Newport County, resolution favoring con-

struction of a_-
Senators from

Green, Theodore Francis, attended.-

Pastore, John O., attended_
Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority, author-

izing the, to combine for financing purposes
the bridge across the West Passage of Nar-
ragansett Bay with the Newport Bridge-(See

S. 3681.)
Rhodes, John D., appointing, Official Reporter of the

Senate— (See S. Res. 309.)
Nutritional enrichment of, to amend the law to

provide for the- (See S. 3559.)
Quotas for, to require marketing, when the total

supply exceeds the normal supply_(See H.R.

Richie, 2d Lt. James F.-(See H.R. 10564.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----
Rieko, Mayama-(See S. 3849.)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, air accident in, to express the

sense of the Senate over the, on February 25,

1960- (See S. Res. 280.)
Relief of members of U.S. Navy Band in-(See

S. 3382.)
Rio Grande-
Cochiti site on Galister Creek near its mouth, reso-

lution favoring the construction of dams and

reservoirs on
Dam, international storage, authorizing an agree-

ment for construction of an, on the, in ac-
cordance with a treaty with Mexico-(See

H.R. 12263.)
Rio Grande above Elephant Butte Dam, N. Mex., report

on main stem of the-----
River and Harbor Act of 1930, amending.-(See H.R.

Draft of proposed legislation regarding-
River and Harbor Act of 1945, amending, Louisiana,

Intracoastal Waterway in the vicinity of Al-
giers at New Orleans, relating to— (See S.

River and Harbor Act of 1960--(See H.R. 7634.)
Rivers and harbors-
Navigation and flood control, authorizing the con-

struction, repair, and preservation of public

works on- (See H.R. 7634.)
Reservoir, areas, recreational facilities in, to au-

thorize the Secretary of the Army to modify
certain leases entered into for the provision

of-(See S. 3260.)
Riverside County, Calif., to validate a conveyance of

land by the Southern Pacific Railroad Co., and
others (See H.R. 10154.)

Riverton Federal reclamation project, Wyoming, Third Page

Division, permitting the Secretary of the In-

terior to deliver water to — (See S.J. Res. 150.)
Roads, public, improvement, reconstruction, and utili-

zation of, draft of proposed legislation to au-
thorize the, to Department of the Army proj-

Roads and trails, to provide for the system of—(See S.

Robertson, A. Willis (Senator from the State of Vir-


Commission, Madison, James, to formulate a
memorial to, appointed member---

Conferee, appointed as.

305, 336, 366, 401, 457, 466, 486,551
Robinson, Henry and Edna— (See H.R. 1721.)
Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge and Game Preserve, Lou-

isiana to restate terms of the grant covering

the- (See S. 3777.)
Rockets and missiles in the central Pacific Ocean, me-

morial remonstrating against the, testing,
during January 1960.---

Rocky Mountain National Park, property in, to au-

thorize the Secretary of the Interior to ex-

change- (See S. 3842.)
Rocky River Co. and Macy Land Corp.-(See S. 3307.)

Referred to Court of Claims-(See S. Res. 331.)
Rodriguez, Eduardo Giron—(See S. 2982.)
Roger Williams National Monument, to provide for the

establishment of the- (See S. 3830.)
Rogue River Basin project, Oregon, report of construc-
tion on the Talent division of.

Romanoff, Alexis N.-(See S. 3422.)
Rooks, Mrs. Viola H.— (See H.R. 7636.)
Roosevelt, Theodore—(See Theodore Roosevelt.)
Rosenstein, Louis J.-(See H.R. 10230.)
Ross, Mrs. Humiko (See H.R. 7425.)
Rothlin, Irene Theresia—(See S. 3761.)
Rotholz, Aharan and Dan-(See S. 3750.)
Rowley, Bessie— (See S. 2921.)
Royalty agreements, compensatory, report of all, en-

tered into by the, Bureau of Land Manage-
ment, Department of the Interior, involving
unleased lands for calendar 1959.-

Roza division of the Yakima project, Washington, con-

tracts covering drainage works and minor
construction required for----

Footwear import statistics by type of footwear, to

provide for compilation (See S.J. Res. 223.)
Natural, providing for the disposal from the stock-

pile of—(See H. Con. Res. 582.)
Synthetic, annual report on competition in the,
for 1958_

Rubio, Cecilia—(See S. 3235.)
Rubley, Capt. Jack-(See H.R. 8456.)
Ruedi Dam and Reservoir, Colorado, report and find-
ings on.

Ruesch, Mary A., to pay a gratuity to—(See S. Res.

Rural electrification projects, interest rates, memorial

remonstrating against measures to raise, espe-
cially on----

Russell, Richard B. (Senator from the State of Geor-


Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group,
appointed member.

Appointed as.-

305, 366, 373, 376, 418, 457, 466, 486, 523, 551
Excused from service as...

Russia—(See also Soviet; U.S.S.R.)

U-2 aircraft flight~ (See Summit.)





Russian Government, entertainment given, during visit Page

to the United States, memorial remonstrat-
ing against-

Ryan, Col. John A., Jr.—(See S. 2353.)
Ryukyu Islands (See also Okinawa.)
Aid for economic development of the, resolution

Economic and social development in the, to pro-

vide for promotion of-(See S. 3203; H.R.

Resolutions favoring--

240, 344
Revolving fund, concurrent resolutions favoring

establishing a, to assist in economic and so-
cial development---



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Fishing by nets on the high seas of the North

Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, concurrent res-
olution favoring stoppage of all ------

Runs, resolution favoring preservation of..-

Salt Lake City, Utah, to authorize the Secretary of the

Interior to convey to the Metropolitan Water
District of, lands in Salt Lake County--(See

H.R. 5270.)
Saltcedar and other phreatophytes, providing for re-

search and experimentation of-(See S.J. Res.

Saltonstall, Leverett (Senator from the State of


Board of Visitors to Naval Academy, appointed

Conferee, appointed as.- 181, 191, 282, 366, 373, 392, 401,

419, 427, 431, 440, 457, 466, 523, 551
Samoa, American-

Activities of the government of, review of-------- 233
Civil government for, concurrent resolutions fa-
voring legislation to establish..

26, 208
Civil Service Retirement Act, providing credit for

service in—(See S. 2818.)
Commission on, establishing—(See S. 2839.)
Resolution favoring----

Conditions in, to study the, authorizing the Com-

mittee on Interior and Insular Affairs (See

S. Res. 330.)
Government for, providing for- (See S.J. Res.

Governor of, to amend the law to increase the

salary of the (See S. 3057.)
Legislature of the Territory of, civil government

for, concurrent resolution favoring establish-

Property, to authorize and direct the transfer of

certain, to the government of—(See S. 3558.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ---- 227
Right to legislate for themselves, concurrent reso-
lution favoring granting the people of----

Samoian, Mesrop—(See S. 2888.)
San Benito County Water District, Hollister, Calif.,
application for loan for reclamation.---

San Bernardino air material area, review of selected

supply activities at, Department of the Air

San Francisco, Calif., Bay of, amending the law with

respect to rail transit across the (See H.R.

San Joaquin Irrigation District, South, San Joaquin

County, Calif., application for loan for rec-
lamation --

San Juan-Chama project, Colorado-New Mexico, and

the Navajo Indian irrigation project, New
Mexico, report of multipurpose projects
on the---

San Luis unit (See Central Valley.)
Sandy Creek, Georgia, works of improvement on.----- 429
Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing Co., Inc., v. the

United States, report on the discontinuance by
the court of the case of..

Saperstein, Sid, Department of Health, Education, and

Welfare, granted the privileges of the Senate

Sarris, Sofia N.-(See S. 1466.)
Satellite and missile program, printing hearings on-

(See S. Con. Res. 80.)
Savery-Pot Hook project, to construct the(See S.

S. 3822, S. 3909.)
Savings and loan holding companies, to make perma-

nent the laws regulating-(See S. 3619.)
Sawtooth Mountain region, Idaho, to provide a study

and report on the advisability of establishing
a national park in—(See S. 3353.)



Sacramento River, Calif., authorizing bank protection

and channel maintenance of, in the interests

of flood control-(See S. 2913.)
Sacramento River flood-control project, California, re-

view of reports on bank protection and chan-
nel maintenance of, ordered printed as a Sen-

ate document.--
Sage, Mrs. Virginia Lee—(See H.R. 3242.)
Sah, Buck Yuen—(See H.R. 2588.)
Sahara atomic tests, resolution of the Parliament of

the Republic of Indonesia appealing to France

to abandon.---
St. Albans raid, Vermont, memorializing the-(See S.J.

Res. 167.)
St. Elizabeths Hospital, D.C., to provide for the hospi-

talization at, of nationals insane or otherwise
found mentally ill in foreign countries (See

S. 2331.)
St. Lawrence Seaway, question-and-answer review of,

printing copies of-(See S. Res. 299.)
St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation-
Advisory Board of the, providing for the appoint-

ment of member-(See S. 2829.)
Audit report for fiscal 1959 --
Changing the name of the, draft of proposed legis-

lation --
Report of, for year ended December 31, 1959--

Legislature of the Trust Territory of-
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
District special land fund, resolution favoring,

being deposited with the Bank of America,

National Trust & Savings Association.---
Marianas Islands within the framework of

the Territory of Guam, resolution favoring

incorporation of
Sakano, Chieko and her child, Masao Sakano— (See

H.R. 7367.)
Salameh, Salwa-(See S. 3249.)
Sale of articles and commodities (See Articles and

Sales and use taxes imposed by States, to amend the

law with respect to (See S. 3549.)
Saline water

Plant on Aquidneck in Newport County, R.I.,

resolution favoring construction of a---
Production of, to expand and extend the, to

provide for accelerated research, development,
demonstration, and application of practical

means for, from sea or other-(See S. 3557.)
Report of action taken for calendar year 1959..
Demonstration plant
Freezing process, for conversion of sea water at

an east-coast location, report--
Vapor-compression process selected for, report

Research and development and utilization of, to

amend the law relating to—(See S. 3446.)










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Scaccia, Giuseppe (See S. 3024.)

Scardina, Santa-(See S. 2799.)
Schlichter, Johan Karel Christoph-(See H.R. 1463.)
Schmutz, Howard B.-(See S. 3906.)
Scholarships and fellowships, to make American na-

tionals eligible for, authorized by the National
Science Foundation Act of 1950—(See H.R.

Draft of proposed legislation regarding.--

Scholarships under the Surplus Property Act of 1944,

to make nationals, American and foreign,

eligible for- (See S. 3779.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

Schoenfelder, Richard, and Lidwina S. Wagner-(See

H.R. 8457.)
Schoeppel, Andrew F. (Senator from the State of Kan-


Board of Visitors to Coast Guard Academy, ap-
pointed member of.---

Conferee, appointed as..

234, 352
Children, meals served to, to amend the law to

provide that the number of, determine the ap-

portionment of funds (See S. 3700.)
Concurrent resolution favoring---

Financial assistance for, to authorize(See S.

Desegregation—(See also Civil-Rights Schools;

Civil–Rights—Voting; Desegregation.)
Costs of services, to assist in meeting-(See S.

Senate Committee on the Judiciary discharged

from consideration of—(See S. Res. 386.)
Financial aid, telegram and petition favoring---- 143
Military personnel dependents, closed by desegre-

gation, to provide for the enforcement of-

(See S. 3001.)
Milk-(See Milk-School.)
Public, proposing an amendment to the Constitu-

tion reserving to the States control over-

(See S.J. Res. 154.)
School Assistance Act of 1960—(See S. 8.)
School Construction Assistance Act of 1960—(See H.R.

School Support Act of 1959, petitions praying enact-
ment of..

Science and Technology, establishing a Commission

on_(See S. 3887.)
Sciences (See also National Showcase of the Arts

and Sciences.)
Health-(See Health Sciences.)
Medal for—(See Presidential Medal for Civilian

Developments, possible nonmilitary, and their

potential impact on foreign policy problems of
the United States, authorizing the printing of

copies of—(See 8. Res. 229.)
Information, documentation, indexing, and re-

trieval of, report of, ordered printed-(See S.

Res. 333.)
Research for calendar 1959, report of grant of
funds for support of...

Sclavi, Lillian Frank-(See S. 3641.)
Scott, Edward W., III—(See S. 3406.)
Scott, Hugh (Senator from the State of Pennsyl-


Board of Visitors to Merchant Marine Academy,
appointed member of..-

Committee appointments, funeral.

25, 393
Conferee, appointed as..

36, 432, 549

Scrap, metal— (See Metal-Scrap.)
Seaweeds, ground, powdered, or granulated, to place,

on the free list- (See H.R. 5887.)
Second Liberty Bond Act,

Cost of living, increases in, to assist in obtaining

retirement benefits protected against by pro-
viding for the issuance of bonds (See S.

Debt, public, corporate normal-tax rate and

certain excise-tax rates, increasing and ex-

tending-(See H.R. 12381.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding----- 93
Interest rate restrictions on public issues of

Government securities, providing for man-
agement of public debt by removing—(See

S. 2813.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding----- 33
Resolutions favoring -----

19, 58
Message from President on.

Obligations issued, draft of proposed legislation

to provide for a temporary increase in the
amount of..

Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1960—(See

H.R. 10743.)
Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1961—(See

H.R. 13161.)
Secretary of Agriculture— (See also Department of

Communications from, transmitting-
Proposed legislation, drafts of -
Agricultural Trade Development and Assist-
ance Act of 1954, amending-

Acreage planted to, to amend the law with
relation to the remeasurements of.-----

Grade and staple length of, to amend the

law relating to collection and publishing
of statistics of ----

Department of Agriculture-
Administrative operations of the, to facili-

Agricultural commodities, recovery of costs

of inspecting, identifying, and certifying
the class, quality, and condition of, and
licensing of inspectors and graders, re-
lating to.----

Assaults and homicide being made a crime,
relating to----

Domjan, Dr. Ferenc, and others.--

Futures trading on commodity exchanges,
to provide effective regulation of -

Honeybees, importation of adult, to amend

the law relating to ---
National forests managed under principles of

multiple use and to produce a sustained
yield of products and service, to authorize
that the---

Poultry Products Inspection Act, amending -- 124
Soboszlsy, Aladar, relief of...

Sugar Act of 1948, amending-

165, 353, 530
Reports by, on-
Commodities and surplus agricultural com-
modies, liquidation of----

Experiment stations, receipts, expenditures,
and work of for fiscal 1953_

Appropriations restoration of balances with-
drawn from

11, 26


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