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Carroll and Ogle counties-Garner Moffett.

Cass county-Henry E. Duminer.

Champaign and Vermilion counties--Thompson R. Webber.
Christian and Shelby counties-D. D. Shumway.

Clark county-William Tutt, Justin Harlan.

Clark, Edgar and Coles counties-Uri Manly.

Clinton county-Benjamin Bond.

Coles county-Thomas A. Marshall, Thomas Trower.

Cook county-Patrick Ballingall, Francis C. Sherman, Reuben E. Heacock, E. F. Colby.

Crawford county-Nelson Hawley.

Cumberland and Effingham counties-William H. Blakely.
De Kalb county-George H. Hill.

De Witt county-George B. Lemon.

Du Page county-Jeduthan Hatch.

Du Page and Will counties-Samuel Anderson.

Edgar county-William Shields, George W. Rives.

Edwards and Wayne counties-Alvin R. Kenner.

Fayette county-John W. F. Edmonson, Joseph T. Eccles.

Franklin county-John W. Akin.

Fulton county-David Markley, Hezekiah M. Wead, Isaac Linley, George Kreider.

Gallatin county-Albert G. Caldwell, Jacob Smith.

Greene county-Franklin Witt, L. E. Worcester, D. M. Woodson.
Grundy and La Salle counties-George W. Armstrong.

Hancock county-Thomas C. Sharpe, George S. Moore, Robert Miller,

Thomas Geddes.

Hardin and Gallatin counties-Andrew McCallen.

Henderson county-Gilbert Turnbull.

Henry and Knox counties-Joshua Harper.

Highland county-Lewis J. Simpson.

Iroquois and Will counties-Jesse O. Norton.

Jackson county-Alexander M. Jenkins.

Jasper and Crawford counties-Richard G. Morris.

Jefferson county-Franklin S. Casey.

Jefferson, Marion and Franklin counties-Zadok Casey, Walter B. Scates.

Jersey county-A. R. Knapp.

Jo Daviess county-Thompson Campbell, W. B. Green, O. C. Pratt.
Johnson county-John Oliver.

Kane county-Alfred Churchill, Augustus Adams, Thomas Judd.
Kendall county-John West Mason.

Knox county-Curtis K. Harvey, James Knox.

Lake county-Horace Butler, Hurlbut Swan.

La Salle county-William Stadden, Abraham Hoes.

Lawrence county-John Mieure.

Lee county-John Dement.

Livingston and McLean counties-Samuel Lander.
Logan county-James Tuttle.

McLean county-David Davis.


Mason county--F. S. D. Marshall,

Macoupin county-James Graham, James M. Palmer.
McDonough county-James M. Campbell.

McDonough and Warren counties-John Huston.

McHenry county-John Sibley, Peter W. Deitz.

Madison county-Cyrus Edwards, E. M. West, Benaiah Robinson,

George T. Brown.

Marshall and Stark counties-Henry D. Palmer.

Marion county-George W. Pace.

Macon and Piatt counties-Edward O. Smith.

Massac county-Thomas G. C. Davis.
Menard county-Benjamin F. Northcott.
Mercer county-Frederick Frick.

Montgomery county-Hiram Rountree.

Montgomery and Rond counties-James M. Davis.

Moultrie and Shelby counties-Anthony Thornton.

Morgan county-Newton Cloud, James Dunlap, William Thomas.

Monroe county- James A. James, John D. Whiteside.

Ogle county-D. J. Pinckney.

Perry county-H. B. Jones.

Perry, Washington and Clinton counties-John Crain.

Peoria county-William W. Thompson, Lincoln B. Knowlton

Peoria and Fulton counties-Onslow Peters.

Pike county-William R. Archer, Harvey Dunn, William A. Grimshaw. Pope county--William Sim.

Putnam county-Oaks Turner.

Randolph county-Ezekiel W. Robbins, Richard B. Servant.

Richland county-Alfred Kitchell.

Rock Island county-John W. Spencer.

Sangamon county-John Dawson, James H. Matheny, Ninian W. Edwards, Stephen T. Logan.

Scott county-N. M. Knapp, Daniel Dunsmore.

Schuyler county-William A. Minshall.

Shel y county-Edward Evey.

St. Clair county-Wm. W. Roman, Wm. C. Kinney, John McCully, George Bunsen.

Stephenson county--Seth B. Farwell, Thomas B. Carter.

Tazewell county--William H. Holmes.

Union county-Samuel Hunsaker.

Vermilion county--John Canady, John W. Vance.

Wabash county-Charles H. Constable.

Warren county-Abner C. Harding.

Washington county-Zenos H. Vernor.

Wayne county-James M. Hogue.

Whiteside county-Aaron C. Jackson.

While county-S. Snowden Hayes, Daniel Hay.

Woodford county-Samuel J. Cross.

Winnebago county--Selden M. Church, Robert J. Cross.

Williamson county-John T. Loudon.

Williamson, Franklin and Jackson counties-Willis Allen.

Will county-Hugh Henderson, William McClure.
Mr. Scates offered for adoption the following:

Resolved, That each delegate of this convention, before proceeding to the transaction of any business, take an oath to support the constitution of the United States; which,

On motion of Mr. Minshall,

Was amended by adding: “and to faithfully discharge the duties of their offices as delegates to this convention, for the purpose of revising and amending the constitution of the State of Illinois."

Ordered, That the resolution as amended be adopted.

On motion of Mr. Dawson,

William Lavely, a justice of the peace, of Sangamon county, was introduced for the purpose of administering the oath prescribed.

Mr. Logan moved that the oath be administered to members collectively, they standing by their seats, with an uplifted hand.

And the question being put, it was decided in the negative.

The oath was then administered to members, as they were called, in convenient numbers, in alphabetic order.

Mr. Servant moved that the convention adjourn until to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock.

The question being taken thercon, was decided in the negative.

Mr. Bond introduced the following resolution; which was read and adopted.

Resolved, That we will now proceed to organize this convention, by electing a president, one secretary, and one sergeant-at-arms, and that no other officers shall be constituted or appointed until it becomes necessary, in the opinion of the president and principal secretary, to employ some competent person to assist the secretary in the discharge of his duties, when the secretary may employ a competent assistant to whom shall be paid the sum of two dollars per day, while necessarily employed: Provi ded, the sergeant-at-arms may, in his discretion, employ some able-bodied person to assist him in discharging his duties, to whom there shall be paid a sum of one dollar per day for each day he is necessarily employed, and he may employ two active, orderly and competent boys as messensengers, &c., who shall each be paid the sum of fifty cents per day for the time employed.

The convention then proceeded to the clection of a president by ballot. Messrs. Dunlap, Lrgan and Scates were appointed tellers.

The ballots having been taken and counted, the following result was announced:

For Newton Cloud, of Morgan county, eighty-four votes.

For Zadok Casey, of Jefferson county, sixty-five votes.
For Archibald Williams, of Adams county, two votes.
For Cyrus Edwards, of Madison county, two votes.

Mr. Newton Cloud, having received a majority of all the votes given, was, by the president, pro tempore, of the convention, declared duly elected president of the convention.

The president, pro tempore, appointed Messrs. Thompson and Hay to conduct the president elect to the chair.

That duty having been performed, the president said:

Gentlemen of the convention: It is but proper, on entering upon the duty assigned by the choice just made, that I should return you my most sincere thanks for the honor you have conferred.

I enter upon the discharge of the duties of president of this convention with much embarrassment, for I feel that I have a difficult and important duty assigned me.

I can only promise that my best efforts shall be made to discharge that duty faithfully and impartially, and that all the little ability that I possess shall be devoted to the despatch and furtherance of the public business. I will not allude, however remotely, to the great subjects upon which we have been called to act, but will conclude by returning you again my sincere thanks for the honor you have conferred on me.

The convention proceeded to the election of a secretary of the convention.

Mr. Williams nominated James M. Burt, of Adams county.

Mr. Ballingall nominated Henry W. Moore, of Gallatin county.

The vote being taken on said nominations, showed that Mr. Moore received ninety-one votes; Mr. Burt, received fifty-nine votes; S. S. Brooks, received one vote:

Those who voted for Mr. Moore, are,

Messrs. Adams, Allen, Akin, Anderson, Archer, Armstrong, Atherton, Blair, Blakely, Ballingall, Brockman, Bosbyshell, Brown, Bunsen, Butler, Crain, Caldwell, Campbell of Jo Daviess, Campbell, of McDonough, Carter, F. S. Casey, Z. Casey, Colby, Constable, Cross of Woodford, Cloud, Churchill, Dale, Davis of Montgomery, Davis of Massac, Dement, Dunlap, Dunn, Edmonson, Evey, Farwell, Frick, Harvey, Hatch, Hawley, Hay, Hayes, Heacock, Henderson, Hill, Hoes, Hogue, Hunsaker, Huston, James, Jenkins, Kreider, Kinney of Bureau, Kinney, of St. Clair, Kitchell, Laughlin, Linley, Loudon, McClure, McHatton, Manly, Markley, Micure, Moffett, Moore, Morris, Nichols, Oliver, Pace, Palmer of Macoupin, Pratt, Peters, Powers, Robinson, Rountree, Scates, Sharpe, Stadden, Shields, Sherman, Simpson, Smith of Gallatin, Shumway, Thompson, Thornton, Trower, Tutt, Vernor, Wead, Webber, Witt, Whiteside and Worcester.-91.

Those who voted for Mr. Burt, arc,

Messrs. Bond, Canady, Cross of Winnebago, Church, Davis of McLean, Deitz, Dawson, Dummer, Dunsmore, Edwards of Madison, Edwards of Sangamon, Eccles, Graham, Geddes, Green of Jo Daviess, Grimshaw, Harding, Harlan, Harper, Holmes, Jackson, Jones, Judd, Knapp of Jersey, Knapp of Scott, Kenner, Knowlton, Knox, Lander, Lemon, Logan, McCallen, Marshall of Coles, Marshall, of Mason, Matheny, Miller, Minshall, Northcott, Norton, Palmer of Marshall, Pinck. ney, Rives, Roman, Swan, Spencer, Servant, Sibley, Sim, Singleton, Smith of Macon, Thomas, Turnbull, Turner, Tuttle, Vance, West, Williams, Whitney and Woodson.-59.

Mr. Robbins voted for S. S. Brooks.

Henry W. Moore, having received a majority of all the votes given, was, by the president, declared duly elected secretary of "the Convention. to alter, amend and revise the constitution of the State of Illinois."

On motion,

The convention proceeded to the election of a sergeant-at-arms.
Mr. Allen nominated John A. Wilson, of Hamilton county.

On motion of Mr. Edwards of Sangamon,

The question was put by division, and decided in the affirmative. Whereupon, the president declared John A. Wilson duly elected sergeant-at-arms of said convention.

Mr. Thomas moved that the convention adjourn until to-morrow morning at ten o'clock.

The question being taken, was decided in the negative.

Mr. Campbell of Jo Daviess moved that the convention do now procerd to the election of a printer.

Mr. Servant moved to lay the motion on the table; the motion having been taken, was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Logan offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the president to receive proposals for the printing the proceedings of the convention, and that they be directed to report said bids to the convention.

On motion of Mr. Dement,

The resolution was laid on the table, by yeas and

Those voting in the affirmative, are,

Mr. Dunn


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Mr. Adams














Palmer of Macoupin




[blocks in formation]


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