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The budget estimate of $1,725,000 provides for accomplishing the work essential to the administration and enforcement of specific laws enacted for the protection of navigation, surveys of northern and northwestern lakes, and project condition surveys on some projects for which maintenance is not scheduled in the budget year.


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The budget estimate of $75,000 provides for the U.S. share of the estimated total cost of $150,000 for operation and maintenance of remedial works on the Niagara River, an international boundary watercourse. In accordance with the Niagara Water Treaty, the expense of operation and maintenance is shared equally between the two Governments. The Corps of Engineers has been designated the U.S. agency to perform this Government's obligation with respect to the operation and maintenance of these works.

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Mr. CANNON. The committee will be in order. We take up this morning the Ohio River division estimates. We have with us Brig. Gen. Walter P. Leber, Division Engineer, and with him Paul E. Brooke, Assistant Chief, Program Development Branch.


First, we shall take up General Investigations. Please place the appropriate pages of the justifications in the record at this point. (The pages follow:)

1. Surveys


(a) Navigation studies. The amount of $43,000 is requested for prosecution and completion of one study during fiscal year 1965.

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(b) Flood control studies.-The amount of $385,000 is requested for prosecution of 10 studies during fiscal year 1965. four reports and progress on six others.

This amount will permit completion of
Tentative allocations by studies follow:

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Review of prior reports in the light of severe floods experienced in eastern Kentucky during March 1963 to determine the advisability of providing additional reservoirs or other flood control measures in the upper Kentucky River Basin. Salt River.

To determine whether reservoirs or other improvements in the interest of flood control and allied purposes in the Salt River Basin are advisable at this time. Upper Cumberland River.

In view of disastrous floods experienced in this region in March 1963, the advisability of providing flood protection is under consideration for communities in the Cumberland River Basin above Cumberland Falls in southeastern Kentucky. Reservoirs, channel rectification, and levees are under study and the possibility of a higher degree of protection at Pineville and Barbourville is being investigated.

Hocking River...


Investigation to formulate a plan for flood control and other purposes. Consideration will be given to construction of reservoirs and extensive recreation development in certain areas if justification can be demonstrated. Local projects and channel improvement in rural areas will also be considered.


Johnstown Channel extension.

To determine the advisability of providing flood protection for communities and areas along Stony Creek and Little Conemaugh River upstream from the existing Johnstown Channel improvement project, including possible extension of the existing improvement.


Wheeling Creek, W. Va. and Pa.

To consider the advisability of improvements for flood control and allied purposes in the Wheeling Creek watershed, with particular reference to areas in and adjacent to Wheeling, W. Va.


0 $298, 000❘ $212,000

$45,000 $41,000



7,000 68,000 75,000


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(c) Special studies.-None.

(d) Comprehensive basin studies.-The amount of $1,050,000 is requested for prosecution of three studies during fiscal year 1965. Tentative allocations by studies follow:

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Kanawha River, W. Va., Va., and N.C.
A comprehensive study to iden-
tify the existing water resource de-
velopment needs, those expected to
be encountered and measures for
their solution, to include sufficient
detail for authorization of those proj-
ects for which construction starts
are required in the ensuing 10- to 15-
year period.
Ohio River Basin...

The study will furnish a general appraisal of overall water and related land resource needs and a guide to further detailed planning. It will include projections of economic development, translation of such projections into demands for water and related land resource uses, hydrologic projections of water availability both as to quantity and quality, and projections of related land resource availability, so as to outline the characteristics of projected water and related land resource problems and the general approaches that appear appropriate for their solution. In addition, it will indicate which of the subbasins within the study area have water problems calling for prompt detailed planning efforts as well as those where no such problems are current or looming. This study also will analyze the capability of the present plan to meet indicated needs.

Wabash River Basin, Ind. and Ill.

A comprehensive study to identify the existing water resource development needs, those expected to be encountered and measures for their solution, to include sufficient detail for authorization of those projects for which construction starts are required in the ensuing 10- to 15-year period. An interim report for the upper Wabash has been submitted to Congress and a second interim report, providing for further reservoir projects considered to be of high priority in the basin, is scheduled for submission in fiscal year 1964.


Grand total..

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Mr. KIRWAN. I would like to ask General Leber if he will explain the need for and interest in the two new surveys being budgeted. General LEBER. Yes, sir. We have two new survey starts in this budget. One is the Johnstown Channel extension, Pennsylvania. The principal problem areas here are in Stony Creek and the Little Conemaugh River.

32-218-64 pt. 1--34

We completed a project at Johnstown in 1943 at a cost of $8.8 million. It has been in operation ever since. What we are going to study now, sir, is an extension of this existing project to give additional protection to Johnstown.

The last serious flooding in Johnstown was in October 1954, when Hurricane Hazel struck the area resulting in damages of almost $10 million. These were damages which were suffered with our existing project in operation. That existing project prevented over $22 million in additional damage. Since 1954, the people in that area have expressed a desire for us to study an extension of the existing project to provide additional protection. This study is one which we propose to start in fiscal year 1965.

The other new survey start, which we have in the fiscal 1965 budget, is on Wheeling Creek, W. Va., and Pa. This is a study which will involve coordination with the Soil Conservation Service. The primary flood problem is in a portion of the city of Wheeling and ìmmediately adjacent areas. The area was severely flooded in March of 1963. Since that time, there have been several meetings, several expressions of interest by the local people, including expressions by Congressmen from the area, asking that we study the area to see if we can provide protection against the kind of flooding which they experienced in March 1963.

Those are our only two new survey starts.




Mr. KIRWAN. Under Advance Engineering and Design the first item is Frankfort, Ky., $130,000. Insert the justifications. (The justification follows:)


(Initiation of planning)

Location and description.-The Frankfort local protection project would be located on both banks of the Kentucky River in Franklin County, Ky., about 66 miles above its mouth. The North Frankfort area is comprised of the Thorn Hill, Old Capitol, and Distillery Sections of Frankfort. The project will consist of concrete wall, earth levee, pumping plants, and other necessary appurtenances. Authorization.-1938 Flood Control Act. Benefit-cost ratio 4.8 to 1.

Summarized financial data

Estimated Federal cost____
Estimated non-Federal costs.

Cash contributions_-

Total estimated project cost---

Preconstruction planning estimate.

Allocations to June 30, 1963

Allocation for fiscal year 1964-

Planning allocation for fiscal year 1965-

Balance to complete preconstruction planning after fiscal year 1965__

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