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Drysdale's Aperient Tablets

The Editor of the ‘Medical World” says regarding this tablet: “No cathartic will cure constipation. But this tonic laxative will come as near it as anything the Editor has ever discovered. A cathartic leaves the muscular ture of the intestin debilitated, and the patient in worse condition than previous to ingesting the cathartic; this formula is not in any sense a cathartic, and tones up the intestin, so that the patient is actually better after taking it, even thru long periods."

FORMULA : Powdered rhubarb, 1$ .; powdered aloes, 11 gr.; powered ipecao, 5-12 8.; powered Dus vomioa, } . Price: 1,000, $1.25; 5,000, $5.50. Coated pink. THE MALTBIECHEMICAL CO., Newark, N.J.


hepatic diseases, prolonging many lives and bring ing about conditions satisfactory in many of the less apparently hopelessly incurables, victims of mitral regurgitation, Bright's disease and hepatic cirrhosis. Liberal working samples with literature will be furnisht by manufacturers to physicians on application. Their advertisement will be found in this issue on page xiii.

A larger line of leather medicin cases and phy: sicians' leather bags is nowhere to be found than at the Boericke & Tafel pharmacies. One hundred different styles and at all prices. This is a good time to buy a new bag, as the European will send the price of leather up. Send to Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia, for a fully illustrated catalog

Glyco-Heroin (Smith) is composed of a solution of heroin in glycerin combined with expectorants. Each teaspoonful of this preparation contains 1/16 grain of heroin by accurate dosage. It is of agreeable flavor, and therefore easy to administer to children.' It possesses many advantages not shown by preparations for the same conditions and is an absolutely stable and uniform product that is widely used by the profession because of its dependable therapeutic effects. Send to Martin H. Smith Co., New York, N. Y., for samples and literature. Alpha Alcohol Utensil Co., Newark, N. J.:

GENTLEMEN :-Just received one of your Alpha Stoves and must say it is the neatest and handiest little stove I have ever seen. Have been looking for one like this for years. Inclosed find $1. Please send me another. Yours truly, Roberts, I.

DR. J. A. COLTEAUX. See adv. on page xiv.

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Valentine's Meat-Juice


The Power of Valentine's Meat-Juice in
Quieting the Irritable Stomach, Aiding
the Digestion and Sustaining and
Strengthening has been demonstrated by
many Medical Men in the treatment of

Anaemia, Exhaustion and Debility.
Dr. Antonio Navarro Fernandez, Physician
San Juan de Dios Hospital, Modrid, Spain : “VALEN-
TINE'S MEAT-JUICE has proved of great importance in
treating patients suffering with Dystrophia and in cases
of Anaemia caused by Syphilis. "I find it most effica-
cious in treating patients after operations of all kinds."

Prof. Dr. Schillbach, Extraordinary Professor of Surgery, University of Jena, Germany: “The

results of my experiments with VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE has proved that the preparation, given in proper form, has always a refreshing, strengthening and_sleepinducing effect in cases of Debility

and Nervous Excitement especially with young women suffering from Cholorosis,

For Sale by American and European Chemists and Druggists.


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with an instrument you can FAUGHT POCKET

depend upon to give an ac

curate reading Faught's BLOOD PRESSURE APPARATUS

Pocket Aneroid Blood Pres-
sure Apparatus is the most
dependable on the market.
Mechanically perfect, accu.
rate, simple, easy to use and
can be applied in a moment.
May be carried in the pocket.
Price, including Faught's

Blood Pressure Primer. 120

pages, $22.50 net. May be
purchased on partial-payment

plan. Money promptly reBUILT LIKE A WATCH

turned if not satisfied after

thirty days' trial. Several blood pressure instruments, mechanically perfect but slightly shopworn, at about one-half usual price.



Crotalin shows brilliant results

in cases of EPILEPSY.

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The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs like

dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.-FROUDE.

The Medical World

and pay

Second Class Matter.



year the medical practician must so register

the annual one dollar ($1) tax.

II. 'Narcotic drugs specified may only C. F. TAYLOR, M.D., Editor and Publisher. be purchast upon official order forms issued A. L. RUSSELL, M.D.,

Associate Editors.

by the Internal Revenue Department of the J. C. ROMMEL, M.D.,

United States Treasury Department at a E. S. TAYLOR, Business Manager.

cost of one cent for each original order and Entered at the Philadelphia Postoffice as

duplicate thereof. Whenever the medical

practician orders, therefore, the affected SUBSCRIPTION RATES: To any part of the United States or Mexico, ONE DOLLAR per year, or Four

drugs he must duly fill out the official order Years for THREE DOLLARS in advance; to Canada form, retaining the duplicate copy thereof ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per year, or FOUR YEARS for Four DOLLARS in advance; to Eng. for two years, in a manner open to inland and the British Colonies, Five Shillings Six PENCE per year; to other foreign countries in the

spection by the proper authorities. Postal Union, the equivalent of_5s. 6d. Postage free. III. In order to issue a prescription for Single copies, current issue, Ten Cents; previous issues, from TEN to TWENTY-FIVE Cents. These the specified drugs the medical practician

rates are due in advance. HOW TO REMIT: For their own protection we advise

must be registered under this act, and must that our patrons remit in a safe way, such as by date the prescription of the day on which postal money order, express order, check, draft, or registered mail. Currency sent by ordinary mail signed. Such prescription must be signed usually reaches its destination safely, but money so sent must be at the risk of the sender.

in full by the medical practician. No offiWe cannot always supply back numbers. Should a num- cial order form is prescribed for prescrip

ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before the end of the month.

tions. Notify us promptly of any change of address, mentioning IV. The medical practician may dis

both old and new addresses. If you want your subscription stopt at expiration of the

pense without restriction to his patients the time paid for, kindly notify us, as in the absence of such notice we will understand that it is the sub- prescribed drugs when he personally atscriber's pleasure that the subscription tinued and we will act accordingly.

tends upon his patient, in the course of his Pay no money to agents unless publisher's receipt is given. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

professional practise. If the medical prac

tician does not personally attend upon the "THE MEDICAL WORLD" 1520 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

patient and distributes or dispenses any of the prescribed drugs he must keep a record

of such drugs so dispenst or distribu:ed, the Vol. XXXIII FEBRUARY, 1915

No. 2

amount dispenst or distributed in each in

stance, the date, and the name and address A Brief Résumé of the National Narcotic Law.

of the patient. It will be noted that this In the absence of regulations from the record is only required when the physician Bureau of Internal Revenue regarding the does not personally attend upon the patient. national narcotic law we cannot give spe- Our construction of the words, “personcific rules for physicians that would not be ally attend” would include the general subject to revision. We can, however, pre- course of legitimate practise where a disent the following résumé of the bill as agnosis is first made and treatment subseenacted, insofar as it affects the physician*: quently given in the usual manner. When

I. The medical practician must register ever a record of dispensing is required as on or before March 1, 1915, with the Bu- hereinbefore stated this record must be kept reau of Internal Revenue of the United for a period of two years from the date States Treasury Department and pay the of dispensing or distributing such drugs annual statutory tax, which is usually one subject to the prescribed statutory indollar ($1) per year, but for the first year spection. will be proportionately less. Thereafter, V. There is no restriction upon the givon or before the first day of July of each ing of these drugs by a medical practician

to a nurse in the course of professional . For the full text of the law, see January World, pages 2 to 4.

practise or upon the possession of such



drugs by a nurse acting under the super- legislatures meet this year and date of meetvision of the medical practician.

ing of each. The full text of the model

state narcotic law follows. Discuss it as Uniform State Narcotic Legislation.

freely as you wish in these pages, but don't With the passage of the federal narcotic delay pressing it for adoption in your state law, the so-called Harrison bill, and its sign

if your legislature is in session. ing by the president ended the first chapter


UNIFORM STATE NARCOTIC LAW.* in legislation intended to curb the unrestricted sale of the narcotic and other habitforming drugs. There still remains to be To regulate the sale, barter, exchange, distribuenacted proper state laws to aid and secure tion, dealing in, giving away, dispensing, or the the fulfilment of the national law. Then the

disposition in any manner of opium or coca

leaves, their salts, derivatives or preparations, to task is simplified for all. For with state and regulate the treatment and to provide for the national laws in harmony, all legitimate han- committal of the habitual users of such drugs, dlers of such drugs should encounter no con

and for other purposes. fusion in following their provisions.

The People of the State of

repreThe reverse holds true, however, if the

sented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as fol

lows: state laws vary in the several states. It is to

SECTION 1. SALES AT RETAIL – REprevent the confusion that would arise there

STRICTED UPON WRITTEN PRESCRIPfrom that we advocate the passage of the TION:—That it shall be unlawful for any person following bill, modeled upon the national to sell, barter, exchange, distribute, give away or law, to which we direct our readers' careful

in any manner dispose of, at retail or to a con

sumer, opium or coca leaves, or any compound, consideration. In the preparation of this manufacture, salt, derivative, preparation proposed law the various existing narcotic thereof, within this State, except upon the original laws were studied. It is our opinion and

written prescription of a duly licensed physician, hope that this proposed law represents the

dentist or veterinary surgeon, and pursuant to all

the requirements of this Act. most constructiv and beneficent thought in SECTION 2. PREPARATIONS AND REMEnarcotic legislation at this time.

DIES ENTIRELY EXEMPTED:That the proThis bill includes all the requirements and

visions of this Act shall not be construed to apply privileges included in the federal narcotic

to the sale, barter, exchange, distribution, giving

away, dispensing or the disposition in any manner, law, which is essential in a uniform state

or the possession, within this State, of preparalaw. The federal official order forms and tions and remedies which do not contain more records become the state official order forms than two grains of opium, or more than oneand records, and the privileges and exemp- eighth of a grain of heroin, or more than one

fourth of a grain of morphin, or more than onetions enjoyed under the federal law are in- grain of codein, or any salt or derivative of any of cluded similarly in this proposed state law. them in one fluidounce; or, if a solid or semisolid Therefore, compliance with the federal law preparation, in one avoirdupois ounce; or to liniwill be compliance with the state law. In

ments, ointments, or other preparations which are addition, however, there are incorporated a

prepared for external use only, except liniments,

ointments, and other preparations which contain number of police measures which are not, of cocain or any of its salts or alpha or beta eucain course, included in the federal law, which or any of their salts or any synthetic substitute

for them : Provided, That such remedies and measures are essential in order to satisfac

preparations are sold, distributed, given away, distorily regulate the state commerce and the

pensed, or possessed as medicines and not for the handling of these drugs. Some of these purpose of evading the intendment and provisions provisions are very drastic and at the same of this Act. The provisions of this Act shall not time they are so very carefully circum- apply to decocainized coca leaves or preparations

made therefrom, or to other preparations of coca scribed that no burden is placed upon the

leaves which do not contain cocain. legitimate practician or the legitimate manu- SECTION 3. WRITTEN PRESCRIPTION DEfacturer

FINED_DUTIES RELATING THERETO: You will make no mistake in urging your

That the original written prescription required by

the provisions of section 1 of this Act shall be legislators to pass this bill, and to guard it

signed in full by the duly licensed physician, denagainst amendments of all kinds, as anytist or veterinary surgeon issuing it and dated as amendments proposed may seem innocent of the day on which so signed and shall, also, indi

cate the office address, office hours, and telephone but may prove very injurious. The favorit

number of such duly licensed physician, dentist way for enemies to hurt legislation is to pro

*Modeled after the federal narcotic law approved pose innocent appearing amendments which

December 17, 1914 (erroneously stated in January turn out to be very injurious. See page 5 Wonid to have been signed by President Wilson on

December 21st, which was according to the informaof January World for list of states whose

tion we had received).

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