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Appendix III: Budget Functional Code Appendix


This function includes those programs directly related to the common defense
and security of the United States. It includes the raising, equipping, and
maintaining of armed forces (including civilian supporting activities),
development and utilization of weapons systems (including nuclear weapons),
and related programs. National defense includes direct compensation and
benefits paid to active military and civilian personnel; contributions to their
retirement, health, and life insurance funds; the conduct of defense research,
development, testing, and evaluation; and procurement, construction,
stockpiling, and other activities undertaken with the direct object of fostering our
national security. Excluded from national defense are benefits or compensation
to veterans and their dependents (veterans benefits are generally available to
personnel who served the country in national emergencies; benefits for career
military personnel are generally charged as a cost to the national defense
function) and military retired pay, which is included in the income security
function. Also excluded from national defense is the peaceful conduct of foreign
relations; foreign military, economic, and humanitarian assistance; subsidies to
business by civilian agencies (such as maritime subsidies) that may be partially
justified as promoting national security; and research and operations of agencies
(such as space research) whose program mission is not directly designed to
promote national defense but which could result in some significant benefits to
our national security.

National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Minority Serving
Institutions (MSI) Program (B)

(051) Department of Defense - Military

The entire agency is included in this subfunction. Because of the method of funding and accounting in the Defense Department no further subdivisions on a program basis are available in terms of outlays.

12.400 Military Construction, National Guard (B)

12.401 National Guard Military Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Projects (B)

12.800 Air Force Defense Research Sciences Program (B)

(053) Atomic Energy Defense Activities

Those programs of the Department of Energy devoted to national defense activities, such as naval ship reactors and nuclear weapons. 17.310 Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (D) 81.104 Office of Environmental Waste Processing (B)

81.106 Transport of Transuranic Wastes to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: States and Tribal Concerns, Proposed Solutions (B)

This includes humanitarian assistance, development assistance, security supporting assistance, grants to and investments in international financial and development institutions, and the costs associated with concessionary agricultural exports.

19.018 Overseas Processing Entities (OPES) for U.S. Refugee Resettlement (B)

19.510 U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (B)

19.511 Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for East Asia (B) 19.517 Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Africa (B) 19.518 Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Western Hemisphere (B) 19.519 Overseas Refugee Assistance Program for Near East and South Asia (B)

19.520 Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Europe (B)

19.522 Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Strategic Global Priorities (B)

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81.112 Stewardship Science Grant Program (B)

81.113 Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research (B)

81.124 Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (B)


(054) Defense-Related Activities


Miscellaneous defense activities such as the expenses connected with selective service and civil defense activities in the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


20.813 Maritime Security Fleet Program (C)


This function is concerned with the maintenance of peaceful relations, commerce, and travel between the United States and the remainder of the world, and with the promotion of international security and economic development abroad. It includes the conduct of foreign affairs; cost of membership in international organizations; foreign information and exchange activities; foreign military, economic, and humanitarian assistance programs; and loan programs designed to foster U.S. exports. Excluded from international affairs are outlays from domestic programs that may tangentially affect foreign relations or citizens of other nations.

(151) International Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Academic Exchange Programs - Scholars (B)

Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs - International Visitor
Leadership Program (B)

Academic Exchange Programs - Teachers (B)

19.415 Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs - Citizen Exchanges (B) 19.421 Academic Exchange Programs - English Language Programs (B) 19.432 Academic Exchange Programs - Educational Advising and Student Services (B)

(155) International Financial Programs

This includes export credit, the military sales trust fund, international commodity agreements, international monetary programs, and other programs designed to improve the functioning of the international financial system. 31.007 Export - Loan Guarantee/Insured Loans (E,F)

(250) GENERAL SCIENCE, SPACE AND TECHNOLOGY This function shows budget resources allocated to science and research activities of the Federal Government to meet the national need to advance knowledge in this area. In addition, research and technology programs that have diverse goals and cannot readily be classified into one specific function are also placed here to

Appendix III: Budget Functional Code Appendix

avoid detailed splitting of accounts. Included in this function are general scientific research and civilian space programs that are not an integral part of the programs conducted under any other function. This includes the research conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and general science research supported by the Department of Energy. As is noted above, research programs that are an integral part of the achievement of other major functions e.g., health, national defense, energy are excluded from this function. Only if a research program cannot readily be included in other functions is it classified in this function.

81.105 National Industrial Competitiveness through Energy, Environment, and Economics (B)

(251) General Science and Basic Research

This includes the expenses of conducting the National Science Foundation programs and the general science activities of the Department of Energy. 47.082 Trans-NSF Recovery Act Reasearch Support (B) 81.049 Office of Science Financial Assistance Program (B)

81.126 Federal Loan Guarantees for Innovative Energy Technologies (E,F)

(252) Space Flight, Research, and Supporting Activities This subfunction is devoted to the development and operation of space transportation systems, basic scientific research connected with outer space, research and demonstrations designed to provide terrestrial applications of technology developed through space research, and development of new space technologies for future missions. Also included are the costs of tracking and data relay support for NASA space science and applications for flight missions. 43.005 Exploration, Recovery Act (B)

43.006 Science, Recovery Act (B)

(270) ENERGY

The energy function includes those programs designed to promote an adequate supply and appropriate use of energy to serve the needs of the economy. It includes most of those programs operated by the Department of Energy and its predecessor agencies except for atomic energy defense activities and for general science research not closely related to energy.

81.041 State Energy Program (A,B,L)

81.042 Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons (A,L)

81.064 Office of Scientific and Technical Information (L)

81.086 Conservation Research and Development (B)

81.087 Renewable Energy Research and Development (B)

81.119 State Energy Program Special Projects (B)

81.129 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technology Deployment, Demonstration and Commercialization (B)

81.135 Advanced Research and Projects Agency Energy Financial Assistance Program (B)

81.136 Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance (B)

(271) Energy Supply

This includes those programs designed to increase the supply of energy through the development of domestic resources and systems capable of using them. Included in energy supply are the costs of research and demonstration of supply systems.

10.850 Rural Electrification Loans and Loan Guarantees (E) 10.851 Rural Telephone Loans and Loan Guarantees (E,F) 81.022 Used Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment Grants (B) 81.049 Office of Science Financial Assistance Program (B) 81.057 University Coal Research (B)

81.065 Nuclear Waste Disposal Siting (B,C)

81.086 Conservation Research and Development (B)

81.087 Renewable Energy Research and Development (B)

81.089 Fossil Energy Research and Development (B)

81.108 Epidemiology and Other Health Studies Financial Assistance Program


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81.041 State Energy Program (A,B,L)

81.042 Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons (A,L) 81.086 Conservation Research and Development (B)

81.117 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Information Dissemination, Outreach, Training and Technical Analysis/Assistance (B)

81.127 Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (EEARP) (A) 81.128 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG) (A,B)

(274) Emergency Energy Preparedness

This includes the programs associated with developing and maintaining a stockpile of energy resources (currently confined to petroleum) to meet emergency needs and associated contingency planning activities.

(276) Energy Information, Policy, and Regulation

This includes the unallocable overhead activities of the Department of Energy plus the costs of energy information and regulation activities.

77.006 U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nuclear Education Grant

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(300) NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT This function includes those programs whose primary purpose is to develop, manage, and maintain the Nation's natural resources and environment. encompasses development and management of water resources; protection and enhancement of environmental quality; development and maintenance of recreational resources; promotion of the prudent use of forest and mineral resources; the fostering of conservation practices on both public and private lands; marine, earth, and atmospheric -related research, and the management of the public domain. Excluded from this function are the outlays for community water supply programs, basic sewer system, and waste treatment plants, which are part of a community or regional development (rather than an environmental enhancement) program or are part of the cost of operating a Federal facility (such as a military installation).

15.532 Central Valley Project, Trinity River Division, Trinity River Fish and Wildlife Management (B)

15.536 Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) (B)

90.300 Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Grants (B)

(301) Water Resources

This includes water protection, conservation, irrigation, and related activities including the total costs of multipurpose water projects where it is not feasible to separate out the transportation (navigation) or energy (power) segments of these projects.

10.904 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention (K) 10.916 Watershed Rehabilitation Program (K)

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15.535 Upper Colorado River Basin Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Program. (B)

15.537 Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program (B) 15.538 Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program. (B) 15.539 Equus Beds Division Acquifer Storage Recharge Project (B) 15.540 Lake Mead/Las Vegas Wash Program (B)

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15.657 Endangered Species Conservation Recovery Implementation Funds (B)

15.660 Endangered Species - Candidate Conservation Action Funds (B)

(303) Recreational Resources

These are programs involving the acquisition, improvement, and operation of recreational lands and facilities including fish and wildlife and parks. It also includes outlays for the preservation of historic areas.

15.605 Sport Fish Restoration Program (A)

15.608 Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance (J) Wildlife Restoration (A)

Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund (B) 15.620 African Elephant Conservation Fund (B) 15.621 Asian Elephant Conservation Fund (B)

15.622 Sportfishing and Boating Safety Act (B)

15.623 North American Wetlands Conservation Fund (B)

15.626 Firearm and Bow Hunter Education and Safety Program (A)

15.628 Multistate Conservation Grant Program (B)

This includes the costs of operating the public domain (including national forests), payments to encourage private land conservation activities, and surface mining reclamation efforts.



10.072 Wetlands Reserve Program (C)

10.675 Urban and Community Forestry Program (B)

10.681 Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) (B)

10.682 National Forest Foundation (C)

10.683 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (C)

10.685 Community Wood Energy Program (B)

10.686 Forest Biomass for Energy (B)

10.687 Recovery Act of 2009: Capital Improvement and Maintenance (B)

[blocks in formation]

10.688 Recovery Act of 2009: Wildland Fire Management (B)

[blocks in formation]

10.689 Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program (CFP) (B) 10.690 Lake Tahoe Erosion Control Grant Program (B)

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15.637 Migratory Bird Joint Ventures (B)

15.639 Tribal Wildlife Grants Program (B)

15.629 Great Apes Conservation Fund (B)

15.630 Coastal Program (C)

10.902 Soil and Water Conservation (K)

10.903 Soil Survey (L)

10.905 Plant Materials for Conservation (J)

10.907 Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting (L) 10.912 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (C) 10.913 Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (C) 10.914 Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (C) 10.917 Agricultural Management Assistance (C) 10.920 Grassland Reserve Program (C)

10.921 Conservation Security Program (C)

10.922 Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP) (C)

15.035 Forestry on Indian Lands (C,J,K)

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Appendix III: Budget Functional Code Appendix

(304) Pollution Control and Abatement

This includes outlays for controlling and reducing air, water, and land pollution or that are specifically funded as an environmental enhancement program. It excludes water resources programs, water treatment plants, and similar programs that are not funded as part of an environmental enhancement activity. 66.001 Air Pollution Control Program Support (B)

66.032 State Indoor Radon Grants (B)

66.033 Ozone Transport Commission (B)

66.034 Surveys, Studies, Research, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Special Purpose Activities Relating to the Clean Air Act (B)

66.035 Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program (B) 66.036 Clean School Bus USA (B)

66.037 Internships, Training and Workshops for the Office of Air and Radiation (B)

66.038 Training, Investigations, and Special Purpose Activities of

Federally-Recognized Indian Tribes Consistent With the Clean Air Act (CAA), Tribal Sovereignty and the Protection and Management of Air Quality (B)

66.039 National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B) 66.040 State Clean Diesel Grant Program (A)

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66.203 Environmental Finance Center Grants (B)

66.305 Compliance Assistance Support for Services to the Regulated Community and Other Assistance Providers (B)

66.309 Surveys, Studies, Investigations and Special Purpose Activities Relating to Environmental Justice (B)

66.310 Capacity Building Grants and Cooperative Agreements for

Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Activities in Indian Country and Other Tribal Areas (B)

66.312 State Environmental Justice Cooperative Agreement Program (B) 66.418 Construction Grants for Wastewater Treatment Works (B)

66.419 Water Pollution Control State, Interstate, and Tribal Program Support (A)

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66.424 Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants - Section 1442 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (B)

Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach Related to Environmental Information and the Release of Toxic Chemicals (B)

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Appendix III: Budget Functional Code Appendix

66.717 Source Reduction Assistance (B)

66.718 National Community-Based Lead Outreach and Training Grant Program (B)

66.801 Hazardous Waste Management State Program Support (A)

66.802 Superfund State, Political Subdivision, and Indian Tribe Site-Specific Cooperative Agreements (B)

66.804 Underground Storage Tank Prevention, Detection and Compliance

Program (A)

66.805 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Corrective Action

Program (A)

66.806 Superfund Technical Assistance Grants (TAG) for Community Groups at National Priority List (NPL) Sites (B)

66.809 Superfund State and Indian Tribe Core Program Cooperative

Agreements (B)

66.810 Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention (CEPP) Technical Assistance Grants Program (B)

66.812 Hazardous Waste Management Grant Program for Tribes (B) 66.813 Alternative or Innovative Treatment Technology Research,

Demonstration, Training, and Hazardous Substance Research Grants


66.814 Brownfields Training, Research, and Technical Assistance Grants and Cooperative Agreements (B)

66.815 Brownfield Job Training Cooperative Agreements (B)

66.816 Headquarters and Regional Underground Storage Tanks Program (B) 66.817 State and Tribal Response Program Grants (A)

11.437 Pacific Fisheries Data Program (B)

11.438 Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery_Pacific Salmon Treaty Program (B) 11.439 Marine Mammal Data Program (B)

11.440 Environmental Sciences, Applications, Data, and Education (B)

11.441 Regional Fishery Management Councils (B)

11.443 Short Term Climate Fluctuations (B)

11.444 Hawaii Sustainable Fisheries Development (Aquaculture Program) (B)

11.445 Hawaii Stock Management Program (B)

11.450 Automated Flood Warning Systems (AFWS) (B)

11.452 Unallied Industry Projects (B)

11.454 Unallied Management Projects (B)

11.455 Cooperative Science and Education Program (B)

11.457 Chesapeake Bay Studies (B)

11.459 Weather and Air Quality Research (B)

11.460 Special Oceanic and Atmospheric Projects (B)

11.462 Hydrologic Research (B)

11.463 Habitat Conservation (B)

11.467 Meteorologic and Hydrologic Modernization Development (B,D,L,M)

11.468 Applied Meteorological Research (B)

11.469 Congressionally Identified Awards and Projects (B) 11.472 Unallied Science Program (B)

11.473 Coastal Services Center (B)

11.474 Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Act (B)


66.818 Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements (B) 66.926 Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (GAP) (B) 66.931 International Financial Assistance Projects Sponsored by the Office of International Affairs (B)

Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research_Coastal Ocean Program (B)

[blocks in formation]

66.940 Environmental Policy and State Innovation Grants (B) 66.950 Environmental Education Training Program (B)

66.951 Environmental Education Grants (B)

66.952 National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellowship Program (B)

(306) Other Natural Resources

This includes miscellaneous natural resources programs not classified in other subfunctions, such as marine, earth, and atmosphere-related research, and the cost of geological surveys and mapping.

11.008 NOAA Mission-Related Education Awards (B) 11.011 Ocean Exploration (B)

11.012 Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) (B)

11.400 Geodetic Surveys and Services (Geodesy and Applications of the National Geodetic Reference System) (B)

11.407 Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act of 1986 (A) 11.413 Fishery Products Inspection and Certification (J)

11.417 Sea Grant Support (B)

11.419 Coastal Zone Management Administration Awards (A,B)

11.420 Coastal Zone Management Estuarine Research Reserves (B)

11.426 Financial Assistance for National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (B)

11.429 Marine Sanctuary Program (B)

11.430 Undersea Research (B)

11.431 Climate and Atmospheric Research (B)

11.432 Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) Joint and Cooperative Institutes (B)

11.433 Marine Fisheries Initiative (B) 11.434 Cooperative Fishery Statistics (B)

11.435 Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (B) 11.436 Columbia River Fisheries Development Program (B)

15.817 National Geospatial Program: Building The National Map (B) 15.818 Volcano Hazards Program Research and Monitoring. (B) 15.819 Energy Cooperatives to Support the National Coal Resources Data System (NCRDS) (B)

15.820 National Climate Change and Wildlife Service Center (B)


This function includes those programs that promote the economic stability of agriculture and the Nation's capability to maintain and increase agricultural production. These objectives are accomplished through farm income stabilization programs, research and educational activities, programs that maintain agricultural markets, regulation of agricultural markets and practices, and maintenance of an adequate stockpile of agricultural commodities. This function does not include programs which, though related to rural development, are not directly related to agriculture, such as rural environmental and conservation programs that are classified in the natural resources function. In addition, it excludes the costs connected with concessionary food export sales or food donations whether overseas or for domestic income support purposes.

(351) Farm Income Stabilization

Loans, subsidies, and other payments for purposes of stabilizing agricultural prices at an equitable level. This includes the cost of acquisition and storage of agricultural commodity stockpiles but does not include the cost of foreign agricultural export losses (which are classified in the international affairs function) or domestic donations of food (which are part of an income support, rather than a farm price support, program).

10.051 Commodity Loans and Loan Deficiency Payments (D,E) 10.055 Direct and Counter-cyclical Payments Program (C) 10.086 Aquaculture Grants Program (AGP) (A)

(352) Agricultural Research and Services

This includes all other costs of agricultural programs including expenses for programs such as agricultural research and extension services.

10.001 Agricultural Research_Basic and Applied Research (B)

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