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Appropriations for these programs for fiscal year 1966 and fiscal year 1967 are set forth in an attached table, together with funds authorized to be appropriated in fiscal year 1968. A brief summary of activities under each program is set forth immediately below. Supplementary data are set forth in ten parts, the first seven of which correspond to the first seven titles of the Higher Education Act of 1965.


Ten million dollars was appropriated for activities under these programs during fiscal year 1966, of which $9.2 million was allocated to the States, the remaining $0.8 million being used to defray administrative expenses. Of the money allocated to the States over $3 million is being used under programs concerned with problems of government; over $1 million for programs concerned with problems of poverty; and over $1 million for programs concerned with problems of health. About 85 percent of all the programs funded in 1966 are directed toward the solution of urban and suburban problems and 15 percent toward the solution of rural problems. See tab I for more detailed tabulations concerning the use of fiscal year 1966 money; for a listing of the State agencies formed under the programs; and for brief descriptions of programs being undertaken by participating institutions in all of the States.


A. College library resources

Ten million dollars was appropriated in fiscal year 1966 for part A of this title, and over $8 million was disbursed in awards to 1,830 institutions in every State and the outlying areas of the United States. All of this money was disbursed in the form of basic grants to institutions of up to $5,000 to aid institutions in buying books and periodicals, documents, tapes, recordings, audiovisuals, and other library materials. During the year no supplemental grants or special purpose grants, which are also authorized by the Act, were made.

B. Library training and research

During the fiscal year, 139 graduate fellowships in library and information science were awarded to 24 colleges and universities. These fellowships together amounted to almost $900,000. Of the fellowships

awarded, 52 were doctoral fellowships and 87 were predoctoral. Institutions receiving fellowships are listed at tab II(B). No funds were appropriated during fiscal year 1966 for the support of research, which is also authorized under part B of title II.

C. Strengthening college and research library resources

Under this program funds are transferred to the Librarian of Congress for acquiring library materials from all over the world and for providing catalog information for these materials after their acquisition. With the $300,000 appropriated for fiscal year 1966, plans were developed and national and international discussions were held concerning shared cataloging. Survey trips were made to determine the feasibility of speedier and more expensive acquisitions. Staffing and training of staff for the cataloging program was undertaken. The shared cataloging program is operational in England and will be operational during fiscal year 1967 in West Germany, Austria, Norway, and France. Regional acquisition offices have also been established in Kenya and Brazil.


Under this program $5 million was appropriated during fiscal year 1966. A total of 310 proposals requesting $32 million of Federal assistance were submitted by 262 institutions of higher education in 46 States. Of the $5 million appropriated 3.9 million was paid out to 4-year institutions and $1.1 million to 2-year institutions. Of the $5 million $4.3 million was paid out in support of activities including national teaching fellowships under cooperative arrangements among institutions; $0.7 million was in the form of national teaching fellowship for which colleges applied individually rather than under cooperative arrangements. Additional detail, including project descriptions and the names of members of the Advisory Council, may be found at tab III.


A. Educational opportunity grants

During fiscal year 1966 $58 million was appropriated for this program, from which grants were made to about 134,000 students in 1,420 institutions. The average grant amounted to about $432; that is, to not much more than one-half of the maximum of $800.

In addition to the above grants 42 contracts were concluded under part A of title IV to carry out the educational talent search program. These contracts reflected a commitment of $2 million. Description of each of these contracts may be found at tab IV (A).

B. Low interest insured loans

During the fiscal year an Advisory Council on Insured Loans was formed; regulations for the program were published in the Federal Register; interim agreements were signed with 12 State guarantee agencies; 8 State agencies commenced operations under permanent agreements; and in 18 States the United Student Aid Fund had come

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