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courses at an accredited junior college. Participating societies
are Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Rio Hondo, Mojava Desert
and San Gabriel Valley. Applications may be made to society
president in area of student's junior college, or to: Registrar,

Los Angeles College of Optometry.
Woman's Auxiliary to the California Optometric Association

$200 scholarship granted annually to optometry student in final
year. Must be California resident for at least five years. Must
maintain 2.00 grade point average for first two years in optom-
etry. Award also given on basis of leadership and interest in

profession, and financial need. State Optometric Association Awards

Various state optometric associations award scholarships. Students interested in applying can contact the college, or presidents of their home state optometric associations, or the pre

optometry advisor in their college. Student Council Award

Student Council administers funds, supported by student activi-
ties, each year which are distributed as scholarships. Award
provisions are determined yearly by the Council after consulta-
tion with the college administration. Recipients selected from

the student body.
Tom C. Hinds Scholarship

Available to Negro student enrolled in optometry. Selected by

Mr. Hinds and the administration. Scholarship valued to $1,000. Philippine Optometry Awards

One year scholarships equal to full or partial tuition available
to graduates of Centro Escolar University School of Optometry,

Loan Funds
Alumni Association Loan Fund

$500 loan fund established as part of association's Development
Fund. Available at no interest to seniors; repayable within one

year after graduation. Selection made by college business office. Woman's Auxiliary to the California Optometric Association

Limited fund for senior students on basis of: (1) California
residence for four years; (2) grade point average of at least 1.50
during first two years; (3) financial need. Applications may be
made to Auxiliary President or through the college business

National Defense Student Loan Fund

Full-time students with financial need to continue education may
apply for a loan each semester under this act. Applications and

details available from the Registrar-Comptroller. MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY

(Contact Massachusetts College of Optometry, 178 Newbury

Street, Boston 16, Massachusetts.)
Maurice H. Saval Tuition Scholarships

Two $600 ($300 per year for two years) available annually to a needy and worthy student who gives promise of achievement in the study of optometry, and who meets all the requirements for admission. To be eligible for the second installment of the scholarship, the student's academic achievement at the end of

the year should rank him among the upper third of his class. Massachusetts Society of Optometrists' Scholarships

Four $200 scholarships annually to worthy students who give promise of achievement in the study of optometry, Students who are awarded these scholarships are eligible for continued payment of the stated sum as long as they continue to maintain grade levels placing them in the upper half of their classes and they continue to demonstrate need for financial assistance. Applicants must be residents of Massachusetts and must signify

their intention to practice within the Commonwealth. Alumni Association Tuition Scholarship

Two $150 scholarships annually to needy and worthy students of the fourth year class. These scholarships are applied to the students' tuition fee. The recipients of the scholarships will be selected by the faculty Committee on Scholarships and Awards

from eligible candidates. National and State Auxiliaries Scholarships

The Woman's Auxiliary of the American Optometric Association, together with the Woman's Auxiliary of state affiliated groups, will provide one-year tuition scholarships of $250. The Massachusetts College of Optometry will augment this amount with an additional $250 offering two such $500 scholarships each year to duly qualified students admitted through the Woman's

Woman's Auxiliary-Massachusetts Society of Optometrists

$150 contributed toward the tuition fee in support of a needy and worthy student who is eligible for admission to the Program of Study in Advanced Optometry leading to the Doctor of Optometry Degree. Scholarships will be matched by Massachusetts

College of Optometry.
Optical Wholesalers Association of New England Scholarships

The Optical Wholesalers Association of New England offers annually an undergraduate scholarship of $375, and a graduate scholarship of $300 to needy and worthy students who reside in New England. The undergraduate must have completed at least the first semester of the second year program of study. Applications for the undergraduate scholarship should be filed no later than March 1st, and applications for the graduate schol

arship should be filed no later than June 14th. Henry L. Battalin Scholarship

The Henry L. Battalin Memorial Scholarship of $200 is offered annually to a fourth year student who is needy and worthy, and

who resides in the State of Connecticut. New York Alumni Tuition Scholarships

The New York Alumni Association offers two $250 scholarships annually to residents of New York who prove to be financially needy and scholastically worthy, and who have completed at least one year of the professional curriculum.

Honors and Awards

Graduation with honors are conferred upon students for distinguished scholarship in the courses in the professional curriculum. Students who have earned an average (weighted) of 95 to 100 graduate Summa Cum Laude; those who have earned an average (weighted) of 90 to 95 graduate Magna Cum Laude; and those who have earned an average (weighted) of 85 to 90 gradu

ate Cum Laude. The Theodore F. Klein Memorial Award

Each year the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts College of Optometry makes an award of $200 to that member of the first year class who achieves the highest scholastic average in all

courses in the first year curriculum. The Joseph J. Scanlon Award

This award is made available annually by the Zeta Chapter of the Omega Epsilon Phi Fraternity to that member of the graduating class who has the best record for efficiency in the con

duct of clinical work. The Lester J. Epstein Award

This award is made available annually by the Pi Omicron Sigma
Fraternity to that member of the graduating class who achieves

the highest grades in theoretical and applied optometry. Valedictory Award

This award is made available annually by the Faculty of the Massachusetts College of Optometry to that member of the graduating class who achieves the highest general average in the

courses of the professional curriculum. Alumni Association Award

The Alumni Association of the Massachusetts College of Optometry offers an Alumni Plaque annually that member of the graduating class who has achieved an outstanding scholastic

and extra-curricular record. Beta Sigma Kappa Award

The Beta Sigma Kappa International Honorary Society awards a silver medal annually to that member of the graduating class, designated by the Dean, who has the most outstanding record of scholarship, leadership, and talent.

Loan Funds
The Rose and David Berlowitz Student Assistant Fund

A $500 fund was established to provide needy and deserving
students with the opportunity to make loans to meet financial
emergencies. Loans are available to students who have com-
pleted one year of study at the Massachusetts College of Optom-
etry. The loans must be repaid not later than one year after

Western District Massachusetts Society of Optometrists Auxiliary Loan Fund

The Western District Massachusetts Society of Optometrists
Auxiliary Loan Fund was established to aid students who are in
need. Loans are available to students who have completed one
academic year of study at the Massachusetts College of Optom-
etry. The loans must be repaid not later than one year after

Emergency Loan Fund of the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Massachusetts College of Optom-
etry has established an Emergency Loan Fund of $200 to be made
available annually to meet the emergency needs for small loans
by members of the student body. The administration of this Fund

is left to the discretion of the Dean. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

(Contact Director, School of Optometry, The Ohio State Uni

versity, 338 West Tenth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210.)
General University Scholarships

Each year the University Scholarship Office budgets scholarship
funds to be awarded to optometry students on the basis of aca-
demic standing and need. In order to qualify, a student must main-
tain either a B average or stand academically in the upper one-
third of his class in the School of Optometry. All students in
optometry irrespective of residency are eligible for considera-
tion. The amount of the scholarship award per year varies from
$200 to $400.
If a student at any level of his education in the School of Optom-
etry is awarded a University Scholarship, he may be continued
on his scholarship so long as he maintains a satisfactory aca-
demic standing. Three of the University Scholarships are avail-
able to new students entering the School of Optometry for the

1964-1965 academic year.
Privately Provided Scholarships

While no specific commitment is made by the Woman's Auxiliary
to the Michigan Optometric Association, they have for several
years supported scholarships for several students in varying
amounts who are residents of the State of Michigan. This support
during the 1963-1964 academic year amounted to $500 given to
three Michigan students.
Effective for the year beginning September 1964, a grant of $500
has been made to The Ohio State University School of Optometry
by the Quality Optical Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, to support a

scholarship or scholarships as determined by the Director.
Emil H. Arnold Scholarships in Optometry

Two scholarships of $300 each, will be offered to entering stu dents who reside in the State of Michigan. In order to qualify for consideration, applicants must have earned at least a B average in their pre-optometry college courses. The pre-optometry courses may be completed in any accredited junior college, college or

university. Recipients will be eligible for renewal of their sch-
olarships for the same amount each year of their enrollment in the
School of Optometry, if they maintain a B average or better.
These scholarships are provided by a grant to The Ohio State

University by Dr. Emil H. Arnold, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Loan Funds
University Loan Funds

Student loans are handled by the University Scholarship and
Financial Aid Office. Students who are on scholarship grants
may also receive loans. The university will loan as much as
$1,000 at a low interest rate to be repaid in small installments

following graduation. PACIFIC UNIVERSITY

(Contact Director of Admissions, Pacific University, Forest

Grove, Oregon.)

General University scholarships are available for various a-
mounts up to full tuition. They are based upon:
1. Academic achievement and promise as indicated by high

school or college records.
2. Relative financial need.
3. Qualities of character and promise of contribution to the

college and to the community. Pacific University matches scholarship funds made available by State Optometric Associations and other groups for students entering or enrolled in the Pacific University College of Optometry under the following conditions: 1. The student must have maintained a GPA greater than 2.5

for all pre-optometry courses. 2. Need must be established on the basis of evaluation of the

College Scholarship Service form by the Financial Aids Com

mittee of the University. 3. The scholarship must be renewable by the sponsoring group

providing that the student maintains a GPA of better than 2.5

during each year in the professional program. 4. The total amount available to the student from both the spon

soring organization and the University shall not exceed the

amount of tuition for each year (this is currently $900.00). Oregon Congregational Conference, Pacific University Scholarship Program

A number of awards are available to members of Pilgrim Fellowship Groups in Oregon, coming through the Congregational Con

ference at Pacific University Matching Scholarship Program. The Wehrhan Scholarship

The combined churches of the Tacoma area in Pacific University

Matching Funds offer several scholarships annually.
The Elbridge and Mary Stuart Scholarship

Three $325 per year Scholarships to worthy students of Christian

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