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CA-06864-1 Baum, G., Bronx Veteran's Hosp., N.Y. Differential diagnosis by

ultrasonorgraphy. GM-09495–2 Carpenter, R. L., Tufts U., Medford, Mass. Biological effects of

microwave radiation. HE-07250–2 Aronstam, R. H., USPHS Hosp., Staten Island, N.Y. Retinal

vascular changes in essential hypertension. MH-05756—2 Wolin, L. R., Psy. Res. Fdn., Cleveland, Ohio. Visual impairment

in neuropsychiatric disorders. MH-08237–1 Beck, L. H., Ypsilanti State Hosp., Ypsilanti, Mich. Visual func

tions in the schizophrenic. NB-00043–15 Maumenee, A. E., Sch, Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. A

study of the etiology and treatment of uveitis. NB-00044–12 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., U. California, Berkeley. Investigations

on ocular toxoplasmosis. NB-00121–12 Ballintine, E. J., Sch. Med., Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland,

Ohio. Ciliary body metabolism. NB-00188–10 Thomas, C. I., Sch. Med., Western Reserve U., Cleveland. Radio

active isotopes in diseases of the eye. NB-00213–11 Roberts, R. W., Sch. Med., Wake Forest C., Winston-Salem.

Glaucoma study. NB-00218–11 Grant, W. M., Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston,

Mass. Pressure regulating mechanisms in glaucoma. NB-00237–11. Janes, R. G., C. Med. State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Ocular changes

in diabetes. NB-00253–1 Lowenfeld, I. E., Col. Phys. Surg., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C.

Pupillography, physiological and clinical research. NB-00294–10 Bender, M. B., Mount Sinai Hosp., N.Y.C. The oculomotor system

and body postural mechanisms. NB-00349–10 Burian, H. M., State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Electrical responses of

human visual system. NB-00471-9 Straatsma, B. R., U. California Med. Cr., Los Angeles. Types of

cautery for surgery of detached retina. NB-00568–10 Hubbard, R., Grad. Sch., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Chemis

try of vision. NB-00621-9 Becker, B., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Rate of flow

of aqueous tumor in the rabbit eye. NB-00624–10 Boynton, R. M., Col. Arts, Sc., U. Rochester, N.Y. Psychophysical

and optical studies of normal and abnormal visual function. NB-00640–9 Zacharias, L., Mass. Eye, Ear Inf., Boston. Study of mild and

severe retrolental fibroplas. NB-00786–9 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., U. California, San Francisco. Studies

on ocular toxoplasmosis. NB-00810_8 Sloan, L. L., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Optical aids

for subnormal vision and other studies in physiological optics. NB-00864–8 Hartline, H. K., Rockefeller Inst., N.Y.C. Electrical activity of

single receptors and neurons of the eye. NB-00911-8 Breinin, C. M., New York U. Med. Cr., N.Y.C. Electromyography

of the extraocular muscles. NB-01010–8 Halbert, S. P., Col. Phys., Surg., Columbia Unv., N.Y.C. Immuno

logical observations on ocular lens in evolution and cataract. NB-01027-5 Stone, W., Jr., Mass. Eye, Ear Inf., Boston. Alloplastic substitution

for opacification of cornea. NB-01099–7 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., Univ. California, San Francisco, Calif.

Investigations on endogenous uveitis. NB-01100–7 Kinsey, V. E., Kresge Eye Inst., Detroit, Mich. Intraocular fluid

dynamics. NB-01130_7 Chi, H. H., Eye Bank Sight Restoration, N.Y.C. Studies of the

corneal endothelium. NB-01142–7 Merriam, G. R., Jr., Med Sch., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Lens pro

teins in radiation cataracts. NB-01161-7 Georgiade, N. G., Sch. Med., Duke U., Durham, N.C. The prolonged

preservation of corneal grafts in a viable state. NB-01201-7 Gardner, E., Sch. Med., Wayne State U., Detroit, Mich. Visual

systems-Pure rod and cone retinae. NB-01229–7 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., Univ. California, San Francisco. Electron

microscopy of the limbus.

NB-01233–7 Ditchburn, R. W., Sch. Physics, Univ. Reading, Reading, England.

Eye movements in visual perception. NB-01325–7 Breinin, G. M., New York U. Med. Cr., N.Y.C. Optical and elec

trophysiologic studies in accommodation and convergene. NB-01326-4 Solones, M. P., Gen. Hosp., Calles de Balmis and Pasteur, Mexico,

D.F., Mexico. Intraocular pressure in Indians, Mestizos, and Whites. NB-01348–7 Zeller, E. A., Sch. Med., Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill. Pro

tein metabolism of refractory media of the eye. NB-01349–7 Miller, J. E., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Electromyo

graphic study of oculomotor function. NB-01354–5 Stone, W., Jr., Mass. Eye, Ear Infirmary, Boston, Mass. Anterior

chamber drainage tubes. NB-01375–6 Constant, M. A., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Lens in health and

disease. NB-01392-6 Allen, E. L., State Univ., Iowa, Iowa City. Reconstruction models

on chamber angle structures. NB-01404–5 Simonson, E., Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Excitability of

visual pathways. NB-01408–6 Lipez, L. E., Grad. Sch., Ohio State U., Res. Fdn., Columbus. Ex

citation and inhibition in vertebrate retina. NB-01413–6 Malis, L. I., Mount Sinai Hosp., N.Y.C. Interaction in the visual

pathways. NB-01438–6 Young, F. A., Grad. Sch., Wash. State Univ., Pullman. Effect of

restricted visual space on ocular functions. NB-01453–6 Riggs, L. A., Grad. Sch., Brown U., Providence, R.I. Human ERG

in response to monochromatic light. NB-01482-6 Wolf, E., Retina Fdn., Boston, Mass. Visual sensitivity in the

normal and abnormal retina. NB-01509–5 Crescitelli, F., Grad. Sch., U. California, Los Angeles. Electro

physiological analysis of the visual system. NB-01516–6 Sery, T. W., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia. Response of corneal

stroma to injections of proteins. NB-01521-6 de Roetth, A., Jr., Sch. Med., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Experimental

diabetic retinopathy. NB-01534–5 Hitz, J.B., Sch. Med., Marquette U., Milwaukee, Wis. Histologic

studies of the regenerative processes of the eye. NB-01578–5 Alpern, M., Med. Sch., U. Michigan, Ann Arbor. Psychophysio

logical studies of ocular abnormalities. NB-01586–6 Smith, O. W., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. Development of distance

perception in children. NB-01587–5 Wise, G. N., Sch. Med., New York Univ., N.Y.C. Neovascularization

of retinal vascular diseases. NB-01637–6 Ogle, K. N., Mayo Assn., Rochester, Minn. Depth of focus of the

human eye. NB-01689–6 Armaly, M. F., Sch. Med., State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Neurogenic

regulation of intraocular pressure. NB-01741–5 Howe, A. F., Retina Fdn., Boston. Structure and function of the

blood-vitreous barrier. NB_01782–5 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., Univ. California, Berkeley. Electron mi

croscopy of eye structures. NB-01789-5 Cibis, P. A., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Ocular si

derosis and hemosiderosis. NB-01810–5 Pirenne, M. H., U. Oxford, England. Vision and light quanta. NB-01820-5 Schwartz, B., State Univ. N.Y., Brooklyn. Metabolism of lens cul

tured in a perfusion system. NB-01851-5 Donaldson, D. D., Sch. Med., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Instru

mentation in ophthalmology. NB-01852–5 Ogle, K. N., Mayo Assn., Rochester, Minn. Critical factors in stero

scopic depth perception. NB-01853–5 Leopold, I. H., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa. Metabolic

studies on anterior uvea. NB-01903–5 Brown, K. T., Sch. Med., U. California, Berkeley. Intraretinal re

cording in unopened mammalian eyes. NB-01922–5 Allen, M. J., Indiana U., Bloomington. The influence of age on the

control of accommodation. NB-01923–5 Kropf, A., Amherst Col., Mass. Photochemistry of the visual pig


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NB-01942–5 Donaldson, D. D., Sch. Med. Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Sub

jective color phenomena. NB-01971–5 Blackwell, H. R., Sch. Med., Ohio State U., Columbus. Neural time

space mechanisms and reading disabilities. NB-01979–5 Harris, J. E., U. Minnesota, Minneapolis. Movement of water and

solutes across ocular barriers. NB-02002-3 Von Noorden, G. K., Col. Med., State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Trans

mission time and perceptual blanking in strabismic amblyopia. NB-02003–5 Rucker, c. W., Mayo Assn., Rochester, Minn., Pupillography in

diseases of central nervous system. NB-20258–5 Leopold, I. H., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa. Corticosteoids

in aqueous humor of humans and rabbits. NB-02062–5 King, J. H., Jr., Washington Hosp. Cr., Washington, D.C. The

preservation of eye tissues for transplantation. NB-02113-4 Jacobson, J.H., N.Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary, N.Y.C. Electro

physiology of accommodation. NB-02156–4 Flocks, M., Sch. Med., Stanford U., Cal. Use of light coagulation

in human and animal eyes. NB-02165-4 Jones, R. W., Northwestern U., Evanston, Ill. Dynamics of the

visual system. NB-02168_4 Enoch, J. M., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. The eti

ology of reduced visual function. NB-02198-4 Patz, A., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Md. Metabolic

studies on the retina and retinal vessels. NB-02201-4 Blackwell, H. R., Sch. Med., Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio.

Visual mechanisms in normal and abnormal retinae. NB-02205-4 Brown, J. L., Sch. Med., U. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Physi

ological and psychophysical aspects of vision. NB-0220744 Kupfer, C., Mass. Eye, Ear Infirmary, Boston, Mass. The control

of intraocular pressure. NB-02208–4 Enroth-Cugell, C., Sch. Med., Northwestern U., Evanston, Ill.

Retinal ganglion cell responses to time varying stimuli. NB-022122 Holland, M. G., Tulane U., New Orleans, La. Physiology and

pharmacology of aqueous humor flow. NB-022204 Dohlman, C. H., Retina Fdn., Boston. Corneal dehydration, wound

healing and grafting. NB-022744 De Valois, R. L., Grad. Sch., Indiana U., Bloomington. Electro

physiology of color vision. NB-023344 Spector, B., Tufts U. Sch. Med., Boston, Mass. Immunologically

induced bilateral eye reactions. NB-023434 Donn, A., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Physiologic studies of the living

cornea in vitro. NB-02403–5 Cohen, J., Sch. Med., Northwestern U., Chicago, Ill. Interdiscipli

nary study of blindness in children. NB-02410–5 Maumenee, A. E., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Involvements af

fecting the visual pathways. NB-02412–5 Becker B., Sch. Med., Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo. Collabora

tive glaucoma study. NB-02415–5 Shaffer, R. N., Univ. California Med. Cr., San Francisco, Calif.

Collaborative glaucoma detection study. NB_02419_5 Maumenee, A. E., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md.

Collaborative glaucoma study. NB-024234 Armaly, M. F., Sch. Med., State Univ. Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

Collaborative glaucoma study. NB-024304_Hargens, C. W., Franklin Inst., Philadelphia. Glaucoma detection

method suited for mass screening. NB-02485-4 Blough, D. S., Brown U., Providence, R.I. Psychophysical studies

of vision in monkeys. NB-02521-4 Potts, A. M., U. Chicago, Ill. Nutrition, metabolism of eye avascu

lar structures. NB-02522-4 Potts, A. M., Sch. Med., U. Chicago, Ill. Experimental and clinical

electroretinography. NB-02530–3 Brecher, G. A., Emery U., Atlanta, Ga. Normal and abnormal

corneo-retinal potential. NB-02539_2 Bender, M. B., Mount Sinai Hosp., New York, N.Y. A symposium

on the oculomotor system.

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NB_025424 Kimura, S. J., Sch. Med., U. California, San Francisco. Fluores

cein-labeled antibody studies in uveitis. NB-02555-3 Krishna, N., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia. Monoamine oxidase

and inhibitors in ocular tissues. NB-02556-4 Kupfer, C., Mass. Eye, Ear Inf., Boston. Development of anterior

chamber angle in the human eyes. NB-02561-4 McEwen, W. K., Sch. Med., Univ. California, San Francisco, Calif.

Glaucoma studies. NB-02588-4 Munz, F. W., U. Oregon, Eugene. The succession of visual pig

ments in salmon and trout. NB-02589 4 Goodman, G., Sch. Med., New York Univ., N.Y.C. Electroretinog

raphy and psychophysical studies in retinal disorders. NB-02591-4 Langham, M. E., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Md.

Intraocular dynamics and glaucoma. NB-02623-4 Teng, C. C., Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, Inc., N.Y.C. Electron

microscope study of corneal dystrophy. NB-02633-4 Jampolsky, A., San Francisco Inst. Med. Sci., San Francisco, Calif.

Electrophysiology of the visual apparatus. NB-026344 Bettman, J. W., San Francisco Inst. Med. Sch., Calif. Agents af

fecting the intraocular circulation. NB-02660_4 Benolken, R. M., Grad. Sch., U. Minnesota, Minneapolis. Visual

mechanisms. NB-02661-4 Harcum, E. R., Col. Arts, Sci., C. William and Mary, Williamsburg,

Va. Normal perception in reading and learning problems. NB-026644 Nunnemacher, R. F., Grad. Sch., Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass.

Optics and neural pathways of compound eyes. NB-02667–4 Campbell, C. J., Col. Phy., Surg, Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Spectral

response characteristics of the retina. NB-02678 4 Binder, H. F., Sch. Med., Western Reserve U., Cleveland, Ohio.

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of visual and auditory fusion in monkey. NB-02698-3 Cogan, D. G., Sch. Med., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Electron

microscopy of retinal dehydrogenases. NB-02709_3 Straatsma, B, R., Sch. Med., U. California, Los Angeles. Environ

ment and drugs in the human refractive state. NB-027104 Noell, W.K., Sch. Med., State Univ. N.Y., Buffalo, N.Y. Metabolic

and functional development of the retina. NB-02801–3 Jacobson, J. H., N.Y. Eye, Ear Infirmary, N.Y.C., Clinical electro

retinography. NB-02861–3 Troutman, R. C., State Univ., Downstate Med. Ctr., N.Y., Albany.

The use of acrylics in animal and human eyes. NB-02863–3 Walsh, F. B., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Neuro

pathology, clinical ophthalmological diagnosis. NB-02866-3 Allen, R. A., Sch. Med., U. California, Los Angeles. The eye

Growth, aging—Changes in systemic disease. NB-02873-3 Wolter, J. R., U. Michigan, Med. Cr., Ann Arbor. Neuropathology

of the human eye. NB-02885–3 Reddy, D. V. N., Kresge Eye Inst., Detroit. Intraocular transport

of carbohydrates. NB-03014–3 Rushton, W. A. H., Sch. Med., U. Cambridge, England. The nature

of the visual process in the retina. NB-03015–3 Cogan, D. G., Med. Sch., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Metabolic

histochemistry of the retina. NB-03016–3 Firschein, H. E., New York U., Med. Cr., N.Y.C. Parathyroid hor

mone and cataract formation. NB-03040-3 Maumenee, A. E., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Studies in ocular

hypersensitivity. NB-03050-3 Levene, R. Z., New York Univ. Med. Sch., N.Y.C. Evaluation of

diagnostic techniques for glaucoma. NB-03060-3 Barany, E., Sch. Med., Uppsala U., Uppsala, Sweden. Physiology

and pharmacology of ocular pressure. NB-03062–3 Hart, W. M., Eye Res. Fdn., Bethesda, Md. Cataract as a function

of growth and maturation. NB-03067-3 Pitel, M., Sch. Med., Dent., Univ. Rochester, N.Y. Normal and

cataractous fetal lens of the rat.


NB-03076–3 Waterman, T. H., Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn. Comparative

physiology of compound eyes. NB-03081-3 Lerman, S., Sch. Med., Dent., U. Rochester, N.Y. The metabolism

of the normal and cataractous lens. NB-03093–3 Beale, J. P., Jr., Children's Hosp., San Francisco. Evaluation of

pleoptics. NB-03129–3 Nolan, C. Y., American Printing House, Blind, Louisville. Cues

in the tactual perception of patterns. NB-03142–2 Dellaporta, A., Sch. Med., Stanford U., Stanford, Cal. Idiopathic

retinal detachment in collie dogs. NB-03154—2 Westheimer, G., Sch. Optometry, U. California, Berkeley. Funda

mental problems retinal functions. NB-03177-2 Chatzinoff, A. B., Downstate Med. Cr., State U. New York, Brook

lyn. Eleven-cis vitamine A. in the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa. NB-03215-3 Fisher, E., Jr., Sch. Med., Tulane Univ., New Orleans, La. Action

of proteolytic enzymes on corneal tissue. NB-03216–3 Newell, F. W., Sch. Med., Univ. Chicago, Ill. Distribution of

tritiated acetazolamide. NB-03217–3 Klein, B. A., Sch. Med., U. Chicago, Ill. Retinal disease_Clinical

and histochemical correlation. NB-03219–3 Binder, R. F., Sch. Med., Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, Ohio.

The clotting system of the eye. NB-03240–3 Richards, R. D., Sch. Med., U. Maryland, College Park. Floures

cence in lens epithelium after x-irradiation. NB-03284–3 O'Rourke, J., Georgetown Univ. Med. Cr., Washington, D.C. Can

nulation-Perfusion study of the ocular arteries. NB-03291-3 Zweng, H. C., Palo Alto Med. Res. Fdn., Cal. Plasmin therapy

of retinal vessel thrombosis. NB-03292–3 Jesberg, D.O., Sch. Med., U. California, Berkeley. Etiologic studies in developmental eye

defects. NB-03370–2–Balazs, E. A., Retina Fdn., Boston, Mass. studies on the con

nective tissues of the eye. NB-03412–2 Cornsweet, T. N., U. California, Berkeley. Spatial interaction in

the stabilized retinal image. NB-03413–2 Purnell, E. W., Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, Ohio. Study

of eye physiology and disease by ultrasound. NB-03417–2 Drance, S. M., Sch. Med., U. Saskatchewan, Canada. Comparison

of carbonic anhydrase from different sources. NB-03443—2 Wittgenstein, E., Children's Hosp. Res. Fdn., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Biochemical studies on normal and cataractous lenses. NB-03444–1 Stone, L. S., Sch. Med., Yale U., New Haven, Conn. Vision in

transplanted eyes and regeneration of lens, iris and retina. NB-03445–2 Moses, R. A., Sch. Med., Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo. Ex

perimental granulomatous uveitis. NB-03446–2 Barber, G. W., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa. Studies on

lens metabolism. NB-03448–2 Pappas, G. D., Sch. Med., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. E.M. study of

eye and vascular fluid dynamics. NB-03452–2 Kelly, S. J., U. Alabama Med. Cr., Birmingham. A miniature

pressure telemeter. NB-03457-2 Riegelman, S., Sch. Phar., U. California, Berkeley. Corneal per

meability to corticosteroids and other drugs. NB-03538–2 Kaufman, H. E., Col. Med., U. Florida, Gainesville. Ocular

herpes simplex. NB-03576–2 Christensen, R. E., Sch. Med., Univ. California, Los Angeles.

Early glaucoma-Functional and structural correlation. NB-03582–1 MacNichol, E. F., Jr., Sch. Arts, Sci., Johns Hopkins Univ., Balti

more, Ma. NB-03583–2 Shaffer R. N., Sch. Med., U. California, San Francisco. Glaucoma

conference. NB-03590—2 Chapman, R. M., U. Maryland, College Park. Visual mechanisms

for wavelength discrimination. NB-03623–2 Bettman, J. W., Presbyterian Med. Cr., San Francisco, Calif. Ex

perimental cataracts. NB-03667–2 Rodriguez-Peralta, L., Sch. Med., Temple U., Phila., Pa. Histo

logic locus of the blood ocular barrier.

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