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Mr. Campbell of Jo Daviess, moved to proceed to the election of a printer.

Mr. Williams moved to lay the motion on the table, the question having been taken, was decided in the affirmative.

On motion of Mr. Edwards of Madison,

Resolved, That the secretary be directed to call upon the clergy of the different denominations in the city, and to solicit an arrangement among themselves, for opening every morning by prayer the meetings of the convention.

Mr. Butler offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the convention will be governed by the rules of the last session of the legislature until others are adopted.

On motion of Mr. Thomas,

The resolution was laid on the table.

On motion of Mr. Edwards of Madison,

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to prepare and report rules and regulations for the government of the convention.

Ordered, That Messrs. Edwards of Sangamon, Sherman, Zadok Casey, Woodson, and Dement be said committee.

On motion of Mr. Ballingall,

Resolved, That the secretary prepare ballots properly numbered for scats for the members of this convention, and that the members proceed thereafter to draw the ballots for their respective seats.

On motion of Mr. Palmer of Macoupin,

Resolved, That the editors and reporters of the newspapers published in this state be allowed seats within the bar of this hall."

On motion of Mr. Whitney,

The convention adjourned until to-morrow morning, at 10 o'clock.

TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1847.

The convention met pursuant to adjournment.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Barger.

On motion of Mr. Brockman,

Resolved, That for the comfort and convenience of the members of this convention, the sergeant-at-arms be instructed to have removed the railings. from the hall, and to place the seats of members farther back towards the corners of the hall.

Mr. Wead offered for adoption the following:

Ordered, That so much of the resolution adopted on yesterday, on the motion of the member from Clinton, as provides for limiting the number and pay of officers of this convention, be rescinded.

On motion,

The convention adjourned to three o'clock, P. M.

The convention met.


Peter Green, member of the convention elect from the county of Clay, and Henry R. Green, member from the county of Tazewell, appeared, presented their certificates of election, and were qualified as prescribed, by J. W. Keys, esq.

The question pending at the adjournment being upon the adoption of the rescinding order offered by Mr. Wead,

Mr. Harvey moved that that order be amended by striking it out after the word "ordered," and adding:

"That the members of this convention, and all officers of the same, re. ceiving a per diem compensation, shall receive the sum of two dollars and fifty cents only per day, for their services in this convention."

Mr. Palmer of Marshall moved that the amendment be amended by striking out the words "and fifty cents."

On motion of Mr. Scates,

Ordered, That the order and proposed amendments be laid on the table.

Mr. Edwards of Madison, from the committee, appointed on yesterday, to prepare and report rules for the government of the convention, made report of the following:

RULE 1. On the appearance of a quorum the president shall take the chair, and the convention be called to order.

RULE 2. Reading of the minutes and corrections.

RULE 3. The president shall preserve order and decorum, and decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the convention. He shall have the right to name any member to perform the duties of the chair; but such substitution shall not extend beyond the hour of adjournment.

RULE 4. All motions and addresses to be made to the president.

RULE 5. No motion to be debated or put, unless seconded; and all to be reduced to writing, if required by the president, or any member of the convention.


Yeas and nays to be called for by ten members.
President to name who has the floor.

RULE 8. No interruption, and on a call to order, a member must sit down.

RULE 9. No conversation whilst a member is speaking, and no passing between a member who is speaking and the chair.

RULE 10. No reference to members names in debate.

RULE 11. Motion can be withdrawn by mover before question is put, and amendment made, and another member may put the same.

RULE 12. All committees to be appointed by the president, unless otherwise ordered.

RULE 13. None to be admitted inside the bar, except members or officers, without permission of the president, or upon a vote of the convention in favor of their admission.

RULE 14. The previous question shall always be in order in convention if seconded by a majority, and until it is decided all amendments and debate shall be precluded. The question shall be put in this form "shall the main question be now put?" If it shall be decided that the question should not now be put, the main question shall still remain under consideration. If seconded, the questions will then be taken in their order without further debate.

RULE 15. In forming committees of the whole, the president, before leaving the chair, shall appoint a chairman.

RULE 16. No member shall speak more than twice to the same question without leave, nor more than once, until every other member rising to speak shall have spoken.

RULE 17. A motion for reconsideration shall be in order at any time, and may be moved by any member of the convention. But the question shall not be taken on the same day unless by unanimous consent. If the motion to reconsider is not made on the same day, three days' notice shall be required to be given of the intention to make it.

RULE 18. The preceding rules shall be observed in committee of the whole, so far as they are applicable, except so much of the 17th rule as restricts the speaking to more than twice. A call for the yeas and nays, and a motion to adjourn shall not be applicable, but a journal of the proceedings in committee shall be kept.

RULE 19. The president may admit such, and as many, reporters within the bar as he may deem proper.

RULE 20. The order of business shall be as follows:

1st. After the reading of the journal, petitions.

2d. Communications from the governor, the state officers, and from all other persons to whom enquiries may be addressed by order of the convention.

3d. Reports of committees.

4th. Motions, resolutions, and notices.

5th. Unfinished business.

6th. Special orders.

7th. General orders.

RULE 21, Upon a division and count of the convention on any question, no member without the bar shall be counted.

RULE 22. Every member who shall be in the convention when the question is put shall give his vote, unless the convention, for special reasons, shall excuse him.

RULE 23.

The following shall be the standing committees of the convention, to wit:

1st. Committee on the Executive Department.

2d. Committee on the Judiciary Department. 3d. Committee on the Legislative Department. 4th. Committee on the Bill of Rights.

5th. Committee on Incorporations.

6th. Committee on Revenue.

7th. Committee on Elections and the Right of Suffrage.

8th. Committee on Finance.

9th. Committee on Education.

10th. Committee on the Organization of Departments and officers connected with the Executive Department.

11th. Committee on the Division of the State into Counties, and their Organization.

The president put the question upon concurring with the committee in their report, and the adoption of the rules; which was decided in the affirmative.

On motion of Mr.

Hon. John McLean, justice of the supreme court of the United States, was invited to a seat within the bar of the hall.

Mr. Dawson moved that the secretary procure the printing of 300 copies of the rules just adopted, for the use of the convention; which motion, was,

On motion of Mr. Scates,

Laid on the table.

On motion,

The convention adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow morning.


Convention assembled pursuant to adjournment.

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Bergen.

Mr. Geddes presented the certificate of election of one of his col leagues, Mr. Charles Choate, member from Hancock; and Mr. Whitney the certificate of Stephen A. Hurlbut, member from McHenry and Boone.

Messrs. Choate and Hurlbut then appeared, and the oath of office was administered to them by Wm. Lavely, esq.

Mr. Dement offered for adoption the following:

Resolved, That the governor, secretary of state, treasurer, and auditor of state, the judges of the supreme court of Illinois, and of the United

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States circuit and district courts, be invited to take seats within the bar of the hall, during the session of this convention.

Mr. Campbell of Jo Daviess moved that the resolution be so amended as to include all the ex state officers.

Mr. Knowlton moved that the amendment proposed be amended so as to include, also, the soldiers who have returned from the war with Mexico, and ex-members of congress from this state.

Mr. Whitney moved that the resolution and amendments be laid on the table.

Mr. Thomas called for a division of the question; and the same being taken, first on laying the amendments on the table, it was decided in the affirmative.

The question then being taken upon laying the resolution on the table, it was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Singleton offered for adoption the following:

Resolved, That this convention is limited in its purposes and powers; its object being to propose, for the acceptance of the people, such changes in their present constitution as to the convention may appear necessary, limited in these changes by the true principles of a republican government, and in the conduct of its body by the constitution of this state, as far as it is applicable. That this convention has no power to repeal or modify any act of the general assembly of this state, otherwise than by constitutional provision, subject to the ratification of the people, or do any other act not necessary to the discharge of the trust confided to it.

Mr. Archer moved that the resolution be amended by striking out all after the word "resolved," and adding the following in lieu of the part proposed to be stricken out:

"That this convention has assembled for the purpose of revising, altering, or amending the constitution of this state, and that the powers and duties of said convention are limited after its proper organization to such objects only.

"Resolved, That with a view of entering upon the discharge of the duties assigned to said convention, we now proceed to the election of an assistant secretary, an assistant sergeant-at-arms, and a printer; any resolution heretofore passed to the contrary notwithstanding."

Mr. McCallen moved that the amendment to the resolution be amended by striking out of it the words "and a printer," and adding at the end of the amendment the following:

"Resolved, That the secretary be instructed to receive sealed proposals at his desk, until ten o'clock A. M. to-morrow, for the printing to this convention, and that the president proceed at that hour to open said proposals, and award the printing to the lowest responsible bidder."

On motion of Mr. Scates,

The resolution, amendment, and amendment to the amendment, were laid on the table.

Mr. Davis of Montgomery offered for adoption the following: Resolved, That there be a committee on internal improvement appointed by the resident, and that the following additional rules be adopted: "RULE Any member may make out and have placed upon the

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