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present time the Public Health Service had neither the funds nor the staff for such a study, but that he was hopeful that such an undertaking could be arranged during the next fiscal year (i.e., fiscal year 1965).

In keeping with the nature of the source book series, the source book would be expected to provide information on the numbers of optometrists; their location; personal characteristics such as age, sex, and years of work experience; type of employment; earnings; educational status of present personnel; enrollment and capacity of schools; and current and future supply of optometrists in relation to other health workers.

You will be interested in knowing that information on optometrists has been included in several of the sections of the source books. Information on optometrists available from the 1950 Census of Population was included in sections 4 and 5 of the source books; from the 1960 Census of Population, in section 17 (enclosed). The 1960 data are presented in two tables (on pp. 42 and 43 of sec. 17) which cover such items as numbers in the experienced civilian labor force and employed, sex, urban and rural residence, and ratio to population by State.

Dr. Peterson advises me that he is forwarding the other materials the subcommittee requested for the record under separate cover. Should there be a further question please let me know. Sincerely yours,

Dr. LUTHER L. TERRY, Surgeon General.



Washington, D.C., July 7, 1964. Memorandum to: Mr. James Menger, staff officer, Committee on Interstate and

Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives.
From: Paul Q. Peterson, M.D., Assistant Surgeon General, Associate Chief for

Subject: PHS research studies and projects related to vision.

As requested in the hearings before the Subcommittee on Public Health and Safety of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce on June 22, 1964, enclosed are copies of the listings of research studies and demonstration projects being supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Bureau of State Services of the Public Health Service on problems of vision and eye diseases as they relate to the visual sciences.

Also, as requested, I am providing the name of Dr. Ralph D. Gunkel, a graduate of a school of optometry, who is presently employed within the Public Health Service at the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness in the Opthalmology Branch. Enclosures (4):

1. Research grants listed in visual sciences study section (from 1963 Research Grants Index).

2. Supplementary list of grants related to vision, active in 1963, but not included in (1) above.

3. BSS projects in vision and loss of vision.'
4. Neurological and sensory disease program vision studies.

[Enclosure 1]

VISUAL SCIENCES AI-01931–3 Eisele, C. W., Sch. Med., U. Colorado, Denver. Toxoplasmosis in

reaction to disease of the eye. AI-02763–5 Burns, R. P., Med. Sch., U. Oregon, Portland. Study of recurrent

and potential ocular. AM–06966–2 Farkas, T. G., Sch. Med., Univ. Chicago, Illinois. Mechanism of

development of diabetic cataracts. AM–02954–5 Patterson, J. W., Sch.' Med., Vanderbilt U., Nashville, Tennessee.

Experimental cataracts. CA-06383–2 Rose, L., Presbyterian Med. Cr., San Francisco. Hematoporphyrin

in intraocular malignancy detection. CA-06481–3 Burns, R. P., Med. Sch., U. Oregon, Portland. Intraocular malig

nant melonoma of the hamster.

CA-06864-1 Baum, G., Bronx Veteran's Hosp., N.Y. Differential diagnosis by

ultrasonorgraphy. GM-09495–2 Carpenter, R. L., Tufts U., Medford, Mass. Biological effects of

microwave radiation. HE-07250–2 Aronstam, R. H., USPHS Hosp., Staten Island, N.Y. Retinal

vascular changes in essential hypertension. MH-05756—2 Wolin, L. R., Psy. Res. Fdn., Cleveland, Ohio. Visual impairment

in neuropsychiatric disorders. MH-08237-1 Beck, L. H., Ypsilanti State Hosp., Ypsilanti, Mich. Visual func

tions in the schizophrenic. NB-00043–15 Maumenee, A. E., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. A

study of the etiology and treatment of uveitis. NB-00044–12 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., U. California, Berkeley. Investigations

on ocular toxoplasmosis. NB-00121–12 Ballintine, E. J., Sch. Med., Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland,

Ohio. Ciliary body metabolism. NB-00188–10 Thomas, C. I., Sch. Med., Western Reserve U., Cleveland. Radio

active isotopes in diseases of the eye. NB-00213-11 Roberts, R. W., Sch. Med., Wake Forest C., Winston-Salem.

Glaucoma study. NB-00218-11 Grant, W. M., Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston,

Mass. Pressure regulating mechanisms in glaucoma. NB-00237–11. Janes, R. G., C. Med. State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Ocular changes

in diabetes. NB-00253–1 Lowenfeld, I. E., Col. Phys. Surg., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C.

Pupillography, physiological and clinical research. NB-00294–10 Bender, M. B., Mount Sinai Hosp., N.Y.C. The oculomotor system

and body postural mechanisms. NB-00349–10 Burian, H. M., State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Electrical responses of

human visual system. NB-00471–9 Straatsma, B. R., U. California Med. Cr., Los Angeles. Types of

cautery for surgery of detached retina. NB-00568–10 Hubbard, R., Grad. Sch., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Chemis

try of vision. NB-00621–9 Becker, B., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Rate of flow

of aqueous tumor in the rabbit eye. NB-00624–10 Boynton, R. M., Col. Arts, Sc., U. Rochester, N.Y. Psychophysical

and optical studies of normal and abnormal visual function. NB-00640–9 Zacharias, L., Mass. Eye, Ear Inf., Boston. Study of mild and

severe retrolental fibroplas. NB-00786–9 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., U. California, San Francisco. Studies

on ocular toxoplasmosis. NB-00810–8 Sloan, L. L., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Optical aids

for subnormal vision and other studies in physiological optics. NB-00864–8 Hartline, H. K., Rockefeller Inst., N.Y.C. Ele rical activity of

single receptors and neurons of the eye. NB-00911-8 Breinin, C. M., New York U. Med. Cr., N.Y.C. Electromyography

of the extraocular muscles. NB-01010–8 Halbert, S. P., Col. Phys., Surg., Columbia Unv., N.Y.C. Immuno

logical observations on ocular lens in evolution and cataract. NB-01027–5 Stone, W., Jr., Mass. Eye, Ear Inf., Boston. Alloplastic substitution

for opacification of cornea. NB-01099–7 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., Univ. California, San Francisco, Calif.

Investigations on endogenous uveitis. NB-01100–7 Kinsey, V. E., Kresge Eye Inst., Detroit, Mich. Intraocular fluid

dynamics. NB-01130–7 Chi, H. H., Eye Bank Sight Restoration, N.Y.C. Studies of the

corneal endothelium. NB-01142–7 Merriam, G. R., Jr., Med Sch., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Lens pro

teins in radiation cataracts. NB-01161–7 Georgiade, N. G., Sch. Med., Duke U., Durham, N.C. The prolonged preservation of corneal grafts in a viable state.

а NB-01201-7 Gardner, E., Sch. Med., Wayne State U., Detroit, Mich. Visual

systems-Pure rod and cone retinae. NB-01229–7 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., Univ. California, San Francisco. Electron

microscopy of the limbus.

NB-01233–7 Ditchburn, R. W., Sch. Physics, Univ. Reading, Reading, England.

Eye movements in visual perception. NB-01325–7 Breinin, G. M., New York U. Med. Cr., N.Y.C. Optical and elec

trophysiologic studies in accommodation and convergene. NB-01326-4 Solones, M. P., Gen. Hosp., Calles de Balmis and Pasteur, Mexico,

D.F., Mexico. Intraocular pressure in Indians, Mestizos, and Whites.
NB-01348–7 Zeller, E. A., Sch. Med., Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill. Pro-

tein metabolism of refractory media of the eye. NB-01349–7 Miller, J. E., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Electromyo

graphic study of oculomotor function. NB-01354–5 Stone, W., Jr., Mass. Eye, Ear Infirmary, Boston, Mass. Anterior

chamber drainage tubes. NB-01375–6 Constant, M. A., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Lens in health and

disease. NB-01392–6 Allen, E. L., State Univ., Iowa, Iowa City. Reconstruction models

on chamber angle structures. NB-01404–5 Simonson, E., Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Excitability of

visual pathways. NB-01408–6 Lipez, L. E., Grad. Sch., Ohio State U., Res. Fdn., Columbus. Ex

citation and inhibition in vertebrate retina. NB-01413–6 Malis, L. I., Mount Sinai Hosp., N.Y.C. Interaction in the visual

pathways. NB-01438-6 Young, F. A., Grad. Sch., Wash. State Univ., Pullman. Effect of

restricted visual space on ocular functions. NB-01453–6 Riggs, L. A., Grad. Sch., Brown U., Providence, R.I. Human ERG

in response to monochromatic light. NB-01482-6 Wolf, E., Retina Fdn., Boston, Mass. Visual sensitivity in the

normal and abnormal retina. NB-01509–5 Crescitelli, F., Grad. Sch., U. California, Los Angeles. Electro

physiological analysis of the visual system. NB-01516–6 Sery, T. W., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia. Response of corneal

stroma to injections of proteins. NB-01521-6 de Roetth, A., Jr., Sch. Med., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Experime tal

diabetic retinopathy. NB-01534–5 Hitz, J.B., Sch. Med., Marquette U., Milwaukee, Wis. Histologic

studies of the regenerative processes of the eye. NB-01578–5 Alpern, M., Med. Sch., U. Michigan, Ann Arbor. Psychophysio

logical studies of ocular abnormalities. NB-01586–6 Smith, 0. W., Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. Development of distance

perception in children. NB-01587–5 Wise, G. N., Sch. Med., New York Univ., N.Y.C. Neovascularization

of retinal vascular diseases. NB-01637–6 Ogle, K. N., Mayo Assn., Rochester, Minn. Depth of focus of the

human eye. NB-01689–6 Armaly, M. F., Sch. Med., State U. Iowa, Iowa City. Neurogenic

regulation of intraocular pressure. NB-01741–5 Howe, A. F., Retina Fdn., Boston. Structure and function of the

blood-vitreous barrier. NB-01782–5 Hogan, M. J., Sch. Med., Univ. California, Berkeley. Electron mi

croscopy of eye structures. NB-01789–5 Cibis, P. A., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. Ocular si

derosis and hemosiderosis. NB-01810-5 Pirenne, M. H., U. Oxford, England. Vision and light quanta. NB-01820–5 Schwartz, B., State Univ. N.Y., Brooklyn. Metabolism of lens cul

tured in a perfusion system. NB-01851–5 Donaldson, D. D., Sch. Med., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Instru

mentation in ophthalmology. NB-01852–5 Ogle, K. N., Mayo Assn., Rochester, Minn. Critical factors in stero

scopic depth perception. NB-01853–5 Leopold, I. H., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa. Metabolic

studies on anterior uvea. NB-01903–5 Brown, K. T., Sch. Med., U. California, Berkeley. Intraretinal re

cording in unopened mammalian eyes. NB-01922–5 Allen, M. J., Indiana U., Bloomington. The influence of age on the

control of accommodation. NB-01923–5 Kropf, A., Amherst Col., Mass. Photochemistry of the visual pigNB-01942–5 Donaldson, D. D., Sch. Med. Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Sub


jective color phenomena. NB-01971-5 Blackwell, H. R., Sch. Med., Ohio State U., Columbus. Neural time

space mechanisms and reading disabilities. NB-01979_5 Harris, J. E., U. Minnesota, Minneapolis. Movement of water and

solutes across ocular barriers. NB-02002-3 Von Noorden, G. K., Col. Med., State U. Iowa, Iowa City Trans

mission time and perceptual blanking in strabismic amblyopia. NB-02003–5 Rucker, C. W., Mayo Assn., Rochester, Minn., Pupillography in

diseases of central nervous system. NB-20258–5 Leopold, I. H., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia, Pa. Corticosteoids

in aqueous humor of humans and rabbits. NB-02062–5 King, J. H., Jr., Washington Hosp. Cr., Washington, D.C. The

preservation of eye tissues for transplantation. NB-021134 Jacobson, J.H., N.Y. Eye and Ear Infirmary, N.Y.C. Electro

physiology of accommodation. NB-02156-4 Flocks, M., Sch. Med., Stanford U., Cal. Use of light coagulation

in human and animal eyes. NB-0216544 Jones, R. W., Northwestern U., Evanston, Ill. Dynamics of the

visual system. NB-021684 Enoch, J. M., Sch. Med., Washington U., St. Louis, Mo. The eti

ology of reduced visual function. NB-02198-4 Patz, A., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Md. Metabolic

studies on the retina and retinal vessels. NB-022014 Blackwell, H. R., Sch. Med., Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio.

Visual mechanisms in normal and abnormal retinae. NB-02205-4 Brown, J. L., Sch. Med., U. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Physi

ological and psychophysical aspects of vision. NB-0220744 Kupfer, C., Mass. Eye, Ear Infirmary, Boston, Mass. The control

of intraocular pressure. NB-02208-4 Enroth-Cugell, C., Sch. Med., Northwestern U., Evanston, Ill.

Retinal ganglion cell responses to time varying stimuli. NB-02212-4 Holland, M. G., Tulane U., New Orleans, La. Physiology and

pharmacology of aqueous humor flow. NB-022204 Dohlman, C. H., Retina Fdn., Boston. Corneal dehydration, wound

healing and grafting. NB-022744 De Valois, R. L., Grad. Sch., Indiana U., Bloomington. Electro

physiology of color vision. NB-02334-4 Spector, B., Tufts U. Sch. Med., Boston, Mass. Immunologically

induced bilateral eye reactions. NB-02343-4 Donn, A., Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Physiologic studies of the living

cornea in vitro. NB-02403–5 Cohen, J., Sch. Med., Northwestern U., Chicago, Ill. Interdiscipli

nary study of blindness in children. NB-02410–5 Maumenee, A. E., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Involvements af

fecting the visual pathways. NB-02412–5 Becker B., Sch. Med., Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo. Collabora

tive glaucoma study. NB-02415–5 Shaffer, R. N., Univ. California Med. Cr., San Francisco, Calif.

Collaborative glaucoma detection study. NB_02419_5 Maumenee, A. E., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md.

Collaborative glaucoma study. NB-02423-4-Armaly, M. F., Sch. Med., State Univ. Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

Collaborative glaucoma study. NB–02430-4-Hargens, C. W., Franklin Inst., Philadelphia. Glaucoma detection

method suited for mass screening. NB-02485–4 Blough, D. S., Brown U., Providence, R.I. Psychophysical studies

of vision in monkeys. NB-02521-4 Potts, A. M., U. Chicago, Ill. Nutrition, metabolism of eye avascu

lar structures. NB-02522-4 Potts, A. M., Sch. Med., U. Chicago, Ill. Experimental and clinical

electroretinography. NB-02530–3 Brecher, G. A., Emery U., Atlanta, Ga. Normal and abnormal

corneo-retinal potential. NB-02539_2 Bender, M. B., Mount Sinai Hosp., New York, N.Y. A symposium

on the oculomotor system.

NB_02542-4 Kimura, S. J., Sch. Med., U. California, San Francisco. Fluores

cein-labeled antibody studies in uveitis. NB-02555-3 Krishna, N., Wills Eye Hosp., Philadelphia. Monoamine oxidase

and inhibitors in ocular tissues. NB-02556-4 Kupfer, C., Mass. Eye, Ear Inf., Boston. Development of anterior

chamber angle in the human eyes. NB-02561-4 McEwen, W. K., Sch. Med., Univ. California, San Francisco, Calif.

Glaucoma studies. NB-02588-4 Munz, F. W., U. Oregon, Eugene. The succession of visual pig

ments in salmon and trout. NB-02589 4 Goodman, G., Sch. Med., New York Univ., N.Y.C. Electroretinog

raphy and psychophysical studies in retinal disorders. NB-02591-4 Langham, M. E., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Md.

Intraocular dynamics and glaucoma. NB-026234 Teng, C. C., Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, Inc., N.Y.C. Electron

microscope study of corneal dystrophy. NB-02633-4 Jampolsky, A., San Francisco Inst. Med. Sci., San Francisco, Calif.

Electrophysiology of the visual apparatus. NB-02634-4 Bettman, J. W., San Francisco Inst. Med. Sch., Calif. Agents af

fecting the intraocular circulation. NB-026604 Benolken, R. M., Grad. Sch., U. Minnesota, Minneapolis. Visual

mechanisms. NB-02661-4 Harcum, E. R., Col. Arts, Sci., C. William and Mary, Williamsburg,

Va. Normal perception in reading and learning problems. NB-02664-4 Nunnemacher, R. F., Grad. Sch., Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass.

Optics and neural pathways of compound eyes. NB-02667-4 Campbell, C. J., Col. Phy., Surg, Columbia Univ., N.Y.C. Spectral

response characteristics of the retina. NB-026784 Binder, H. F., Sch. Med., Western Reserve U., Cleveland, Ohio.

Regeneration of ocular tissues. NB-02681-4 Symmes, D., Sch. Med., Yale U., New Haven, Conn. Neural basis

of visual and auditory fusion in monkey. NB-02698–3 Cogan, D. G., Sch. Med., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Electron

microscopy of retinal dehydrogenases. NB-02709–3 Straatsma, B. R., Sch. Med., U. California, Los Angeles. Environ

ment and drugs in the human refractive state. NB-027104 Noell, W.K., Sch. Med., State Univ. N.Y., Buffalo, N.Y. Metabolic

and functional development of the retina. NB-02801-3 Jacobson, J. H., N.Y. Eye, Ear Infirmary, N.Y.C., Clinical electro

retinography. NB-02861–3 Trontman, R. C., State Univ., Downstate Med. Ctr., N.Y., Albany.

The use of acrylics in animal and human eyes. NB-02863–3 Walsh, F. B., Sch. Med., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Neuro

pathology, clinical ophthalmological diagnosis. NB-02866-3 Allen, R. A., Sch. Med., U. California, Los Angeles. The eye

Growth, aging—Changes in systemic disease. NB-02873–3 Wolter, J. R., U. Michigan, Med. Cr., Ann Arbor, Neuropathology

of the human eye. NB-02885–3 Reddy, D. V. N., Kresge Eye Inst., Detroit. Intraocular transport

of carbohydrates. NB-030143 Rushton, W. A. H., Sch. Med., U. Cambridge, England. The nature

of the visual process in the retina. NB-03015–3 Cogan, D. G., Med. Sch., Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. Metabolic

histochemistry of the retina. NB-03016–3 Firschein, H. E., New York U., Med. Cr., N.Y.C. Parathyroid hor

mone and cataract formation, NB-03040–3 Maumenee, A. E., Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore. Studies in ocular

hypersensitivity. NB-03050_3 Levene, R. Z., New York Univ. Med. Sch., N.Y.C. Evaluation of

diagnostic techniques for glaucoma. NB-03060-3 Barany, E., Sch. Med., Uppsala U., Uppsala, Sweden. Physiology

and pharmacology of ocular pressure. NB-03062–3 Hart, W. M., Eye Res. Fdn., Bethesda, Md. Cataract as a function

of growth and maturation. NB-03067–3 Pitel, M., Sch. Med., Dent., Univ. Rochester, N.Y. Normal and

cataractous fetal lens of the rat.

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