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university. Recipients will be eligible for renewal of their sch-
olarships for the same amount each year of their enrollment in the
School of Optometry, if they maintain a B average or better.
These scholarships are provided by a grant to The Ohio State

University by Dr. Emil H. Arnold, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Loan Funds
University Loan Funds

Student loans are handled by the University Scholarship and
Financial Aid Office. Students who are on scholarship grants
may also receive loans. The university will loan as much as
$1,000 at a low interest rate to be repaid in small installments

following graduation. PACIFIC UNIVERSITY

(Contact Director of Admissions, Pacific University, Forest

Grove, Oregon.)

General University scholarships are available for various a-
mounts up to full tuition. They are based upon:
1. Academic achievement and promise as indicated by high

school or college records.
2. Relative financial need.
3. Qualities of character and promise of contribution to the

college and to the community. Pacific University matches scholarship funds made available by State Optometric Associations and other groups for students entering or enrolled in the Pacific University College of Optometry under the following conditions: 1. The student must have maintained a GPA greater than 2.5

for all pre-optometry courses. 2. Need must be established on the basis of evaluation of the

College Scholarship Service form by the Financial Aids Com

mittee of the University. 3. The scholarship must be renewable by the sponsoring group

providing that the student maintains a GPA of better than 2.5

during each year in the professional program. 4. The total amount available to the student from both the spon

soring organization and the University shall not exceed the

amount of tuition for each year (this is currently $900.00). Oregon Congregational Conference, Pacific University Scholarship Program

A number of awards are available to members of Pilgrim Fellowship Groups in Oregon, coming through the Congregational Con

ference at Pacific University Matching Scholarship Program. The Wehrhan Scholarship

The combined churches of the Tacoma area in Pacific University

Matching Funds offer several scholarships annually.
The Elbridge and Mary Stuart Scholarship

Three $325 per year Scholarships to worthy students of Christian

character from the State of Oregon and/or Washington. The W. E. McKnight Memorial Scholarship

A $3,000 fund available for the purpose of providing scholarship

aid to worthy students.
The William Morgan Kent Memorial Fund

Available fund of $3,400 to worthy students majoring in Social
Science, who have successfully pursued studies in college in

such field, for at least one year, preferably two years. The William Robertson Warren Memorial Award

A $10,000 fund available to needy men students enrolled in the

Pacific University Guild Scholarships

Supported by the income from a fund of $5,000 to aid worthy stu

dents de siring to attend the University. Forest Grove Woman's Club Scholarship

Offered annually to a woman graduate of the Forest Grove Union

High School.
Phi-Beta-go Scholarships

A scholarship of about $150 offered annually to one or more high

school senior boys upon entering the University. A. H. Harding Memorial Fund

The income from this fund provides scholarships for outstanding

students. P. E. O. Sisterhood Scholarship Fund

A $125 scholarship grant to apply on tuition for high school senior

girls with high scholarship. Eastern Star Scholarship Fund

$ 100 scholarships annually to women students who are members or daughters of members of the Order of the Eastern Star in Oregon. Scholarships are to be presented at the end of the junior year to worthy students in need of financial assistance for the senior year. Women students majoring in religious education will receive preference; however, the scholarships are not limited

solely to this field. Price Memorial Scholarship

This fund provides a scholarship each year for some deserving

upper class student. Loan Funds Government Funds

Recently allocated funds totaling about $17,000. The Pacific University Guild Loan Fund

This fund now totals over $7,000. Available to junior and sen

ior students. Blance M. Fuller Memorial Loan Fund

This fund now totals $485, and is available for loan to students at any college level actively interested in the Christian program on the campus.

Maude Brown Pendleton Loan Fund

Total of approximately $2,700. Loans are available to all stu

Daughters of the American Revolution Loan Fund

This fund amounting to $900 is available to junior and senior

students only.
R. A. Booth Loan Fund

This fund amounts to $790 and is available to all students.
Ralph Moser Loan Fund

This fund is available to students who need immediate financial

assistance for a short period of time.
Mayflower Loan Fund

This fund amounts to $650, It is available to all students.
Annie Roberts Foundation

Provides loans not to exceed $200 per year per student.
Eastern Star Loan Fund

This fund makes loans of not more than $300 to senior women
students who are members or daughters of members of the order
of the Eastern Star in Oregon. Notes draw 4% interest and are

due not later than one (1) year following graduation. PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY

(Contact Pennsylvania State College of Optometry, 6100 North

Twelfth Street, Philadelphia 41, Pennsylvania.) Scholarships

Three 4 year scholarships available to applicants who complete their pre-professional college work in a regionally accredited college or university, $850 each per school year. Any student: who has completed or will complete entrance requirements of the college prior to the beginning of the next academic year, is eligible to compete. Application must be submitted before May 1st of the entering year. The applicant must have a good scholarship record in high school and college, and be recommended by the dean or pre-professional advisor where he took his pre-profes

sional work.
Student Loans
National Defense Education Act

The College is a participant in the National Defense Education
Act, Student Loan Program. Limited funds are available for loans
to students under this program.
There is a student loan fund administered by the Student Council,
which provides small short term loans, interest free.

A Divided Payment Bank Loan Program.

(Contact Dr. Ina B. Cramer, Secretary-Treasurer, Southern Col

lege of Optometry, 1246 Union Avenue, Memphis 4, Tennessee.) Scholarships

The college will match four scholarships in the amount of $250 per year when the initial award is made by a state auxiliary for a period of one year. Any such scholarship awarded by Southern

College is for one year, and it may be made to a student of any
The college al so awards for one year the following scholarships:
(a) Two one-year scholarships in amount of $350 to students in
the Junior class, and (b) Two one-year scholarships in amount

of $450 to students enrolled in the Senior class. Student Savings Plan

The Student Savings Plan enables the prospective student to save systematically for his professional education in optometry. He may open an account for as little as $25. Deposits of $10 or more may be made quarterly, monthly, or as frequently as desired. Interest at the rate of three per cent per year is paid for the time the money is on deposit, beginning the first day of the month following that in which the deposit is made. When the student enrolls, the money he has deposited plus interest earned is used to help defray college expenses. Total deposits, without interest, may be withdrawn at any time if it proves impossible for the

depositor to attend the college.
Loan Funds

The college participates with a local bank in operating a student
loan fund. The fund lends up to $500 per student in any one year.
The basis for awarding scholarships and approving loans is:
Financial need, good academic achievement, and good promise

for future practice of optometry. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA

(Contact Dean, School of Optometry, University of California,

Berkeley 4, Califomia.) Scholarships and Fellowships General University Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships which are granted by a Committee on undergraduate scholarships and by a committee on graduate scholarships. These are awarded on the basis of scholarship and need to any registered student at the University

of California. Berkeley Tonometer Co.

One $500 scholarship awarded to a fourth year student in the

school of optometry.
California Optometric Alumni Association

Several scholarships available. $500 to graduating high school
seniors. $450 to college pre-optometry students. $400 to students
entering School of Optometry. $200-$400 to second and third year
optometry students. High school awardees receive $50 at high
school graduation, $50 at end of first year of satisfactory pre-
optometry work at accredited college, and $400 during first year
at UC School of Optometry. Pre-optometry students receive $50
at end of first year of satisfactory work at accredited college,
$400 during first year of optometry school. Entering students and
second and third year students in School of Optometry receive
four equal installments in October, November, March and April
of academic year. Scholarship Committee accepts applications


between February 1 and May 1, By May 15, all applicants notified

of awards. Winners must signify acceptance by May 25. Katz and Klein Graduate Fellowship in Optometry

$500 to fifth-year students in the School of Optometry on the Berkeley campus who have been California residents for at least three years, and who have shown outstanding academic, clinical,

and professional potential in the field of optometry. Ralph S. Minor Memorial Scholarship

$400 to a School of Optometry student. Scholarship awarded from special funds collected by the Optometry Alumni Association

and granted on scholarship and professional promise. Nonresident Scholarship

One $250 scholarship grant to be awarded to an entering student based on need and scholarship. This scholarship is administered by the Dean of Students of the University of California with the advice of the Dean of the School of Optometry. Ordinarily this scholarship will be granted to an out-of-state student and will be used to match scholarships granted by out-of-state agencies

such as optometric associations, women's auxiliaries, etc. Schneider, George L. Memorial Scholarship

One $500 grant to fifth-year students of exceptional scholar ships and potential ability as clinicians, who are candidates for

advanced degree (M.O.) in the field of optometry on the Berkeley campus. Women's Auxiliary to the California Optometric Association Fellowship $300 open to needy graduate students in optometry who have been residents of California for at least five years,

and who show outstanding leadership and interest in optometry. Loan Funds General University Loans

These are limited funds available for loan to needy students by
the University. These loans are administered by the Dean of

National Defense Student Loan Funds

Loans up to a maximum of $1,000 per year for a total of $5,000
are available for full-time needy students. These loans are ad-
ministered by the Dean of Students of the University of Califor


(Contact University of Houston, College of Optometry, Houston

4, Texas.) Scholarships Better Vision Scholarships

$500 tuition awards for first year optometry students for the University of Houston. At least one scholarship will be given to a qualified applicant in each of the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. In addition, there will be at least one Better Vision Scholarship specifically designated for women students.

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