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pasti about the Medicare Program Problems

MISCELLANEOUS Government Accounting Office in 10/29/80 found under-reimbursement

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Patients' notices, "This is

This kinders appeal.

Medicare booklet should

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explain this, and also how

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compute the reasonable charge.

Services for help in filing



As part of"reasonable charge" Development of coding system is

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office visite (3 types) and surgical Patients should ask dr. to

procedures usually miscoded.


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mix willbe affected disproportionately.

In N. J. 8 regions set initially States should be on guard

have been reduced to 3, combining for such changes. Congres-
inner cities with suburbs inspite of sional representatives
different conditions in each. Result could pressure Secy and
18 lower roimbursement.

carrier to remedy inap-
propriate designation of

loto: A discussion of sone alternatives to the current basis for reimbursement appears in the
1979 Raport of Proposed Amendments to the Medicare Program by the Subcon. on Health of the Con.
a layo pand Means off the House of Representatives: I am awaiting a copy if this.

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