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17. Conference report on sundry civil appropriation bill, 1914.

19. International Congress of Medicine, London, 1913.

20. Useless papers in Interior Department.

21. Useless papers in Post Office Department.

22. Opium tax.

23. Registration of producers and importers of opium, etc.

24. Reenactment of opium-exclusion act.

25. Increase in number of midshipmen at Naval Academy.

26. Loan of tents to Confederate Veterans' reunion.

27. Public building at Newark, N. J.

28. Conference report on Indian appropriation bill, 1914.

29. Additional judge for eastern district of Pennsylvania.

30. Amendment of Erdman act.

34. Useless papers in Treasury Department.

37. Appointment of ambassador to Spain.

38. Ministers plenipotentiary for Paraguay and Uruguay.

40. Useless papers in Department of Commerce.

*41. Hetch Hetchy grant to San Francisco, Cal.

44. Requiring District of Columbia to pay debt due Federal Government.

45. Payment of indemnity for killing of Angelo Albano, Italian subject.

46. Bridge across Monongahela River, near Fairmont, W. Va.

47. Bridge across White River near Newport, Ark.

48. Bridge across Sabine River at Orange, Tex.

49. Time for bridge across Red Lake River, Minn.

50. Bridge across Tug Fork of Big Sandy River at Matewan, W. Va.

51. Bridge across Okanogan River, Okanogan County, Wash.

52. Bridge across Mississippi River in Aitkin County, Minn.

53. 14th International Congress on Alcoholism.

54. Land for station grounds of Great Northern Railway.

62. Immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise to Dallas, Tex.

63. Immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise to Perth Amboy, N. J.

64. Urgent deficiency appropriation bill.

65. Free importation of exhibits for Panama-Pacific Exposition.

69. Changes in banking and currency system of United States.

71. Bridge across Tennessee River at Chattanooga, Tenn.

72. Bridge across Beaufort River in Beaufort County, S. C.

73. Bridge across Little River near Lepanto, Ark.

74. Bridge across Black River near Corning, Ark.

75. National aid to vocational education.

77. To increase limit of cost of public building at Augusta, Ga.

78. Method of opening lands restored from reservation or withdrawal.

79. For terms of district court in Arizona.

80. International Congress of Worlds' Purity Federation.

81. Public building at Beloit, Kans.

84. Relief of Federal courts in 2d circuit.

85. To create additional land district in Nevada.

86. Conference report on tariff act of 1913.

88. Publicity of campaign contributions.

91. Conference report on urgent deficiency appropriation bill.

92. Construction of railroads in Alaska. 2 pts.



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