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27-By-Laws and Laws of the Board of Regents, with Extracts from the Federal

and State Laws which relate to the University.

28-Opinion, Case U-76, Public Service Commission.

29-List of Registered Automobiles and Motorcycles to April 12, 1916.

30-List of Licensed Insurance Agents, 1915.

31-Official Returns of the Election of November, 1916.

32-"Bread and Bread-Making"-Home Economics Series No. 1, Agricultural

Extension Division.

33—“Rabies”—University of Nevada Bulletin No. 9. Public Service Division.

34"Dairy Cattle”-Bulletin No. 1, Agricultural Extension Division.

35-"Dairying Projects"-Bulletin No. 2, Agricultural Extension Division.

36—“Dual-Purpose and Beef Cattle”—Bulletin No. 3, Agricultural Extension


37-Annual Report of the State Sheep Commission for the year 1915.

38-Biennial Report of the State Board of Health for the years 1915 and 1916.

39-Report of Audit and Investigation and Memorandum In Re Nevada Indus-

trial Insurance Act.

40-List of Contributors to Nevada Industrial Commission.

41-Abstract of Claims to the Waters of the Humboldt River and Its Tributaries.

42-"Boys and Girls Club Projects"-Bulletin No. 4, Agricultural Extension


43—“The Value of High-Level Meteorological Data in Forecasting Changes of

Temperature"-Bulletin No. 83, Agricultural Experiment Station.

44-Abstract of Claims to the Waters of Evans Creek and Its Tributaries.

45—“Alfalfa and Sweet Clover"—Bulletin No. 5, Agricultural Extension Division.

46—“Clothing"-Bulletin No. 6, Agricultural Extension Division.

47-Abstract of Claims to the Waters of Salmon River and Its Tributaries.

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