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Arctic Research Commission

Armed Forces Retirement Home

Army Department

Engineers, Corps of

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Assassination Records Review Board

Benefits Review Board

Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs, Office of

Blind or Severely Disabled, Committee for Purchase From

People Who Are

Board for International Broadcasting



5, XI

32, V

33, II; 36, III

48, 51

36, XIV

20, VII

34, V
41, 51

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Federal Acquisition Regulation Census Bureau

Central Intelligence Agency

Chief Financial Officer, Office of

Child Support Enforcement, Office of

Children and Families, Administration for

Civil Rights, Commission on

Civil Rights, Office for

Coast Guard

Coast Guard (Great Lakes Pilotage)
Commerce Department

Census Bureau

Economic Affairs, Under Secretary

Economic Analysis, Bureau of

Economic Development Administration

Emergency Management and Assistance
Export Administration, Bureau of
Federal Acquisition Regulation

Fishery Conservation and Management

Foreign-Trade Zones Board

International Trade Administration

National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Marine Fisheries Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Telecommunications and Information


National Weather Service

Patent and Trademark Office

Productivity, Technology and Innovation, Assistant

Secretary for

Secretary of Commerce, Office of

Technology, Under Secretary for

Technology Administration

Technology Policy, Assistant Secretary for

Commercial Space Transportation

Commodity Credit Corporation

22, XIII
22, V

48, 19
15, I

32, XIX

7, XXX
45, III

45, II, III, IV, X
45, VII
34, I

33, I; 46, I; 49, IV
46, III

44, IV

15, I

37, V

15, VIII

13, III

44, IV

15, VII

48, 13

50, VI

15, IV

15, III; 19, III
15, II

50, II, IV, VI

15, IX; 50, II, III, IV, VI

15, XXIII; 47, III

15, IX

37, I

37, IV

15, Subtitle A

37, V

15, XI

37, IV

14, III

7, XIV

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