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Page 317 - In determining excessive profits favorable recognition must be given to the efficiency of the contractor or subcontractor, with particular regard to attainment of quantity and quality production, reduction of costs, and economy in the use of materials, facilities, and manpower...
Page 35 - ... it is determined that such action is necessary in the public interest during a national emergency declared by Congress or the President...
Page 318 - Such other factors the consideration of which the public interest and fair and equitable dealing may require, which factors shall be published in the regulations of the Board from time to time as adopted. (f) PROFITS DERIVED FROM CONTRACTS WITH THE DEPARTMENTS AND SUBCONTRACTS.
Page 15 - ... performance of such contracts by negotiating or otherwise letting subcontracts to small-business concerns or others for the manufacture, supply, or assembly of such articles, equipment, supplies, or materials, or parts thereof, or servicing or processing in connection therewith, or such management services as may be necessary to enable the Administration to perform such contracts.
Page 16 - ... determined to be necessary in the public interest during the period of a national emergency declared by the President or by the Congress...
Page 197 - Subsection 2304(a) is amended to read as follows: "(a) Purchases of and contracts for property or services covered by this chapter shall be made by formal advertising in all cases in which the use of such method is feasible and practicable under the existing conditions and circumstances. If...
Page 710 - small business concern" is a concern, including its affiliates, which is independently owned and operated, is not dominant in the field of operation in which it is bidding on Government contracts, and can further qualify under the criteria set forth in regulations of the Small Business Administration (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 13, Section 121.3-8).
Page 104 - Composition of total costs. The cost of a research agreement is comprised of the allowable direct costs incident to its performance, plus the allocable portion of the allowable indirect costs of the institution, less applicable credits as described in section C.5.
Page 696 - not dominant in its field of operation" when it does not exercise a controlling or major influence on a national basis in a kind of business activity in which a number of business concerns are primarily engaged. In determining whether dominance exists, consideration shall be given to all appropriate factors, including volume of business, number of employees, financial resources, competitive status or position, ownership or control of materials, processes, patents, license agreements, facilities,...
Page 22 - ... for property or services for which it is impracticable to obtain competition; (11) the purchase or contract is for property or services that he determines to be for experimental, developmental, or research work, or for making or furnishing property for experiment, test, development, or research...

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