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1967 adjustments






Total selected resources.






74 Obligated balance, end of year.
--2,500 -3, 174 -3, 441

77 Adjustments in expired accounts.

1967 actual 1968 estimate 1969 estimale 90 Expenditures excluding pay increase

National check and inquiry cases

596,458 486.600 483,900

Suitability cases..
21, 135 34, 787 38, 977

2,746 2.800

2,620 91


Other personnel investigations...
Expenditures from civilian pay act


3,994 supplemental.



3. Inspections. The Commission inspects agency perExpenditures are distributed as follows:

sonnel operations to insure compliance with civil service 01 Out of current authorizations..

20.266 33, 133 35,868 laws and regulations and to encourage improvement in 02 Out of prior authorizations.

2,500 3, 174 personnel practices. The Commission also conducts

classification reviews to insure compliance with classificaSelected resources as of June 30 are as follows:

tion standards.

4. Federal executive man power.--The Commission will Supplies..

expand its program to develop and use the talent and Unpaid undelivered orders...

-6 558 573 610 competency existing within and outside the Government

to help staff agency executive positions throughout the 1. Recruiting and examining.--Most appointments in

Federal service within full merit principles. It will meet

and work with agencies to develop the most effective the competitive civil service are made under the open competitive merit system through examinations held by

top-level position structure related to present and future the offices of the Commission, interagency boards, and

agency missions.

5. Developing policies and standards.-The Commission agency boards of examiners operating under the supervision of the Commission. In order to insure that Federaj develops programs, devises tests, issues standards and agencies are staffed with well-qualified people and that regulations, and proposes legislation to improve the information about Federal employment opportunities is

Federal personnel system for both competitive and nonmade known to all citizens, the Commission supplies standards and wage policies to insure that equitable and

competitive positions. It will develop common job information to and carries out a program of visits to colleges, junior colleges, high schools, business schools, vet

valid wages are paid to all wage-board employees. erans' organizations, military separation centers, and other

6. Appellate functions.— These consist of hearing and likely sources of manpower supply.

taking action on appeals, reviewing and processing of The interagency board network was established at the

discrimination complaints under authority of Executive President's direction and has made possible the moderni

Order 11246, and providing advice to agencies and indi

viduals regarding rights of appeal. zation of the recruiting and examining system. There is at least one interagency board in each State; in the larger dividual agency appraisals of training operations, and co

7. Training.-- The Commission makes overall and inStates with a high concentration of Federal employment ordinates interagency training programs to achieve full there are two or more. The interagency boards announce

utilization and to avoid duplication and, where it is more and rate examinations and provide the public with on

economical to do so, conducts training programs for agency the-spot comprehensive information and advisory service about Federal job opportunities and examinations. A

personnel on a reimbursable basis. Also, it promotes and

coordinates the incentive awards program authorized by higher percentage of positions under the merit system will

5 U.S.C. 4501-4506. be covered by civil service examinations when the inter

9. Administration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.- The agency board system becomes fully operational. Previously it was necessary to authorize agencies to recruit for many

Commission provides examiners to prepare and maintain positions without competitive examination of the candi

lists of eligible voters and to observe election procedures

in States or other political subdivisions designated by the dates. All agency boards of examiners except those of the Post

Attorney General. The Commission receives complaints,

hears and determines challenges, and assists in the defense Office will be merged into the new interagency board system by June 30, 1968. The new system will then provide prescribed by the act.

of challenge cases filed in U.S. circuit courts of appeals as full examination coverage for all except post office positions.

10. Enforcement of restrictions on political activity. Workloads in the new system are reflected in the follow

Under chapter 15 and subchapter IIÎ of chapter 73 of

title 5, U.S.C., and the Civil Service Rules, the Civil ing table:

Service Commission administers and enforces political

activity restrictions as applied to Federal civil service Applications processed by: Commission offices..

99,867 66,760 66.800

employees, as well as to officers and employees of State Interagency boards.

1,210,676 1,775,460 2,168,000 or local agencies whose principal employment is in conAgency boards.

1,638,040 930,500 790,500 nection with a federally financed activity. Total...

11. Administration of the retirement and insurance 2,948,583 2.772,720 3,025.300

programs.-The Commission administers retirement,

group life insurance, and health benefits programs for 2. Investigation of character and fitness for employment. Federal employees. It is required to adjudicate annuity, The Commission conducts most of the investigations death, benefit, refund, and deposit claims; make payrequired for security determinations of persons being ments to annuitants and other claimants; collect and employed in sensitive positions, and fitness investigations

account for moneys received; maintain control accounts of all persons entering nonsensitive positions. The Commis- and systems for the funds; negotiate with private carriers sion also conducts other investigations connected with

to provide the insurance and health benefits authorized; appeals and the merit system. Included are investigations determine eligibility in certain cases; audit the records of U.S. citizens for employment by international organiza- of insurance underwriters; and maintain the trust funds tions required by Executive Order 10422 as amended.

established for financing the programs.


1967 actual 1968 estimate

1969 estimale

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Total number of permanent positions.
Full-time equivalent of other positions.
Average number of all employees..
Average GS grade.
Average GS salary



115 2,421

7.0 $7,963


7.2 $8,473

125 4.208

7.2 $8,454

Annuities are paid to persons who were employed on the construction of the Panama Canal, or to their widows; and benefits are paid to widows of former employees of

[blocks in formation]

f the Lighthouse Service. Numbers of recipients are follows:

June 30, 1967 June 30, 1968 June 30, 1969 Panama Canal annuitants.


930 Lighthouse Service widows...


387 Supplemental appropriation for 1968 is anticipated for separate transmittal.

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[blocks in formation]

This appropriation covers (1) the Government's share of the cost of health insurance for certain annuitants as defined in sections 8901 and 8906 of title 5, United States Code; (2) the Government's share of the cost of health insurance for employees who were retired when the Federal Employees Health Benefits Law became effective, as defined in the Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1960 (Public Law 86–724); and (3) the Government's contribution for payment of administrative expenses of the Civil Service Commission in administration of the Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1960.

The use of these funds is reflected in the schedules for the Employees health benefits fund and the Retired employees health benefits fund.

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[blocks in formation]

Financing: 40

New obligational authority (appropri

This appropriation is used to cover the estimated cost of increased civil service retirement benefits provided by part III, Public Law 87-793 (76 Stat. 868).

36, 644

40, 748


40, 780

[blocks in formation]

Program by activities: 1. Establishing and operating interagency

boards of examiners.. 2. Conducting interagency training pro

grams. 3. Miscellaneous services to other ac


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

This fund finances, on a reimbursable basis, full field security investigations performed at the request of other departments and agencies of the Government (5 U.S.C. 1304(e)).

Budget program.-Because work on some investigations will be started in one year and completed in another, work-in-process is recognized as an asset of the fund. Agency estimates of investigations to be requested in 1968 and 1969 as compared to 1967 experience, are presented below. In addition, the table relates estimated workload receipts to estimates of production, average positions, and unit costs.

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[blocks in formation]

11.1 11.3 11.5

Personnel compensation:

Permanent positions...
Positions other than permanent.
Other personnel compensation..


495 294

2, 362

50 11


67 17

[blocks in formation]

This fund is used to pay annuities to retired employees or their survivors, to make refunds to former employees who have left the service, and to pay claims for employees who have died before retirement or before their annuities are paid in full (subch. III of ch. 83 of title 5, U.S.C.), and to pay for expenses incurred by the Commission in the administration of that subchapter. It is estimated that as of June 30, 1969, there will be 917,796 persons on the annuity roll, compared with 872,165 as of June 30, 1968 and 829,848 as of June 30, 1967. The estimated unfunded liability of the Civil Service Retirement System as of June 30, 1967, is $48.1 billion.

The status of the fund is as follows in thousands of dollars):

1967 actual 1968 estimale 1969 estimate U.S. securities brought forward (par).. 16, 603, 062 17,607,571 18,890, 475 Cash (unexpended balance).....

146, 285 156, 893 192, 752

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Trust Funds

Balance of fund brought forward. 16, 749, 347 Cash income during year: Payment from other funds: Federal agencies..

1,181,190 D.C. Government.

9,342 Federal contributions.

73,000 Interest and profit on investments. 621, 881 Deductions from employees' salaries. 1, 190, 468 Other income.

18,356 Total......

3,094, 236 Cash outgo during year: Payment of claims.

1,788, 643 Refunds..

176,211 Administration..

4,582 Purchase or sale of non-Federal securities...

114,000 Gain from premium or discount on investments...



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Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Total annual outgo....

2,079, 119 2, 121, 337 2, 249, 565 U.S. securities carried forward (par)... 17,607,571 18, 890, 475

20, 239,699 Cash (unexpended balance)...

156, 893 192, 752 220, 463 Balance of fund carried forward. 17,764, 464

17,764, 464 19.083, 227

19.083, 227 20, 460, 162

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