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5. Preventive health and health services block grant program amendments. 52. Authorize Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity to establish memorial to Martin Luther

King, Jr., in D.C. 4. Expenditures by Select Committee on Intelligence. 10. Permit Architect of Capitol, under direction of Joint Committee on Library, to

accept gifts of money for purchase of works of fine art for Capitol. 171. Change title of employees designated by Librarian of Congress for police duty and

make rank, etc., same as Capitol Police. 172. Support for Civic Achievement Award Program in Honor of Office of Speaker of

House. 173. Nuclear Protections and Safety Act of 1987. 174. Convey Forest Service land to Flagstaff, AZ. 13. Amend National Trails System Act, designate Trail of Tears as National Historic

Trail. 14. Direct Secretary of the Interior to permit access across Federal lands in

Arkansas. ..7. De Soto National Trail Study Act of 1987. 16. Convey public lands in Oconto and Marinette Counties, WI. 19. Authorize donation of non-Federal lands to Gettysburg National Military Park,

etc. 4). Direct Secretary of the Interior to convey parcel of land near Ocotillo, CA. 181. Putnam County, FL, land conveyance. 12. Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and related agen

cies appropriation bill, 1988. 133. Permit amendments to bills implementing trade agreements under sec. 151(d),

Trade Act of 1974 if amendments relate to domestic or foreign waterborne

commerce of U.S. M. Designate Kern River as National Wild and Scenic River. 35. Designate segment of Kings River, CA as Wild and Scenic River. 36. Make miscellaneous technical and minor amendments to laws relating to

Indians. II. Veterans' Administration beneficiary travel, quality assurance, and readjust

ment counseling amendments of 1987. 28. Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Act of 1987. 9. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and related

agencies appropriation bill, 1988. ). Committee on Appropriations, revised allocation to subcommittees of budget

totals from concurrent resolution, fiscal 1988. 31. Second monetary policy report for 1987, Committee on Banking, Housing, and

Urban Affairs, Senate. 132. Department of Housing and Urban Development, independent agencies appro

priation bill, 1988. 33. Authorize appropriations for maritime programs. 194. Battle Mountain Pasture Restoration Act of 1987. 155. Convey public land to Catholic Diocese of Reno/Las Vegas, NV. 196. Provide for transfer of lands in Arizona. :ST

. 1988 Olympic Commemorative Coin Act. 1. Department of Transportation and related agencies appropriation bill, 1988. 199. Finance Committee allocation of budget totals, fiscal 1988.

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