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TITLE 10-Army: War Department

I Aid of Civil Authorities and Public Relations
II Aircraft
III Claims and Accounts
IV Military Education
V Military Reservations and National Cemeteries
VI Organized Reserves
VII Personnel
VIII Supplies and Equipment
IX Transport
X Areas Restricted for National Defense Purposes

TITLE 11–Bankruptcy (No regulations assigned to this title)

TITLE 12-Banks and Banking

I Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the Treasury II Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System III Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

TITLE 13—Business Credit

I Reconstruction Finance Corporation

TITLE 14—Civil Aviation

I Civil Aeronautics Board
II Administrator of Civil Aeronautics, Department of Commerce

TITLE 15—Commerce

SUBTITLE A--Office of the Secretary of Commerce

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Commerce I Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce II National Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce III Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce IV Foreign-Trade Zones Board

TITLE 16-Commercial Practices

I Federal Trade Commission

TITLE 17—Commodity and Securities Exchanges
I War Food Administration (Commodity Exchanges)
II Securities and Exchange Commission

TITLE 18–Conservation of Power

I Federal Power Commission

TITLE 19-Customs Duties

I Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury
II United States Tariff Commission
III Committee for Reciprocity Information

TITLE 20—Employees' Benefits

I United States Employees' Compensation Commission
II Railroad Retirement Board
III Social Security Board, Federal Security Agency

TITLE 31-Morey and Finance: Treasury Chap.

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury

SUBTITLE B— Regulations Relating to Money and Finance
I Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury
II Fiscal Service, Department of the Treasury
IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 32—National Defense

I War Relocation Authority
II National Guard and State Guard
III Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
IV National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

V American Battle Monuments Commission
VI Selective Service System
VIII Foreign Economic Administration
IX War Production Board

X Federal Works Administrator
XI Office of Price Administration
XIII Petroleum Administration for War
XIV War Contracts Price Adjustment Board

XV Board of War Communications
XVI Office of Censorship
XVII Office of Civilian Defense
XVIII Office of Economic Stabilization
XIX Defense Supplies Corporation

XX Office of Contract Settlement
XXI Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion
XXII Retraining and Reemployment Administration
XXIII Surplus War Property Administration

TITLE 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters

I Coast Guard, Department of the Navy
II Corps of Engineers, War Department
III Coast Guard: Inspection and Navigation
IV Coast Guard: Lighthouses
V Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce

TITLE 34— Navy

I Department of the Navy

TITLE 35–Panama Canal

I Canal Zone Regulations

TITLE 36-Parks and Forests

I National Park Service, Department of the Interior
II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

TITLE 37—Patents and Copyrights
I Patent Office, Department of Commerce
II Copyright Office, Library of Congress

TITLE 38—Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief

I Veterans Administration

TITLE 39—Postal Service

I Post Office Department

TITLE 40Prisons



Choli Federal Prison Industries, Inc., Department of Justice

TITLE 41–Public Contracts

I Procurement Division, Department of the Treasury II Division of Public Contracts, Department of Labor III Committee on Purchases of Blind-Made Products

TITLE 42- Public Health

I Public Health Service, Federal Security Agency
II United States Children's Bureau, Department of Labor
III St. Elizabeths Hospital, Federal Security Agency
IV Freedmen's Hospital, Federal Security Agency

TITLE 43—Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior

SUBTITLE B-Public Land Regulations
I General Land Office, Department of the Interior
II Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior
III Grazing Service, Department of the Interior

TITLE 44—Public Property and Works

I National Archives

TITLE 45—Public Welfare

[ Office of Education, Federal Security Agency V The President's War Relief Control Board VI Office of Civilian Vocational Rehabilitation

TITLE 46—Shipping

I Coast Guard: Inspection and Navigation
II United States Maritime Commission
III War Shipping Administration

TITLE 47--Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission

TITLE 48 Territories and Insular Possessions

I Division of Territories and Island Possessions, Department of the Interior
II Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Department of the Interior

TITLE 49— Transportation and Railroads

I Interstate Commerce Commission II Office of Defense Transportation

TITLE 50% Wildlife

I Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior
III International Fisheries Commission
IV Office of the Coordinator of Fisheries

625507-45-SUPP. VII-BK. 2-2

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CFR, 1944 Supp.

12 CFR, 1944 Supp., 201.1


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