Department of Commerce Appropriations for 1951: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, Second Session

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950 - 1059 pages

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Page 1350 - The result is in effect a cost-plus system of subsidies under which the carriers are virtually guaranteed against bankruptcy. Since the "need clause" is written in terms of individual air carriers, a further result is that the payments to particular carriers vary greatly, depending upon their relative financial needs. For example, among the trunk-line carriers, the mail payments to one air line during the calendar year 1948 were at the rate of approximately...
Page 1319 - A realistic answer must be based on a study of all phases of highway financing, including a study of the costs of completing the several systems of highways, made by the Bureau of Public Roads in cooperation with the State highway departments and local units of government.
Page 1843 - The Board shall by order disapprove any such contract or agreement, whether or not previously approved by it, that it finds to be adverse to the public interest, or in violation of this Act, and shall by order approve any such contract or agreement, or any modification or cancellation thereof, that it does not find to be adverse to the public interest, or in violation of this Act...
Page 1360 - Bureau of Standards, the Weather Bureau, the Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the Office of Technical Services.
Page 1829 - One weakness common among the commissions is particularly serious in the Civil Aeronautics Board — lack of efficient centralized administration and supervision of the staff. Our general discussion has emphasized that an agency headed by five members tends to be more preoccupied with the adjudication of cases presented to it than with the organization and direction of its staff work. This is true of the Civil Aeronautics Board. The Board has adopted no adequate methods to facilitate presentation...
Page 1423 - The number, form, and subdivision of the inquiries in the schedules used to take the census shall be determined by the Director of the Census with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce.
Page 1983 - Stull informed me this morning thnt the export license for the 73-octane avigas has been granted. I hasten to write to you to express our deep gratification in the matter and especially to tell you how much we appreciate what you have done to bring It about. I am sure you still remember the prolonged and inconclusive series of meetings last summer, which must have been as agonizing to you as they were to me, during which a large number of questions were raised in connection with China's application...
Page 2108 - That these funds shall be expended on a system of such roads selected by the State highway departments in cooperation with the county supervisors, county commissioners, or other appropriate local road officials and the Commissioner of Public Roads...
Page 1442 - After years of individual efforts to solve the problem of all-weather flying, every significant branch of military and civil aviation now has agreed on the details of a new air navigation system which will meet the needs of all. Such a system has been approved by the Congressional Aviation Policy Board and the President's Air Policy Commission.
Page 1314 - Mississippi OEOROE W. ANDREWS, Alabama JOHN J. ROONEY, New York J. VAUOHAN GARY, Virginia JOHN E.

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