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"a"-Category contained less than three responding employers or one responding employer had more than 80 percent of the employment in the category.

"b"-Firm(s) declined to furnish waivers in these categories.

Survey data reported on the basis of SIC code 5810. Data were not broken down by SIC 5812, Eating places, and 5813 Drinking places (Alcoholic beverages).

[55 FR 12120, Mar. 30, 1990; 55 FR 12778, Apr. 5, 1990, as amended at 55 FR 39577, Sept. 27, 1990; 55 FR 53248, Dec. 27, 1990; 57 FR 1104, Jan. 10, 1992]




Corporation for the Development and Administration of Marine, Lacustrine, and Fluvial Resources of Puerto Rico.

Metropolitan Bus Authority.

This appendix contains a listing of the public organizations (corporations) in Puerto Rico for which data have been provided by the Commonwealth for purposes of implementing the 1989 Amendments to FLSA. Such Corporations are subject to Tiers 1, 2, or 3, as set forth below. Corporations which are listed under Tier 3 may pay rates specified under Tier 4 to employees engaged in traditional activities, as defined in § 510.25 of the regulations. All other employees are subject to Tier 3. Organizations for which no data were provided are subject to Tier 1 treatment.



Puerto Rico Mineral Resource Development Corporation.

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This appendix contains a listing of the municipalities in Puerto Rico and the tier applicable to each. Municipalities with average hourly earnings below $4.65 but equal to or greater than $4.00 are subject to Tier 2, as set forth below. Municipalities with average hourly earnings under $4.00 are subject to Tier 3. Municipalities which are listed under Tier 3 may pay the rates specified under Tier 4 to employees engaged in traditional activities, as defined in § 510.25 of the regulations. All other employees are subject to Tier 3. Municipalities which did not submit data are subject to Tier 1. The tiers set forth below are subject to petitions for review by affected employees, if filed prior to June 1, 1990. If upon review it is determined that the municipality should have been subject to Tier 1 or 2, back wages will have to be paid to April 1, 1990, to make up the difference between what municipal employees were paid and what they should have been paid.

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Toa Alta.

Toa Baja.


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Trujillo Alto. Utuado. Vega Alta. Vega Baja. Vieques. Villalba. Yabucoa. Yauco.

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511.16 Reports.

511.17 Records.

511.18 Publication and effective date of wage order. 511.19 Petitions.

AUTHORITY: 29 U.S.C. 205, 206, 208; 5 U.S.C. 551-559.

SOURCE: 21 FR 7669, Oct. 6, 1956, unless otherwise noted.

§ 511.1 General method for issuance of wage orders.

Pursuant to authority delegated by the Secretary of Labor, the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division publishes the orders that are required by statute to make the recommendations of industry committees effective as wage orders under section 6(a)(3) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The wage orders issued by the Administrator must by law give effect to the recommendations of the industry committees. All wage order proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the standards provided in the Administrative Procedure Act as interpreted and applied in this part.

[55 FR 53298, Dec. 28, 1990]

§ 511.2 Initiation of proceedings; notices of hearings.

(a) Wage order proceedings are initiated by order of the Secretary, published in the FEDERAL REGISTER, giving notice of hearings by industry committees to recommend the minimum rate or rates of wages to be paid under section 6 of the Act to employees in American Samoa engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce or in any enterprise engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce. These orders will contain a definition of the particular industry in American Samoa, for which the committee is to make its recommendations, or these orders will direct the committee to recommend the minimum rate or rates of wages for all industry in American Samoa. All such orders will make provision for convening the committee. Any particular industry defined in such an order may be a trade, business, industry, or branch thereof, or group of industries, in which individuals are gainfully employed.

(b) These orders will also give reasonable notice (1) of the time and place of the commencement of the hearing of such witnesses and receiving of such evidence as may be necessary or appropriate to enable the committee to perform its duties and functions under the Act, (2) of the general nature of the wage order proceedings and the authority under which they are proposed, (3) of the subjects and issues involved, and (4) that the committee will take official notice of the economic report (note § 511.13) and the parties will have an opportunity at the hearing to show any contrary or additional facts.

[26 FR 6513, July 20, 1961, as amended at 55 FR 12120, Mar. 30, 1990]

§ 511.3 Composition and appointment of


An industry committee will be composed of residents of American Samoa and residents of the United States outside of American Samoa. The Secretary will appoint as members of each committee an equal number of persons representing:

(a) The public,

(b) Employees in the industry, and (c) Employers in the industry. The public members shall be disinterested, and the Secretary will designate one as chairperson. For purposes of this section only, the definition of the industry shall be considered to include all such industry throughout the United States, its territories and possessions.

[55 FR 53298, Dec. 28, 1990]

§ 511.4 Compensation of committee members.

Each member of an industry committee will be allowed per diem compensation of $200 for each day actually spent in the work of the committee, and will, in addition, be reimbursed for necessary transportation and other expenses incident to traveling in accordance with Standard Government Travel Regulations then in effect. All travel expenses will be paid on travel vouchers certified by the Administrator or an authorized representative. Any other necessary expenses which are incidental to the work of the com

mittee may be incurred by the committee upon approval of, and shall be paid upon, certification of the Administrator or an authorized representative.

[55 FR 33691, Aug. 17, 1990]

8511.5 Vacancies and dissolution of com


The Secretary will appoint persons to fill any vacancies occurring in industry committees. If an industry comImittee is unable to arrive at a recommendation within a reasonable time, or refuses to make a recommendation, it may be dissolved by the Secretary. An industry committee shall cease to perform further functions when it has filed with the Administrator its report containing its findings of fact and recommendations with respect to the matters referred to it, and shall not again perform any functions with respect to any matter reported on, unless and until directed by the Administrator. An industry committee shall be dissolved automatically when its recommendations are no longer subject to review under section 10 of the Act.

[27 FR 10651, Nov. 1, 1962]

§ 511.6 Investigation.

The Administrator shall prepare an economic report containing such data as can be assembled pertinent to the matters to be referred to a committee. A copy of these regulations will be sent to all members of the committee following their appointment, and a copy of the economic report when completed will be furnished promptly. Before making its report the committee will decide whether it will conduct any further investigation, apart from the hearing and the review of the economic report, in connection with the matters referred to it.

[55 FR 53298, Dec. 28, 1990)

8511.7 Committee staff.

Each industry committee will be furnished a lawyer, to serve as committee counsel, and an economist, to serve as committee economist. Committee counsel shall advise the committee on the issues of law, including interpretations of these regulations and the

legal scope of the committee's discretion, which arise during the committee proceedings. The committee counsel and economist shall be available to advise and assist the committee at all of its meetings. The Administrator shall furnish the committee with adequate stenographic, clerical, and other assistance.

§ 511.8 Prehearing statements.

(a) Every employer, employee, trade association, trade union, or group of employers, employees, associations, or unions in the industry as defined, or in such industry elsewhere in the United States, and every other person who, in the judgment of the committee has an interest sufficient to justify the participation proposed by such party, shall be considered an interested person. No member of the committee may participate as an interested person.

(b) Any interested person who wishes to participate on his or her own behalf or by counsel shall file a written prehearing statement within such period of time as may be prescribed in a notice of hearing, or other notice published in the FEDERAL REGISTER. The number of copies of such statements and the time and places for filing them will be specified in notices of hearings. The prehearing statement shall describe the person's interest in the proceeding and shall contain:

(1) The prepared statement he or she proposes to give, if any;

(2) A statement of the individual classifications and minimum wage rates, if any, he or she proposes to support;

(3) The written data he or she proposes to introduce in evidence, including all tangible objective data to be submitted pursuant to § 511.13;

(4) The names and addresses of the witnesses he or she proposes to call and a summary of the evidence he or she proposes to develop;

(5) The name and address of the individual who will present his or her case; and

(6) A statement of the approximate length of time his or her case will take.

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