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Institutions of higher education receiving grants under title III, Higher Educacation Act of 1965, June 1966-Continued

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Freed-Hardeman College (unilateral national teaching fellowship).
Knoxville College.

University of Tennessee (Tennessee).

Closed circuit instruction and visiting scholars: also interns in counseling and academic fields of English, science, and mathematics. Lane College..

Nebraska Wesleyan University (Nebraska).

Cultural faculty and student exchanges. Group of workshops on curriculum, student services, business management.

Le Moyne College...

University of Iowa (Iowa).

Use of senior scholars to strengthen work in English literature.
Use being made of telelectures.

Martin College ...

Kellogg College (Michigan).

George Peabody College (Tennessee).

Faculty internship and student_exchange program including
library development and usage. Emphasis on improvement of
cultural differences and limitations.

Maryville College (unilateral national teaching fellowship).
Morristown College 1 (unilateral national teaching fellowship).
Owen College 1.
Memphis State University (Tennessee).

Improvement of curriculum in communications and establishment
of stronger programs in counseling and placement services.
Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State University..
University of Tennessee (Tennessee).
Vanderbilt University (Tennessee).

A cooperative program in engineering and in cooperative education
(work-study). Use of visiting senior scholars and specialist from the
Argonne atomic energy laboratories. Faculty advanced study, on

Bishop College.

Atlanta University (Georgia).


The Association for Graduate Education and Research (Texas).
Faculty away (1/6) for advanced study. Cooperative program in
remedial reading.

Cisco Junior College 1.

Hardin-Simmons University (Texas).

$14,600 1st.

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Faculty exchanges in basic curriculum and upgrading teaching through seminars and self-study.

Huston-Tillotston College..

48, 167


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University of Texas (Texas).

Study of curriculum including faculty with released time. 2
national teaching fellows serving faculty full-time instructors.
Texas Southern University (unilateral national teaching fellowship).
Wiley College (unilateral national teaching fellowship)...



Dixie Junior College (unilateral national teaching fellowship)..

See footnotes at end of table.

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Institutions of higher education receiving grants under title III, Higher Educacation Act of 1965, June 1966—Continued

Goddard College (Vermont)..



Johnson State College (Vermont).
Lyndon State College (Vermont).

Nasson College (Maine).

Western New England College (Massachusetts).

Self-studies of curriculum and faculty interdisciplinary seminars where special problems among students identified. Consultant help provided.

Windham College..

Columbia University (New York).

University of Massachusetts (Massachusetts).

Curriculum strengthening through faculty exchanges and advanced study of faculty. Teaching fields, humanities.


Ferrum Junior College 1 (unilateral national teaching fellowship) -
Hampton Institute.

Cornell University (New York).

Joint programs involving improvement of offerings in engineering, architecture, and library services. Senior scholar and student exchanges in these areas.

Virginia State College at Norfolk..

New York University (New York).

Seminars in English developing materials and methods to assist students to overcome deficiencies in English.

Virginia State College at Petersburg..

Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia).

Improvement of program in agriculture leading toward accreditation. A working committee of faculty from the 2 institutions included plus visiting scholars and consultants, teaching aids. Some experience in industrial plants allowable.

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Denison University (Ohio).

The provision of consultants (academic) in the development of courses in psychology, science, social science and humanities, including student cultural exchange program.

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Fairmont State College (unilateral national teaching fellowship).

7,300 1st.


Dominican College.

7,685 1st.

Argonne Laboratories (Illinois).

Preparation of laboratory manual for improved instruction in physics. Students working in Argonne Laboratories. Emphasis on use of natural resources in State as aids to learning. Viterbo College (unilateral national teaching fellowship)-

7,300 3d.


Western Wyoming Community College 1.

University of Wyoming (Wyoming).

Provision of a curriculum coordinator for inservice training of faculty in curriculum improvement and student personnel. Academic fields.

1 Offers a 2-year program.

27,033 1st.

2 These Mississippi institutions are participating in a cooperative arrangement in which Mississippi Valley State College is the coordinator. However, funding was requested on a per institution basis.

These colleges are in a consortium working in curriculum revision with current emphasis on remedial reading.



Washington, D.C., September 20, 1966.


Higher Education Act of 1965 (Public Law 89-329) Title III,
Strengthening Developing Institutions


Pursuant to provisions of title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965, the national teaching fellowship program authorized 261 national teaching fellowships in 95 developing institutions for fiscal year 1967. As of the beginning of the academic year, September 1966, 176 national teaching fellows have been appointed in 72 institutions and the remaining 85 are in process of appointment by the beginning of the second term to include all of the 23 remaining institutions.

The national teaching fellowship program authorizes the appointment of highly qualified advanced graduate students and junior members of college or university faculties to serve up to 2 years in developing colleges which demonstrate eligibility for their services and nominate appropriate candidates to the U.S. Commissioner of Education.

Attached is the report of national teaching fellow appointments as of September 1966 providing their names, institutions, assignments and locations. The duration of each assignment is 1 year, renewable for 1 additional year upon recommendation of the institution. The maximum duration of a national teaching fellowship stipend is 2 years.

National teaching fellowship appointments as of Sept. 20, 1966

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National teaching fellowship appointments as of Sept. 20, 1966—Continued

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National teaching fellowship appointments as of Sept. 20, 1966-Continued

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