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Southwestern College of Memphis :

1. Leadership education in local government__

Tennessee Technological University:

1. Public education in sanitary environments__.

2. An engineering counseling service for industries and communi


University of Tennessee:

Federal allocation



5, 175

2. (Coordinating) training in responsibilities for school board members throughout Tennessee_.

1. (Coordinating) demonstration research project on the identification of community needs.......

26, 250

3. Economic education in low-income families__.

4. Cooperative continuing education for public health in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing (jointly with Vanderbilt Medical School, Meharry Medical College, and the university research center and hospital) –

5. Public dental health education by television__.

6. Field consultation with officials solving urban and suburban problems

Total program allocations___.

Administration of State plan---

Total Federal funds allocated to State_

45, 750 7,500


9, 000

18, 750

175, 866

18, 088

193, 954


The authorized State agency in Texas is the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


Baylor University :

1. Establishment of legal services for the poor in McLennan County


2. Preparation of teachers of the functionally illiterate. North Texas State University:

1. Joint university center for community service----
2. Seminars in public administration and urban affairs__

Southern Methodist University:

1. Urban and regional planning seminar__.

2. The metropolitan problem-an urban policy seminar__

Texas A. & M. University:

Federal allocation

$1,245 8,333

37, 500

9, 410

3, 375 5,025

1. Community services program in transportation_.

2. Community service seminars_-_

38, 084 20, 100

3. Education in local law enforcement____

20, 100

4. Educational programs for youths in correctional institutions_.

53, 901

Texas Christian University:

1. Institutional appraisal and analysis of community needs.
2. Seminars on utilization of governmental programs for community



Texas Woman's University:

1. Consultative services to social welfare agencies in the DallasFort Worth metropolitan area..

5, 083

5, 676

2. Community service and continuing education program in nursing Texas Technological College :

1. A pilot program for urban parks in metropolitan communities____ 31, 855 University of Houston: 1. Workshop for


executive personnel in city and county



Federal allocation

University of Texas:

1. Executive development short courses for urban and regional planning officers___.

2. Professional development training of urban administrators and community leaders

3. Community employee training----

Total committed funds_.

$15, 791

17, 454 8,800

Uncommitted funds_

Administrative costs_

Total Federal allocation___


313, 043

18, 916


356, 959

The authorized State agency in Utah is the Utah Coordinating Council of Higher Education. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


University of Utah :

1. Study of college and university extension services in relation to State needs

Federal allocation


2. Data compiling on student abilities, educational services, and occupational specialties in the State----

15, 582

3. Conventions of faculty and officials, dealing with municipal government problem analysis and solution--

11, 250

4. Seminars for selected communities in leadership training, problem identification, citizen involvement, planning-

5. Training for planning officials and board members___

6. Instruction for newly elected officials concerning legal, intergovernmental, and social frameworks___

7. Documentary films on community problems

8. Conferences on resource allocation_.

11, 250 7,500

9. Conferences on land use..

Utah State University:

1. Training for leadership training, administered to community resource development councils_.

Weber State College:

1. Course work in job skills for municipal officials---


Administrative costs---.

Total Federal allocation____


9, 225 9,000



14, 625

18, 000

107, 425

16, 639

124, 064

The authorized State agency in Vermont is the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


Goddard College:

1. Cooperative community service programs to attack community development problems--.

University of Vermont:

Federal allocation


1. Urban specialist in Burlington community to attack problems in housing, health, rehabilitation and others related to poverty-- 14, 997


University of Vermont-Continued

Federal allocation

5. Expansion of community health service through continuing education for the registered professional nurse_

3. Improvement of community health and employment opportunities
through a program in institutional administration__
4. The use of two-way television for community service and continu-
ing education programs.

2. Assistance to the greater Burlington community in expanding opportunities for disadvantaged youth____


9, 184

21, 600

6. A program to enlighten communities in the effective use of educational television for community enrichment_-_.

Total program allocations__

Administration of State plan___.

Total Federal allocation to State_____


8, 261

16, 582

100, 222


109, 794

The authorized territorial agency in the Virgin Islands is the College of the Virgin Islands. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


College of the Virgin Islands:

1. Community development conferences for community leaders--2. Seminar on human relations and poverty-

3. Community leaders seminar on poverty-

Total program allocations__.

Administration of territorial plan---

Total Federal allocation to territorial plan_.

Federal allocation

$9,354 6, 300 9, 450

25, 104 900

26, 004


The authorized State agency in Virginia is the University of Virginia. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


College of William and Mary, Williamsburg:

1. Training for school guidance counselors, and teachers_

Ferrum Junior College, Ferrum:

1. Instruction for recreational leaders___.

Hampton Institute, Hampton:

1. Seminar for part-time welfare personnel_.

2. Training of practical nurses for social work....

Medical College of Virginia, Richmond:

1. Video-tapes-medical education for hospitals and community---2. Physician continuing education in problems of disadvantaged__. Richmond Professional Institute, Richmond:

1. Workshop in human relations for subprofessional recreation leaders

2. Telecasts for teachers of problem children_-_

University of Richmond, Richmond:

1. Workshop for higher education-community service planning--

Federal allocation




5, 766

15,000 7,500

6, 785 9,000

8, 931




2. Continuing education for medical personnel..

3. Workshop in "recreation for the handicapped child”.


University of Virginia, Charlottesville :

1. Continuing education for opthalmologists....

[blocks in formation]


Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Va. :


1. Civic workshop for neighborhood workers; problem solving sem-
inar for community leaders____

13, 500

2. Continuing education in home economics_____

20, 156

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The authorized State agency in Washington is the Department of Commerce and Economic Development. It has approved the following service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


University of Washington, Seattle:

1. Inservice training for city officials.

2. Conference to review the problem of legal counsel for the

4. Improve legal knowledge of magistrates__

Federal allocation

$5, 479

3. Citizens conference for improved government....

7, 751 6, 978

3, 654

5. Conference of juvenile court judges, to develop uniform court

3, 611

Western Washington State College, Bellingham :

1. Public service TV broadcasts on water pollution___

6. Inservice training on conservation and beautification to highway

11, 160

2. Counselling to State on long-range economic planning---

4,830 8, 260

1. Inservice training for nurses..

3. Public education for teachers and parents, to prevent dropouts Washington State University, Pullman:

11, 734

19, 498

[blocks in formation]

1. Seminar series on sanitation, housing, traffic control, and race

1. Seminar series on accelerating economic growth___

1. Conferences on Government operations-city and county in the
Spokane area.......

17,450 24, 113

9, 044

25, 828

5, 587


Administrative costs

Total Federal allocation____

164, 977

8, 401

173, 378


The authorized State agency in West Virginia is the Board of Governors, West Virginia University. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


West Virginia University, Morgantown, Bethany College, Wheeling

1. Training for citizens and officials for better government-. West Virginia University, Wheeling College :

1. Training for government officals in the technique and relevance of planning--.

West Virginia University, Bethany College :

1. Improvement of intergovernment cooperation in community problem solving__

West Virginia University :

1. Research and workshops in the university, businesses, schools, labor, and government agencies, to explore new possibilities of community service___


Administrative costs--.

Total Federal allocation----

[blocks in formation]


The authorized State agency in Wisconsin is the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin. It has approved the following community service projects to be conducted by institutions of higher education.


Federal allocation

Marquette University :

1. Supervisory development training program for Metropolitan Milwaukee police personnel.

$4, 965

3. Universities community educational services for metropolitan


18, 819

2. Leadership training in youth recreational programs___

Milwaukee Institute of Technology:

1. The world of work-vocational guidance through television____ Wisconsin State University (Oshkosh):

1. Fox River Valley Career Development & Resource Center---

Wisconsin State University (Platteville) :

1. Problems of law enforcement in rural areas..

2. Rural local governments' administrative problems, regional planning, and cooperation--.

Wisconsin State University (Superior):

1. Punched card data processing for community administrative personnel

Wisconsin State University (Stevens Point):

1. Stevens Point area planning project-

[blocks in formation]

University of Wisconsin-Center (Green Bay):


1. Development of children's drama program in 10 northeast Wisconsin communities__

17, 763

University of Wisconsin-Center (Wood County):

1. Compilation and dissemination of cultural information in QuadCity area---

5, 000

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