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College of Southern Idaho

Junior College District

Twin Falls

"A Proposal Designed to Disseminate Information Regarding Potential Student Financial Aids and to Identify Qualified Students," will identify qualified needy students in ten predominately rural counties of Idaho and provide information, to these students, on financial assistance for postsecondary education. These objectives will be met by enlisting high school personnel and community social workers to aid in the identification process by visiting high schools, counseling youths from a low socio-economic level on educational opportunities, and publishing a financial aids brochure to be distributed through the high schools of the State.

Dr. Don L. Keith

Academic Dean

College of Southern Idaho

Junior College District

Post Office Box 1238

Twin Falls, Idaho

Telephone: (208) 733-9554


Associated Colleges of the Midwest


This is a project to analyze and evaluate the effect of student financial aid programs on the composition of entering classes in liberal arts colleges. The proposer will compile and disseminate information on techniques of successfully implementing financial aid programs designed to reach needy students from a wide variety of social and economic levels, and on college programs that have proven effective in attracting students from under-represented groups. The information will be

made available to the Office of Education, Division of Student Financial Aid, and interested colleges and universities.

Mr. Donald R. Liggett

Program Associate
Associated Colleges of the

60 West Walton Street

Chicago, Illinois


Telephone: (312) 664-9580


Project "Women College Graduates as Agents to Increase Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youths," proposes to recruit and train college-educated women to serve as counselors in the identification of economically deprived students with the potential for education beyond high school. Activities of the women selected as counselors will include establishing personal contact with disadvantaged youths in order to direct these youths to post-secondary educational programs, organizing tutorial programs, and arranging meetings between interested students and college admissions personnel. It is anticipated that this experimental pilot project will serve as a model for similar programs in communities throughout the country.

Mrs. Ruth Williams


Chicago Project for Catalyst

5445 Dorchester Avenue

Chicago, Illinois

Telephone: (312) NO. 7-1147


The State Scholarship
Commission of Indiana


Project "Talent Utilization through Educational Opportunities," will establish a committee, composed of representatives of secondary and higher education associations, to coordinate and direct the efforts of high school and college officials in the identification and encouragement of talented, needy students in Indiana. The activities of the committee will include establishing criteria for identification; designing forms and procedures; assisting with academic and social remedial programs; conducting seminars and conferences for school personnel, parents, and students; publicizing educational opportunities; and developing a program to curtail the number of high school dropouts.

Mrs. Josephine L. Ferguson
Executive Secretary

State Scholarship Commission
of Indiana

514 State Office Building

100 North Senate Avenue

Indianapolis, Indiana


Telephone: (317) 633-5445


Department of Public Instruction

of the State of Iowa

Des Moines

Project "Identification of, and Guidance Services for,
Qualified Iowa Youths of Exceptional Financial Need,"
will involve contacts with guidance personnel in
secondary and post-secondary institutions for the pur-
pose of identifying able students who, for financial
reasons, are actual or potential dropouts.
guidance counselors will encourage these youths to


undertake further education. Information on educational and financial aid programs will be compiled by the Department of Public Instruction and distributed to the guidance personnel throughout the State.

Dr. Paul F. Johnston

State Superintendent

Iowa State Department of Public

State Office Building

Des Moines, Iowa


Telephone: (515) 281-5294


Western Kentucky State College
Bowling Green

"Talent Identification and Utilization," will identify talented, economically disadvantaged youths in the school districts of western Kentucky. Special enrichment activities, designed to stimulate educational interest, will be prepared for small groups of these identified students. Counseling in the areas of career and educational opportunities will be provided. In addition, counseling and tutorial services and financial aid information will be available to high school and college dropouts of demonstrated ability in order to encourage these students to re-enter educational programs.

Dr. Tate C. Page


College of Education

Western Kentucky State College

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Telephone: (502) 745-2244


Southern University
Baton Rouge

"Operation: Aspiration Uplift," is a proposal involving an effort to seek out, identify, and encourage rural youths. These youths have the intellectual capacity for completing higher education but, due to lack of adequate finances and motivation, are potential dropouts. The results of this program will be disseminated on the local, state, and national levels.

[blocks in formation]

The "State of Maine Talent Utilization Agency," will
establish a special agency to coordinate a state-wide
program aimed at early identification of needy,
talented youths in Maine, and at acquainting these
students with opportunities for post-secondary educa-
tion. The agency will involve secondary schools,
state colleges, universities, and community groups
in an effort to reach a maximum number of students
within the State. Information on higher education
will be publicized.

Mr. Robert Cobb

Director, Student Services
University of Maine

Orono, Maine 04473

Telephone: (207) 866-7791

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