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138. Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements With NATO Allies and Other Countries.

139. Research and Development.

141. Miscellaneous Procurement Provisions. 142. Procurement Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program.

143. Production by Military Agencies.

144. Major Defense Acquisition Programs.

145. Cataloging and Standardization.

147. Utilities and Services.

149. Issue to Armed Forces.

151. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to Armed Forces.

153. Exchange of Material and Disposal of Obsolete, Surplus, or Unclaimed Property. 155. Acceptance of Gifts and Services. 157. Transportation.

159. Real Property; Related Personal Property; and Lease of Non-Excess Property. 160. Environmental Restoration. 161. Property Records.

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102. Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. 103. Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. 104. Uniformed Services University of the

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Health Sciences.


105. Armed Forces Health Professions Financial Assistance Programs.


Rank and Command. [Repealed].

106. Educational Assistance for Members of the Selected Reserve.

107. Educational Assistance for Persons Enlisting for Active Duty.

108. Granting of Advanced Degrees at Department of Defense Schools.

109. Educational Loan Repayment Programs. 110. Educational Assistance for Members Held as Captives and Their Dependents.

PART IV-SERVICE, SUPPLY, AND PROCUREMENT 131. Planning and Coordination.

133. Facilities for Reserve Components.

135. Encouragement of Aviation.

137. Procurement Generally.

349. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. 351. [Repealed].

353. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 355. Hospitalization.

357. Decorations and Awards.

359. [Repealed].

360. [Repealed].

361. Separation for Various Reasons.

363. Separation or Transfer to Retired Re


365. [Repealed].

367. Retirement for Length of Service.

369. Retired Grade.

371. Computation of Retired Pay.

373. Civilian Employees.

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