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Mundy, Scott v.

(Iowa) 460


Kadans (A.) & Co., Katz v. (N. Y.) 401
Kansas City, Sanger v. (Kan.) 294
Katz v. Kadans (A.) & Co. (N. Y.) 401
Kempinger, State ex rel., v.

(Wis.) 67
Kent, Jacob & Youngs v. .. (N. Y.) 1429
Kleinman v. Banner Laundry

(Minn.) 479 Kokesh v. Price ...

(Minn.) 643 Krocker v. Westmoreland Plan

ing Mill Co. ... (Pa.) 1404

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Nashville, Nashville Labor

Temple v. (Tenn.) 807 Nashville Agricultural & Normal Institute, Love

(Tenn.) 887 Nashville Labor Temple v. Nashville

(Tenn.) 807 New England Teleph. & Teleg.

Co., Barrett v. (N. H.) 947 Noll Welty Lumber Co., Searcy

(Mo.) 813 North American Transp. & Trading Co., Emer

(Ill.) 1 Northern P. R. Co., Helena & L.

Smelting & Reduc-
tion Co. v.

(Mont.) 546 Northwestern Mill. Co., Presho

State Bank v. .. (S. D.) 48 Nothaf v. State (Tex. Crim. App.) 1374


Co. v.

son v.

Lake & Export Coal Corp., Fayette Kanawha Coal

(W. Va.) 565 Lechler v. Montana L. Ins. Co.

(N. D.) 1193 Lefkowitz v. Silver

(N. C.) 1491 Lewis, House v.

(Neb.) 877 Liddell Co. y. Cork

(S. C.) 800 Linthicum v. Shipley

(Md.) 754 Longwood, McGowan v... (Mass.)

(Mass.) 617 Louisville & N. R. Co., Bryan v.

(Mo.) 537 Love v. Nashville Agricultural & Normal Institute

(Tenn.) 887

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Obadiak, Bielitski v. ..... (Sask.) 351 Odd Fellows Bldg. Asso., Smith v.

(Nev.) 38 Opinion of Justices, Re (Mass.) 610 Overton v. Woodmen of the World

(Ala.) 337




McCrory Stores Corp., Braunstein v.

(N. J.) 133 McGlashan, Shackleford v. (N. M.)

75 McGowan v. Longwood

(Mass.) 617 McKee, Gratz v...

(C. C. A.) 1393 McKinstry v. Dewey

(Iowa) 587 McMahon v. Pearlman

(Mass.) 1467 Maher, Smith v.

(Okla.) 270 Manhattan Oil Co., Des Moines

(Iowa) 1322 Marbury Lumber Co. v. Jones

(Ala.) 309 Marlboro Cotton Mills, Hewins

(Mass.) 449 Maysville Water Co., Purnell v.

(Ky.) 223 Melrose Ave., Re

(N. Y.) 1233 Miller, Cunningham v.

(Wis.) 739 Montana L. Ins. Co., Lechler

(N. D.) 1193 Moore v. Adams

(Ga.) 925

(Or.) 1217 Moore (A. G.) & Co. v. Donnelly

(Eng. H. L.) 1135


Pacific Light & P. Corp. Follette

(Cal.) 965 Pacific Power & L. Co., Phillippay v.

(Wash.) 1251 Palmer, Salsedo v. (C. C. A.) 1262 Payne, Elliott v.

(Mo.) 706 v. Hamblin

(Miss.) 146 Pearlman, McMahon v. (Mass.) 1467 People v. Toner

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(Vt.) 748 Philadelphia Nat. Bank, Gurdus use of Solnicki

(Pa.) 1227 Phillippay v. Pacific Power & L. Co.

(Wash.) 1251 Phillips, Estler Bros. v. (Eng. H. L.) 1148 Pickett V. Waldorf System

(Mass.) 1014



Strong v.


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Snow v. Hawkes ... .. (N. C.) 183 Solnicki, Gurdus use of, v. Philadelphia Nat. Bank

(Pa.) 1227 Stafford v. Wallace

(U. S.) 229 Star Drilling Mach. Co. Richards

(Pa.) 1460 State v. Avery

(Kan.) 453 Cooper v.

(Fla.) 109 Nothaf v. (Tex. Crim. App.) 1374 v. Preston

(Or.) 414 Sims v.

(Okla.) 1475 v. Stephens

(La.) 286 Turner v. (Tex. Crim. App.) 1378 ex rel. Rodd v. Verage

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(C. C. A.) 302 Stindt, Stetson v.

(C. C. A.) 302 Streeter v. Gamble

(Ill.) 1485 Strong v. Moore

(Or.) 1217





Railroad Co., Louisville & N.,
Bryan v.

(Mo.) 537 Railway Co., Cleveland, C. C. &

St. L., Caine v. (Mich.) 1442 Northern P., Helena &

L. Smelting & Re

duction Co. v. (Mont.) 546 Rathbone, Hastings v. (Iowa) 392 Rawlings, Campbell v. (D. C.) 854 Re Bowditch

(Cal.) 735 Melrose Ave.

(N. Y.) 1233 Opinion of Justices (Mass.) 610 Richards, Star Drilling Mach.

(Pa.) 1460 Rodd, State ex rel., v. Verage

(Wis.) 491 Rodgers v. Boise Asso. .. (Idaho) 195

Taylor v. Flower Deaconess
Home & Hospital

(Ohio) 900 Tintic Mill. Co. v. Industrial

Commission (Utah) 325 Toner, People v.

(Mich.) 433 Toohey v. Webster

(N. J.) 440 Turner v. State (Tex. Crim. App.) 1378

Co. v.



Union Colliery Co. v. Industrial

(n.) 1150 Union Marine Ins. Co. v. High

(Ark.) 24 Union Traction Co. v. Gaunt (Ind.) 649 United States v. Howe .. (C. C. A.) 531 University of Chicago, Chicago




Salsedo v. Palmer

(C. C. A.) 1262 Sanger v. Kansas City (Kan.) 294 Scott v. Mundy

(Iowa) 460 Searcy v. Noll Welty Lumber Co..

(Mo.) 813 Shackleford v. McGlashan (N. M.) 75 Shanley v. Hurley


261 Sharp, Fife Coal Co. v. (Eng. H. L.) 1135 Shaughnessy v. Director Gener

al of Railroads (Pa.) 1211 Shepard, Glanzer v.

(N. Y.) 1425 Shipley, Linthicum v.

(Md.) 754 Silver, Lefkowitz v. (N. C.) 1491 Sims v. State

(Okla.) 1475 Smith v. Clark

(Mass.) 582 V. Maher

(Okla.) 270 Odd Fellows Bldg. Asso.

(Nev.) 38

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VOL. 23

W. H. EMERSON, Appt.,


[blocks in formation]

(303 Ill. 282, 135 N. E. 497.) Limitation of actions - certificate of deposit.

1. The Statute of Limitations does not begin to run upon a certificate of deposit until demand made.

[See note on this question beginning on page 7.] Bank certificate of deposit - reasonable time for demand upon where demand to be made.

certificate of deposit. 2. When a corporation discontinues 3. The reasonable time within which business at the place where it issued demand must be made upon a certifia certificate of deposit, demand need cate of deposit issued for money denot be made at a place other than posited for safe-keeping is not govthat of its residence and principal erned by the limitation period fixed place of business in another state. by statute for actions upon accounts.

[See 3 R. C. L. 582.]

APPEAL by plaintiff from a judgment of the Appellate Court, First District, affirming a judgment of the Municipal Court of Chicago, (Cook, J.) in favor of defendant in an action brought to recover the amount alleged to be due on a certificate of deposit. Reversed.

The facts are stated in the opinion of the court. Messrs. Knapp & Campbell, John R. brought this suit in the municipal Cochran, and Leonard Ferris Martin court of Chicago on June 15, 1917, for appellant. Messrs. Judah, Willard, Wolf, &

to recover the amount of a certificate of deposit made by the appel

lee, the North American TransporCartwright, J., delivered the opin

tation & Trading Company, for ion of the court:

$10,000 deposited with the defendThe appellant, W. H. Emerson,

ant on March 31, 1900, at Nome,

Reichmann for appellee.

23 A.L.R.-1.

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