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, , 7

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Table 1.1

Project Components

Chemical Fate and Transport
Cost Estimation
Decision Making Methodology
Environmental Impact
Exposure Modeling
Facilities Management
Group Dynamics
Public Perceptions
Regulatory/Legislative Policy
Risk Assessment
Source Identification

Table 1.2

Participants in the AMOCO/EPA Pollution Prevention Project

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

office of Air and Radiation
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
National Advisory Council on Environmental Policy

and Technology
Office of Research and Development
office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation
office of Water
office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances
office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Region III

Amoco Corporation

Environmental Affairs and Safety
Public and Government Affairs
Art Services
Analytical Services
Groundwater Management Services

Amoco Oil Company

Refining and Transportation Engineering
Research and Development
Yorktown Refinery
Whiting Refinery

Commonwealth of Virginia

State Water Control Board
Department of Waste Management
Department of Air Pollution Control

Academic Institutions

Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary
University of California at Los Angeles
University of Michigan

Table 1.2 (Continued)


ICF/Clement International
ENSECO Laboratories
Radian Corporation
York Laboratories
Murry/Trettel Consulting Meteorologists
Industrial Marine Service, Inc.
James R. Reed and Associates
Industrial Economics, Incorporated
Abt Associates
Resources for the Future

Peer Review Committee Members

Dr. Clifford s. Russell, Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy
Studies (Chair)
Ms. Jolene Chinchilli, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Mr. A. Ray Dudley, Array Enterprises, Inc.
Dr. John R. Ehrenfeld, MIT Center for Technology, Policy and
Industrial Development
Dr. John D. Graham, Harvard School of Public Health
Dr. Robert J. Huggett, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Ms. Frances H. Irwin, Conservation Foundation
Dr. Joseph F. Malina, Jr., University of Texas
Dr. John J. McKetta, University of Texas
Mr. David R. Patrick, Clement International Corporation
Dr. James G. Quinn, University of Rhode Island
Dr. Mitchell J. Small, Carnegie Mellon University

Amoco/USEPA Workgroup Members
John Atcheson
David Berg
Doug Blewitt
Walter Brodtman
Kirt Cox
Catherine Crane
Jim Cummings-Saxton
Christine E. DeLuca
Dan Fort
Deborah Gillette
Madeline Grulich
Deborah Hanlon
Janice Johnson
Mark Joyce
Sharon Keneally-Baxter

Mark Klan
Howard Klee
Donna Kraisinger
Jim Lounsbury
Keith Mason
Richard olin
Pat Pesacreta
Mahesh Podar
Alex Ross
Manik Roy
Mary Rubin
Dale Ruhter
Debora Sparks
Mary Spearman
Pat Woodson

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