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Additional material submitted for the record by

Corbin, Garrison R., Jr., chairman of the board, Environmental
Planning Lobby of the State of New York---

Delaney, James J., a Representative in Congress from the State of
New York, letter dated March 1, 1976, to Chairman Rooney, re
New York congressional delegation's support for H.R. 8906---
Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee:

1974 costs utilized for projecting program costs.

1980 Winter Olympics, Lake Placid facility contribution--
Attachments to Rev. Fell's prepared statement:

Excerpt from "Olympics in Perspective",

List of Winter Events held in Lake Placid since 1932

List of Lake Placid residents on U.S. Olympic teams since

Joint Resolution of support by the Legislature of the State of
New York..

Excerpt from letter of President Gerald Ford to Lord Killanin,
president of the International Olympic Committee.

Lamb, J. Vernon, chairman, Environmental Council, LPOOC,

statement -

Projected budget costs-1975-1979

XII Winter Olympic games at Innsbruck, Austria-Olympic


New York State Department:

Attachment to Mr. Cuomo's prepared statement:

Projected budget costs - -

Costs to be borne by New York State and the Bureau of
Outdoor Recreation --

Lake Placid Organizing Committee administrative costs..
Estimated administrative revenue..

Reid, Ogden, commissioner of New York State, Department of
Environmental Conservation, statement--

Wydler, John W., a Representative in Congress from the State of
New York, letter dated March 1, 1976, to Chairman Rooney, re
New York congressional delegation's support for H.R. 8906..





The subcommittee met at 2 p.m., pursuant to notice, in room 2218, Washington, D.C. Rayburn House Office Building, Hon. Fred B. Rooney (chairman) presiding.

Mr. ROONEY. This afternoon we are going to have the first of 2 days of hearings on H.R. 8906. The purpose of this bill is to authorize a $50 million appropriation to the Secretary of Commerce for the 13th international winter Olympic games to be held in 1980 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

The funds are to be used to assist in the planning, designing, and constructing necessary facilities for these games. These facilities are to be designed and constructed in a manner to assure maximum continued public use after the completion of the games.

The bill further provides for a $250,000 appropriation to the Secretary of Commerce to administer the act.

This subcommittee is proud to consider this bill as we believe that holding the 1980 winter Olympic games in Lake Placid will be a great honor for all of the people of the United States.

Our interest and enthusiasm for the Olympic games is certainly enhanced by having Congressman Metcalfe on this subcommittee.

Unfortunately, due to prior commitments that could not be changed, he is unable to be with us today.

Mr. Metcalfe is a distinguished and active member of the President's Commission on Olympic Sports.

Moreover, we and the whole Nation are proud of his outstanding accomplishments in the 1932 and 1936 summer Olympic games. Ralph won a silver medal for the 100 meter dash and a bronze medal for the 200 meter dash in the 1932 games. In the 1936 games he won a gold medal for the 400 meter relay and a silver medal for the 100 meter dash. You will recall that Ralph and other American athletes were involved in an international relations incident during the 1936 games which certainly had no place in those or any other Olympic games. Similarly, for a number of years the Olympic games have been involved in controversies as to what constitutes an amateur athlete and other matters.

We have no intention of becoming involved in such controversies during these hearings. Rather, we will be concerned with such basic


questions as to whether it is necessary to provide Federal funds for the games-and if so, what amount is necessary; whether there is adequate protection to prevent cost overruns similar to those that have plagued all other Olympic planning committees in recent years; whether adequate controls will be implemented to protect any Government investment; whether there is assurance that any Government expenditures will be made for the enduring good of the whole citizenry; whether adequate environmental protection is provided; and whether adequate security can be provided to prevent another tragic incident similar to the one that occurred in Munich 4 years ago.

At this point a copy of H.R. 8906 will be inserted in the record. [Text of H.R. 8906 and agency reports thereon follows:]

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Mr. McEwEx introduced the following bill; which was referred jointly to the Committees on Interstate and Foreign Commerce and Interior and Insular Affairs


Authorizing appropriations for the winter Olympic games. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 That the Congress has declared it to be desirable that all 4 American people of present and future generations be as5 sured adequate outdoor recreation resources; and declares 6 that the thirteenth international winter Olympic games 7 which are to be held in the United States at Lake Placid, 8 New York, in 1980 are in furtherance of stimulating an 9 awareness of outdoor recreation activities and that the Conhas pledged its cooperation and support in the success



11 ful fulfillment of such games.




SEC. 2. There is authorized to be appropriated to the 2 Secretary of Commerce, the sum of $50,000,000 for the 3 purpose of assisting the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing 4 Committee, a not-for-profit corporation of the State of New 5 York, in planning, designing, and constructing necessary 6 facilities for the thirteenth international winter Olympic 7 games. The Secretary of Commerce shall provide grants to 8 the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee in such 9 sums, and at such times, and under such conditions as he 10 deems necessary and appropriate for assisting in the plan11 ning, design, and construction of the necessary winter sports 12 and supporting facilities in connection with the thirteenth 13 international winter Olympic games.

14 SEC. 3. The Secretary of Commerce shall cooperate and 15 consult with the Secretary of the Interior on all matters 16 necessary to carrying out the purposes of this Act, includ17 ing the preservation and enhancement of the outdoor recre18 ational value of the area and shall participate along with 19 State and local officials in the design of all federally assisted 20 facilities to assure that such facilities will be designed and con21 structed in a manner which will assure maximum continued 22 public use and benefits to the community and to the public 23 generally, following the completion of the thirteenth inter24 national winter Olympic games.

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