The Budget of the United States Government

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Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, 2002

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Page 150 - Today's beneficiaries and those approaching retirement should have the option of keeping the traditional plan with no changes. • Medicare should make available better health insurance options, like those available to all Federal employees. • Medicare legislation should strengthen the program's long-term financial security. • The management of the government Medicare plan should be strengthened to improve care for seniors.
Page 92 - ... crowds and contain ethnic conflict. They were wrong. While the threats to America have changed, the need for victory has not. We are fighting shadowy, entrenched enemies — enemies using the tools of terror and guerrilla war — yet we are finding new tactics and new weapons to attack and defeat them. This revolution in our military is only beginning, and it promises to change the face of battle.
Page 388 - Trezza, executive director, of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. The National Commission on Libraries and Information Science...
Page 389 - International customers please add 25%. Prices include regular domestic postage and handling and are subject to change.
Page 141 - The paramount goal is compassionate results, and private and charitable community groups, including religious ones, should have the fullest opportunity permitted by law to compete...
Page 16 - Office') to be headed by the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security. "Sec. 2. Mission. The mission of the Office shall be to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks.
Page 138 - Registry (ATSDR), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the...
Page 48 - Under each of the five sets of standards, an agency is "green" if it meets all of the standards for success, "yellow" if it has achieved some but not all of the criteria, and "red" if it has even one of any number of serious flaws.
Page 48 - Administration will use this scorecard to track how well departments and agencies are executing the management initiatives, and where they stand at a given point in time against the overall standards for success. The scorecard employs a simple "traffic light" grading system common today in well-run businesses: green for success, yellow for mixed results, and red for unsatisfactory.
Page 388 - Federal officials, ready access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of Federal officials, and the national experience.

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