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Provisions Applicable to Departments and Officers Generally

Sec. 22a. 26a. 29. 32. 55a.



73b. 73b-1.



73b-4. 73c-1 73c-2. 73d.

Delegation of powers and authority to subordinate officials.
Repealed. Saturday half holidays.
Repealed. Hours of labor in executive departments.
Repealed. Quarterly reports as to condition of business.
Temporary employment of experts or consultants; rate of compen-

Employment during terminal leave from armed forces.
(a) Payment of pay and allowances due from armed forces in

addition to regular compensation. (b) Lump sum payments for accumulated or accrued leave upon

entering Government service. (c) Compensation for services rendered. (d) Lump sum payments for accumulated or accrued leave upon

entering State service. (e) Waiver.

(f) Definitions. Transportation expenses of officers and employees in privately owned

vehicles and airplanes; mileage allowances; fares and tolls. Traveling expenses limited to lowest first-class rate. Travel expenses of transferred employees; transportation of families,

household goods and personal effects; employees excepted; reimburse

ment in lieu of payment; availability of funds. Travel expenses of consultants or experts; transportation of persons

serving without compensation.
Travel expenses of new appointees; transportation of families, house-

hold goods and personal effects.
Same; availability of appropriations.
Traveling expenses to and from Virgin Islands; transportation of bodies

of deceased persons.
Expenses for subsistence; traveling on duty.
Display of department name or branch of service on government motor

vehicles in District of Columbia. Restrictions on use of government owned or leased motor vehicles and

aircraft-Purchase or hire of vehicles. Restrictions on purchase, operation, use and maintenance of passenger

motor vehicles and aircraft-Purchase or hire of vehicles. Annual or monthly compensation. Same; government officers and employees attending department hear

ings. Awards to departmental personnel for meritorious suggestions; amount;

honorary recognition of exceptional services; release of claim.
Same; vehicles, boats, accessories, equipment and other authorized

Clothing and equipment for protection of personnel.

Reorganization of Executive and Administrative Agencies
Declaration of objects and purposes.
Powers and duties of President; preparation and contents of reorgani-

zation plan; submission to Congress.
Additional contents of reorganization plans.
Limitations on reorganization plans; agencies exempted; termination of
power to effect reorganization.


74. 77.



84. 95a.




133v. 133y-1.

133y-2. 133y-3.

Reorganization of Executive and Administrative Agencies—Continued Sec. 133y-4. Effective date of reorganization specified in plan. 133y-5. Definition of “agency." 133y-6. What constitutes a "reorganization." 133y-7. Effect of transfer or consolidation on statutes and regulations or other

actions; definition; effect on pending legal proceedings. 133y-8. Effect on unexpended appropriations. 133y-9. Publication of reorganization plans. 133y-10. Rules of Senate and House of Representatives in case of resolutions on

reorganization plans. 133y-11. Definition of "resolution." 133y-12. Reference of resolution of reorganization plan to committee. 133y-13. Discharge of committee considering reorganization plan resolution. 133y-14. Procedure after report or discharge of committee; debate. 133y-15. Decisions on motions to postpone or proceed to be without debate. 133y-16. Procedure when one House, prior to passage of its resolution, receives

resolution from other House on same plan. Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1946.


520a. 534b. 552a.

Health Services for Employees
Establishment of health service programs; conditions; review of Public
Health Service; definition.

Department of Agriculture
Stenographic reporting service.
Official expenses of employees stationed abroad.
Manufacture and sale of copies of bibliographic-photographs, and

library supplies.
Construction limitation on buildings of Bureau of Agricultural and

Industrial Chemistry.
Construction and repair of buildings of Agricultural Research Admin-




Civil Service Commission and Classified Civil Service



Same; civil service status of incumbents of positions overed into civil

service and of certain legislative branch employees. Benefits to employees ineligible for earlier appointment because of

military service; persons excluded. Same; period of compensation.


Classification of Civilian Positions


667. 669a. 672a. 672b. 672c.

673. 681.

Rules and regulations; classification; establishment of compensation

rates for classes of positions within grade; report to Congress;

application and effect of actions by Civil Service Commission.
Increases in compensation.
Same; uniformity of administration; rules and regulations.
Increase in basic rates of compensation.
Additional increases in basic rates of compensation.
Same; application to certain grades of Crafts, Protective, and Custodial

Compensation schedules enumerated.
Extension of Classification Act by President.

Retirement of Civil Service Employees
Voluntary retirement; involuntary retirement of disqualified employees;

annuity payments after certain periods of service.
Employees included.
Method of computing annuities.
Computation of period service.
Same; discontinuance of annuity; failure of reemployment; separation

Compensation under chapter and lump-sum compensation for injuries.
Voluntary deposit of additional sums; refund in event of death.


693. 698. 707. 713.

714. 719–1

Retirement of Civil Service Employees—Continued

Sec. 724.

729a. 733.


757. 760. 761.

Return of deductions to employee on transfer from classified to un

classified status or separation from service on death or incompetency

of employee. Recovery of annuity payments. Annuities to employees separated from service before becoming eligible

for retirement; effect of reemployment; interest.
Credit for past service.

Compensation for Injuries to Employees of United States
Person receiving not to be paid for other services; pensions.
Compensation to heirs in case of death.
Payment to personal representative where death results within six

years; transportation of remains; burial expenses.
Time for making claims.
Terms defined.

Subsistence Expenses
Officers and employees away on official business; allowance of actual

necessary expenses.

770. 790.



Federal Employees Pay Provisions (New)
Coverage of employees.
Exemptions from coverage; definition.
Payment of overtime; time and one-half rates computation schedule of

901. 902. 911.

912. 913. 921. 922. 941, 942.

943. 943a. 944.


Compensatory time off for irregular or occasional overtime work.
Payment of overtime to wage-board employees; computation.
Night pay differential.
Compensation for holiday work; rate; effective date.
Inspectional groups exempted from coverage.
Increase in basic compensation rates of employees of customs and im-

migration services; employees not specifically provided for.
Limitations on reductions and increases in compensation.
Limitations on increases.
Establishment of basic workweek; pay period; pay computation meth-

ods; application by Architect of the Capitol and Librarian of

Personnel ceilings.

(a) Termination of unnecessary employment.
(b) Reports to Budget Director; contents; etc.
(c) Determinations by Director.
(d) Director's duties.
(e) Exclusion of casual and unpaid employees.
(f) Exemption of certain employees until cessation of present war;

Exemption of compensation increases from determination of annual

income under veterans laws and regulations.
Payment of certain overtime, holiday, and leave compensation on night

rate basis; amounts due decreased or incompetent persons.
Certification of claims; conclusiveness of payments.
Period of compensation; application for payment; limitations.
Exemption from retirement or withholding tax deductions.
Rules and regulations.
Payment for services of agent or attorney prohibited; penalties.

Administrative Procedure (New)
Publication of information, rules, opinions, etc.
Rule making.



950. 951. 952. 953. 954.

1001. 1002. 1003. 1004.

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Sec. 1005. 1006. 1007.


Ancillary matters.
Hearings; presiding officers; powers, duties, proof; evidence, records.
Initial decisions; conclusiveness; review by agency; submissions by

parties; contents of decisions; record.
Imposition of sanctions; determination of applications for licenses;

suspension, revocation, expiration.
Judicial review.
Appointment of examiners; assignment, removal, compensation, etc.
Impairment of rights; effect on other laws; separability; etc.

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1009. 1010. 1011.

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8 22a. Delegation of powers and authority to subordinate officials.—The head of any department may delegate to subordinate officials (1) the power vested in him by law to take final action on matters pertaining to the employment, direction, and general administration of personnel under his department; (2) the authority vested in him by section 675 of title 31 to direct the purchase of articles from contingent funds; and (3) the authority vested in him by section 324 of title 44, to authorize the publication of advertisements, notices or proposals. (Aug. 2, 1946, ch. 744, § 12, 60 Stat. 809.)

$ 26a. Repealed. June 30, 1945, ch. 212, title VI, 8 604 (c), 59 Stat. 303.

Section, Act Mar. 3, 1931, ch. 396, 46 Stat. 1482, provided for Saturday half holidays.

Section was suspended by the following acts: Dec. 22, 1942, ch. 798, § 3, 56 Stat. 1069, eff. Dec. 1, 1942; May 7, 1943, ch. 93, § 6, 57 Stat. 77, set out as section 1405 of appendix to title 50; and the following executive orders: No. 8816, July 5, 1941, 6 F. R. 3265; No. 8876, Aug. 30, 1941, 6 F. R. 171 ; No. 9018, Jan. 12, 1942, 7 F. R. 238.

$ 29. Repealed. June 30, 1945, ch. 212, Title VI, 8 604 (c), 59 Stat. 303.

Act Oct. 21, 1940, ch. 903, 54 Stat. 1205 ; Act June 3, 1941, ch. 168, 55 Stat. 241 ; Res. July 3, 1912, ch. 482, 56 Stat. 645, amended by Act Oct. 2, 1942, ch. 577, 56 Stat. 765 ; Res. Dec. 22, 1942, ch. 798, 56 Stat. 1068, providing for overtime compensation for all civilian employees of the United States Government, including employees of the Panama Canal Zone, expired Apr. 30, 1943.

Validation of payments in excess of maximum compensation.—Act Dec. 7, 1944, ch. 520, 58 Stat. 796, as amended Aug. 8, 1946, ch. 872, 60 Stat. 923, provided : “That employees or former employees of the United States who were in the purview of Public Law 821, Seventy-seventh Congress, approved Dec. 22, 1942 [Res. Dec. 22, 1942, ch. 798, 56 Stat. 1068, (set out as a note under this section)] which law was in effect from Dec. 1, 1942, to Apr. 30, 1943, and which limited the overtime compensation of any employee to an amount which will not cause his aggregate compensation to exceed a rate of $5,000 per annum', (1) are hereby relieved of liability to repay to the United States any amounts received by them for any pay period which were in excess of the maximum compensation to which they were entitled for such period under the provisions of said Public Law 821 and (2) shall be entitled to refunds of any such amounts that they have repaid to the United States: Provided, That in no case shall there be validated aggregate payment to an employee in excess of six-twelfths of $5,000.”

$ 32. Repealed. Aug. 7, 1946, ch. 770, $ 1 (1), 60 Stat. 866.

Section codified from Act Mar. 3, 1893; ch. 211, § 5 (par. 4), 27 Stat. 715, as amended by Act Mar. 15, 1898, ch. 68, 8 7, 30, Stat. 316.

$ 55a. Temporary employment of experts or consultants; rate of compensation.— The head of any department, when authorized in an appropriation or other Act, may procure the temporary (not in excess of one year) or intermittent services of experts or consultants or organizations thereof, including stenographic reporting services,

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