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Week Ending Friday, June 29, 1990

Proclamation 6150% Korean War

legacy of all those who fought and died in Remembrance Day, 1990

the Korean War. Soon a magnificent monuJune 22, 1990

ment-38 figures that will march silently

toward a United States flag—will be raised By the President of the United States

on the grounds of the Mall in Washington of America

in tribute to all who served in the Korean

War. A Proclamation

On this 40th anniversary of the Korean Forty years ago, American men and

War, we resolve as a Nation to sanctify and women were asked to make a stand for freedom in behalf of those who lived in a

preserve the memory of all those who, country about which many of our young

through their courage, dedication, and saccitizens probably knew very little. They did

rifice, helped secure the blessings of freeknow that liberty was in jeopardy, and so

dom for the people of the Republic of these brave young men and women joined

Korea and kept freedom's light burning United Nations forces from around the brightly. world to stop communist aggression in the In respect and recognition of those AmerRepublic of Korea.

icans who served in the armed forces The immensity of what they undertook during the Korean War, the Congress, by may have been best expressed by President House Joint Resolution 575, has requested Truman when he stated, “In the simplest the President to issue a proclamation calling terms, what we are doing in Korea is this: upon the people of the United States to We are trying to prevent a third World observe the day of June 25, 1990, as War." Over 5,700,000 Americans were in- “Korean War Remembrance Day.” volved directly or indirectly in the conflict.

Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, PresiThe lives of 54,246 of our soldiers were lost,

dent of the United States of America, do we saw 103,000 wounded, and 8,000 are still listed as missing in action—all to pre

hereby proclaim June 25, 1990, as Korean vent the world from plunging into the abyss

War Remembrance Day. I ask all Federal


agencies, of another World War. After 38 months of departments and bitter combat, the victory was won, and the

groups, organizations, and individuals to fly communists were driven out of the Repub

the flag of the United States at half-staff on lic of Korea. It was not only a victory for

June 25, 1990, in honor of the Americans the South Koreans, but for all those who

who died as a result of service in the cherish liberty and self-determination.

Korean War. After World War II, the world was weary

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set of war and with an economic recovery in

my hand this twenty-second day of June, in full bloom, many Americans gradually put


of our Lord nineteen hundred and the memory of the struggle for freedom in ninety, and of the Independence of the Korea behind them. The immense achieve- United States of America the two hundred ment in the cause of freedom was all but and fourteenth. forgotten.

George Bush Looking back at the Korean conflict, we recognize that our defense of freedom in this early struggle of the Cold War helped (Filed with the Office of the Federal Regislay the foundation for the march of democ

ter, 1:53 p.m., June 25, 1990) racy we see today around the world. This Note: The proclamation was released by the new dawning of freedom is the marvelous Office of the Press Secretary on June 25.

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