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Table of Titles and Chapter Headings

Title 1-General Provisions


I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

Title 2-The Congress

Table of statutory authorities and statutes interpreted or applied

Title 3-The President

Proclamations (tabulation)

II Executive orders (tabulation)


Presidential documents other than Proclamations and Executive orders (tabulation) Appendix Table of CFR references to Presidential documents

Title 4-Accounts

I General Accounting Office

Title 5-Administrative Personnel

I Civil Service Commission


The Loyalty Review Board

III Foreign and Territorial Compensation

Title 6-Agricultural Credit

Farm Credit Administration, Department of Agriculture

II Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture
III Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture
IV Production and Marketing Administration and Commodity Credit
Corporation, Department of Agriculture

Title 7-Agriculture

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

SUBTITLE B-Regulations of the Department of Agriculture

I Production and Marketing Administration (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices)

II Production and Marketing Administration (School Lunch Pro


III Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine


IV Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

V Production and Marketing Administration (Surplus Property)
Soil Conservation Service


VII Production and Marketing Administration (Agricultural Adjust



Production and Marketing Administration (Sugar Branch)

IX Production and Marketing Administration (Marketing Agree

ments and Orders)

X Administrator, Research and Marketing Act

Title 8-Aliens and Nationality

I Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice
II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice

III Philippine Alien Property Administration
IV Displaced Persons Commission

Title 9-Animals and Animal Products

I Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture

II Production and Marketing Administration (Packers and Stock

yards Division), Department of Agriculture III Bureau of Dairy Industry, Department of Agriculture

Title 10-Atomic Energy

I Atomic Energy Commission

Title 11-Bankruptcy

(No regulations assigned to this title)

Title 12-Banks and Banking

I Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of the

II Federal Reserve System

III Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

IV Export-Import Bank of Washington

Title 13-Business Credit

I Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Title 14-Civil Aviation

I Civil Aeronautics Board

II Civil Aeronautics Administration, Department of Commerce



SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Commerce

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Commerce and Foreign

I Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce

II National Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce

III Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Com


IV Foreign-Trade Zones Board

V Weather Bureau, Department of Commerce


Office of Technical Services, Department of Commerce VII Committee for Reciprocity Information

Title 16-Commercial Practices

I Federal Trade Commission

Title 17-Commodity and Securities Exchanges

I Commodity Exchange Authority (Including Commodity Exchange Commission), Department of Agriculture

II Securities and Exchange Commission

Title 18-Conservation of Power

I Federal Power Commission

II Tennessee Valley Authority

Title 19-Customs Duties

I Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury

II United States Tariff Commission

Title 20-Employees' Benefits

I Bureau of Employees' Compensation, Federal Security Agency
II Railroad Retirement Board

III Bureau of Old Age and Survivors Insurance, Social Security Administration, Federal Security Agency

IV Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, Federal Security Agency V Bureau of Employment Security, Social Security Administration, Federal Security Agency


Title 21-Food and Drugs

I Food and Drug Administration, Federal Security Agency

II Bureau of Narcotics, Department of the Treasury


I Department of State

II Economic Cooperation Administration


Title 23-Highways

Public Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency

Title 24-Housing and Housing Credit

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Administrator, Housing and Home
Finance Agency

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Housing and Housing

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I Home Loan Bank Board, Housing and Home Finance Agency


Federal Housing Administration, Housing and Home Finance

III Public Housing Administration, Housing and Home Finance


SUBTITLE C-Regulations Relating to Priority-Constructed
Housing and Rent Control

VIII Office of Housing Expediter

Title 25-Indians

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior

II Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior
III Indian Claims Commission

Title 26-Internal Revenue

I Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury


The Tax Court of the United States

Title 27-Intoxicating Liquors

I Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury

Title 28-Judicial Administration

I Department of Justice

Title 29-Labor

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Labor
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Labor

I National Labor Relations Board

III National Railroad Adjustment Board

IV Child Labor Branch, Department of Labor

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