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Washington, D.C., April 1, 1977.
President of the Senate,
Washington, D.C.

DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: Under authority of Senate Resolution 373 agreed to March 1, 1976, I am submitting to you the annual report of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, "Developments in Aging: 1976,” Part II.

Publication has been delayed this year by one month because of Senate reorganization and the need for the new membership of this Committee to review the draft report.

Senate resolution 4, approved by the Senate, February 1, 1977, authorizes this Committee to continue inquiries and evaluations of issues on aging. This pertains not only to those of age 65 and beyond but others who find that advancing years effect their lives in one way or another.

On behalf of the members of the Committee audits staff, I want to extend my thanks to the officers of the Senate for the cooperation and courtesies extended to us. Sincerely,



Letter of transmittal.--

Appendix 1. Annual report of the Federal Council on the Aging.

Appendix 2. Report of Legal Services Corp--

Appendix 3. Reports from Federal departments and agencies:

Item 1. Department of Agriculture..

Item 2. Department of Commerce-

Item 3. Department of Defense

Item 4. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

Office of Human Development:

Administration on Aging-


Part I. Annual report for fiscal year 1976.

Organization of the Administration on Aging---

Organization of the fiscal year 1976 XoX annual


Administration on Aging activities by program.

Programs directly affecting the elderly -

Programs supporting the concerns of the elderly -

Administration on Aging activities in terms of

forward plan goals...

List of working agreements negotiated by the

Administration on Aging---

Part II. Activities, first quarter of fiscal year 1977-

National network on aging conferences.

New AoA interagency agreements.

Transportation report...

KQED project---

Part III. Directions for fiscal year 1977-

Increasing the number of older persons served and

the quality of services offered by increasing net-

work capacity--

Increasing Federal resources used to serve the needs

of older persons.

Increasing policy effect in the interests of older


Increasing general public involvement in solving the

problems of older persons --

Joint working agreement between the Administration

on Aging of the Department of Health, Education,

and Welfare, and the organization of the Assistant

Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner

of the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-

ment on Housing and Social Services for the Elderly -

I. Purpose.

II. Background.

III. Description of HUD and AoA programs.

IV. Joint objectives and activities.

Office of Consumer Affairs.

1. Consumer advocacy-

2. Consumer education and information.

3. Planning and analysis -

Social Security Administration.

1. Legislation.--

2. OASDI benefits and beneficiaries..

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Appendix 3. Reports from Federal departments and agencies--Continued

Item 4. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare-Continued

Social Security Administration--Continued

3. Medicare

4. Supplemental security income.

5. Black lung benefits and beneficiaries.-

6. Ombudsman project---

7. Planned activities for 1977.

Social and Rehabilitation Service-

1. Research and evaluation...

2. Social services program.

3. Medical assistance program.

Office of Education..

1. Adult education.

2. Community service and continuing education.-

3. Public library services ---

4. Captioned films and television.

5. Other programs..

Public Health Service:

A. Health Resources Administration..

1. Division of Long-Term Care..

2. National Center for Health Services Research

3. Bureau of Health Planning and Resources De-

velopment -

4. National Center for Health Statistics.

5. Bureau of Health Manpower

B. National Institutes of Health

National Institute on Aging-

C. Office of Long-Term Care

Part I. Institutional care-

Part II. Noninstitutional care-

Part III. Other long-term care activities---

Item 5. Letter from G. Donald Whedon, M.D., Director, National

Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism, and Digestive Diseases; to

Senator Frank Church..

Item 6. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Item 7. Department of the Interior.--

Item 8. Department of Transportation..

Item 9. Department of the Treasury--

Item 10. ACTION..

Item 11. Civil Aeronautics Board.

Item 12. Civil Service Commission..

Item 13. Commission on Civil Rights...

Item 14. Community Services Administration.

Item 15. Consumer Product Safety Commission..

Item 16. Energy Research and Development Administration..

Item 17. Environmental Protection Agency.

Item 18. Federal Energy Administration..

Item 19. Federal Trade Commission...

Item 20. National Endowment for the Arts ---

Item 21. National Endowment for the Humanities.

Item 22. National Science Foundation..

Item 23. Postal Service.

Item 24. Railroad Retirement Board..

Item 25. Veterans Administration.-

Appendix 4. State legislation affecting the elderly:

Item 1. Letter and accompanying enrolled bill from Gov. Daniel

Evans, Olympia, Wash.--

Item 2. New Jersey State Senate Institutions, Health and Welfare

Committee statement to senate bill No. 944.-

Appendix 5. Material related to problems in implementing specialized

transportation in New York,

Appendix 6. Letter from Senator Frank Church, chairman, Committee on

Aging, to Michael J. Codd, police commissioner, New York City,

dated November 12, 1976, and reply from Mr. Codd, dated December 13,


Appendix 7. Publications List: Committee hearings and reports--

Appendix 8. Hearings held by the Special Committee on Aging during 1976-

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APRIL 7 (legislative day, FEBRUARY 21), 1977.—Ordered to be printed

Mr. CHURCH, from the Special Committee on Aging,

submitted the following

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Appendix 1




Washington, D.C., January 14, 1977. Hon. FRANK CHURCH, Chairman, Special Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C.

DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN : On behalf of the Federal Council on the Aging, I am pleased to submit the third annual report of the Federal Council on the Aging. Our report also includes some of the plans which we have for 1977. This report shows that the Council has made recommendations

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