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Died in Chatham, on the 4th insi., of hooping cough,
Lydia F.only child of Hiram and Lydia Harding; aged
: 6 months.
I knew that we must part day after day,
I saw the dread destroyer win his way;
Thai hollow cough first rang the filal knell,
As on my ear its soleinn warning fell,
I knew that we must part,- ,-no power could save
Thy quien goodness from an early grave;
All told thy doon, I felt it at my beart,

The shaft was struck--I knew that we must part,
And we have parted. Thou art gone,
Gone in thy early bloom, ineek, suffering one,
Thy weary spirit breathed itself to.sleep
So peacefully, it seemed a sin lo weep;
Then tired, like breezes didst thou sink to rest,
Nor one, one pang the awful change confessed;
Death stole in softness o'er that lovely face,
And touched each feature with a new-born grace,
On cheek and brow unearthly beauty lay,
And told that life had passed away.
In my last hour be heaven so kind to me,
I ask no more than this, 10 die like thee.

But thou art dead in the silent tomb,
Where thou art laid, thy kindred shall find room,
A litile while, a few short years of pain,
And one by one we'll welcome thee again ;
Thy kind, kind father shall seek out the place,
And rest with thee, the youngest of our race ;
Thy dear, dear inother, bent with care and grief,
Shall lay her head by thine in sweet relief,
Shall come and make their quiet bed with thee,
Beneath the ground that now dotli cover thee.

A gist from thy mother, my own fair boy,
'Tis the true source of happiness, peace and joy;
May its beautiful precepts ihy footsteps guide,
And keep thee througli jile on Virtue's side.
This book impearled by a mother's tears,
May it speak to thy heart in after years;
And when she resis 'neath the lowly sod,
May it teach thee to place thy trust in God.
May thine, belov'd be a blessed lol-
And oh may the giver be never forgol.

Deposited in

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(Nonpareil 12mo.)

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Mrs. Harrison Sairin.

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The Names and Order of ali the Books of the Old and Nero

Testaments, with the Number of their Chapters.

THE BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. Genesis hath Chapters 50 Ecclesiastes

12 Exodus

40 The Song of Solomon Leviticus 27|Isaiah

66 Numbers 36 Jeremiah

52 Deuteronomy

34 Lamentations Joshua 24 Ezekiel

48 Judges 21 Daniel

12 Ruth. 4 Hosea

14 J. Samuel 31 Joel

3 II. Samuel 24 Amos

9 I. Kings

22|Obadiah II. Kings

25 Jonah 1. Chronicles

29 Micah II. Chronicles

36 Nahum Ezra

10 Habakkuk Nehemiah

13 Zephaniah Esther

10 Haggai Job

42 Zechariah Psalms

150 Malachi. Proverbs

31) THE BOOKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. Matthew hath Chapters

9811. Timothy Mark

16 1. Timothy Luke

24 Titus. John

21 Phulernon The Acts of the Apostles 28 To the Hebrews

13 The Epistle to the Romans

16 The Epistle of James 1. Corinthians

16/L. Peter II. Corinthians

13 It, Peter. Galatians

6.I. John Ephesians

6II. John Philippians

4 III. John Colossians

Jude I. Thessalonians

Revelation 11. Thessalonians

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