Elementos de fisica esperimental dedicados á la enseñanza de los alumnos del Instituto nacional i de la Academia militar: Sacados de la obra del Senõr Abendaño

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J. Belin i companñia, 1852 - 206 pages

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Page 150 - ... that the ratio of the sines of the angles of incidence and refraction is constant for refraction in the same medium, was effected by Snell and Descartes.
Page 104 - H and D to measure the pressure, and D is supported in such a way that it may be raised or lowered at will. Experiment. Draw out a piece of glass tubing to a fine point, break off a small piece and grind the end flat so that the orifice shall be circular and smooth. Connect it as at C, by a rubber tube, with the bell-glass A, and fill the latter with air by blowing into E.
Page 239 - FRIEND AND PUPIL, THE AUTHOR. PREFACE. THE rapid spread of the Laboratory System of teaching Physics, both in this country and abroad, seems to render imperative the demand for a special text-book, to be used by the student. To meet this want the present work has been prepared, based on the experience gained in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the past four years. The preliminary chapter is devoted to general methods of investigation, and the more common applications of the mathematics...
Page 84 - P(l — cc), the moment of the deflecting force P. In this E is the modulus of elasticity, I the moment of inertia of the cross-section, y the deflection of any point at a distance x from the end, and I the length of the beam. Integrating, we obtain -^ — jj7j(lx — TJ-), in which -p- may be compared directly with the measurement.
Page 43 - Fig. 10, on a stand, and the vessel to be graduated A, which should be about six inches high, and an inch and a half in diameter. A paper scale divided into tenths of an inch should be attached to A with gum tragacanth, although shellac, or even mucilage, answers tolerably. A long string wound spirally around the vessel will keep the scale in plaoe until the gum is dry.
Page 148 - Verzweigungspuncte ist die Summe der Stromstärken gleich Null, wenn man den ankommenden Strömen das entgegengesetzte Vorzeichen gibt wie den abfliessendeu.
Page 69 - U, 12.0, 10.0. No single force will balance the beam. Equilibrium is obtained only by a second couple having the same moment, and turning in the opposite direction ; thus the moment being 12.0 X 5.0 = 60.0, the beam may be balanced by two forces of 10.0, each distant 6 inches from one another...
Page 38 - Stücke mit 50' 20' 10' 10" 5' 2' l' l" l'". Man führe eine Doppelwägung mit 50' einerseits und der Summe der übrigen Gewichte andererseits aus.

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