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My dear friends, this is an opportunity that will be rare for us in our legislative experience ... when you go home tonight and you close your eyes and you sleep and you ask, "What have I done today to lighten the burden upon those who suffer,” at least you could say, "I helped a little bit today; I voted to help those who needed help.”

-Claude Pepper, floor statement
on his home care proposal,
U.S. House of Representatives,
June 8, 1988


The deliberations and recommendations of the Pepper Commission would not have been possible without the extensive support of individuals and organizations too numerous to mention. First and foremost, the Commission is indebted to the many individuals who shared the hardships they have faced in obtaining or financing health and longterm care, so that we might benefit from their experience.

Second, a multitude of organizations and individual experts identified problems and proposed specific solutions which influenced the Commission actions.

Third, in its deliberations and preparation of its report, the Commission benefited from the extraordinary expertise and commitment of particular individuals. The Congressional Reference Service contributed invaluable support. Janet Kline, Mark Merlis, Beth Fuchs, and Janet Lundy provided information and analysis throughout the process. Specific analyses were prepared by Richard Price, Carol O'Shaughnessy, Melvina Ford, Ed Klebe, and Jennifer

O'Sullivan. Joan Sokolovsky provided valuable research support.

Fourth, as indicated in the supplementary volume to this support, the Commission drew upon numerous agencies and individuals to prepare background materials for the Commission's deliberations. The efforts of the General Accounting Office, the Office of Technology Assessment, and the Department of Health and Human Services are particularly appreciated.

Fifth, the Commission is grateful for the invaluable editorial support provided by Felicity Skidmore and Lynn Lewis, and for the capable production assistance of Leon Stern.

Finally, the analysis presented here would not have been possible without the assistance of numerous consultants. The Commission is particularly appreciative of the efforts of David Kennell, Lisa Alecxih, John Sheils, Marilyn Moon, and Kenneth Thorpe.

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