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Announcing—The Building Science Series

The “Building Science Series" disseminates technical information developed at the Bureau on building materials, components, systems, and whole structures. The series presents research results, test methods, and performance criteria related to the structural and environmental functions and the durability and safety characteristics of building elements and systems.

These publications, similar in style and content to the NBS Building Materials and Structure Reports (1938–59), are directed toward the manufacturing, design, and construction segments of the building industry, standards organizations, officials responsible for building codes, and scientists and engineers concerned with the properties of building materials.

The material for this series originates principally in the Building Research Division of the NBS Institute for Applied Technology. Published or in preparation are:

BSS1. Building Research at the National Bureau of Standards. (In preparation)
BSS2. Interrelations Between Cement and Concrete Properties: Part 1, Materials and Techniques,

Water Requirements and Trace Elements. 35 cents
BSS3. Doors as Barriers to Fire and Smoke. 15 cents
BSS4. Weather Resistance of Porcelain Enamels: Effect of Exposure Site and Other Variables

After Seven Years. 20 cents BSS5. Interrelations Between Cement and Concrete Properties: Part 2, Sulfate Expansion, Heat

of Hydration, and Autoclave Expansion. 35 cents BSS6. Some Properties of the Calcium Aluminoferrite Hydrates. 20 cents BSS7. Organic Coatings. Properties, Selection, and Use. $2.50 BSS8. Interrelations Between Cement and Concrete Properties: Part 3, Compressive Strengths of

Portland Cement Test Mortars and Steam-Cured Mortars. 55 cents BSS9. Thermal-Shock Resistance for Built-Up Membranes. 20 cents BSS10. Field Burnout Tests of Apartment Dwelling Units. 25 cents BSS11. Fire Resistance of Steel Deck Floor Assemblies. 25 cents BSS12. Performance of Square-Edged Orifices and Orifice-Target Combinations as Air Mixers. 15

cents BSS13. Shrinkage and Creep in Prestressed Concrete. 15 cents BSS14. Experimental Determination of Eccentricity of Floor Loads Applied to a Bearing Wall. 15

cents BSS15. Interrelations Between Cement and Concrete Properties: Part 4, Shrinkage of Hardened

Portland Cement Pastes. 75 cents BSS16. Techniques for the Survey and Evaluation of Live Floor Loads and Fire Loads in Modern

Office Buildings. 40 cents BSS17. Causes of Variation in Chemical Analyses and Physical Tests of Portland Cement. 40 cents BSS18. Smoke and Gases Produced by Burning Aircraft Interior Materials. 35 cents BSS19. A Study of the Variables Involved in the Saturating of Roofing Felts. 30 cents BSS20. Performance of Buildings—Concept and Measurement. Man and His Shelter. (In press) BSS21. Algorithms for Psychrometric Calculations. (In press) BSS22. Investigation of Performance Characteristics for Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures. (In press) BSS23. Hail Resistance of Roofing Products. 25 cents BSS24. Natural Weathering of Mineral Stabilized Asphalt Coatings on Organic Felt. (In press) BSS25. Structural Performance Test of a Building System. (In preparation)

Send orders with remittance to: Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government

Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Remittances from foreign countries should include an additional one-fourth of the purchase price for postage.

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