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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, Juanita M. Kreps, Secretary

Dr. Sidney Harman, Under Secretary

Jordan J. Baruch, Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology

NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS, Ernest Ambler, Acting Director

Issued February 1978


Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Cali, J. Paul.

Guide to United States reference materials.

(Standard reference materials) (National Bureau of Standards special publication ; 260-57)

Supt. of docs. no.: C13.10:260-57.

1. Materials--Standards—United States. 2. Physical measurements.
3. Chemical tests and reagents—Specifications—United States. I.
Plebanski, Tomasz, joint author. I. Title. II. Series: United States.
National Bureau of Standards. Standard reference materials. III.
Series: United States. National Bureau of Standards. Special publica-
tion ; 260-57.
QC100.U57 no. 260-57 (TA404.5) 602”. Is [602'.1] 77-28819

National Bureau of Standards Special Publication 260-57
Nat. Bur. Stand. (U.S.), Spec. Publ. 260-57, 55 pages (Feb. 1978)




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Standard Reference Materials (SRM's) as defined by the National Bureau of Standards are "well-characterized materials, produced in quantity, that calibrate a measurement system to assure compatibility of measurement in the nation." SRM's are widely used as primary standards in many diverse fields in science, industry, and technology, both within the United States and throughout the world. In many industries traceability of their quality control process to the national measurement system is carried out through the mechanism and use of SRM's. For many of the nation's scientists and technologists it is therefore of more than passing interest to know the details of the measurements made at NBS in arriving at the certified values of the SRM's produced. An NBS series of papers, of which this publication is a member, called the NBS Special Publication - 260 Series is reserved for this purpose.


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This 260 Series is dedicated to the dissemination of information on all phases of the preparation, measurement, and certification of NBS-SRM's. In general, much more detail will be found in these papers than is generally allowed, or desirable, in scientific journal articles. This enables the user to assess the validity and accuracy of the measurement processes employed, to judge the statistical analysis, and to learn details of techniques and methods utilized for work entailing the greatest care and accuracy. It is also hoped that these papers will provide sufficient additional information not found on the certificate so that new applications in diverse fields not foreseen at the time the SRM was originally issued will be sought and found.

Inquiries concerning the technical content of this paper should be directed to the author(s). Other questions concerned with the availability, delivery, price, and so forth will receive prompt attention from:

Office of Standard Reference Materials
National Bureau of Standards
Washington, D.C. 20234

J. Paul Cali, Chief
Office of Standard Reference Materials

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