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72d Congress, 1st Session

(December 7, 1931–July 16, 1932)


VOL. 1




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Note.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of Senate private



Note.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of Senate private



2. Conservation of wild-life resources.

7. Declaring Dec. 26, 1931, and Jan. 2, 1932, to be legal holidays in D. C.

16. Deportation of certain aliens.

17. Foreign debt moratorium.

18. Relieving commissioners of D. C. of certain ministerial duties.

19. Incorporation of D. C. Commission, George Washington Bicentennial.

21. Employment of counsel in case of Appalachian Elect Power Co.

22. Distribution of Government-owned wheat for relief purposes.

23. Amending radio act of 1927 rel. to Radio Division, Commerce Department.

26. Fixing commencement of terms of President, Vice President, etc.

27. To reimburse Baltimore for Civil War expenses.

33. Creation of Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

34. Establishment of Everglades National Park, Fla.

35. To issue patents for lands held under color of title in New Mexico.

37. Amend Federal farm loan act rel. to capital for Federal land banks.

38. Addition to Cache National Forest, Idaho.

39. Fish and game sanctuaries in national forests.

41. Relief of certain purchasers of lots in Harding, Fla.

42. Right of way across San Antonio Arsenal, Tex.

43. Payment of awards by Patents and Design Board.

46. War-time rank for retired officers of Army.

50. Authorizing assessor of D. C. to testify in condemnation proceedings.

69. Claim of Indiana State Militia.

75. Protection of union labels and similar insignia in D. C.

76. Bridge across Elk River at Kelso, Tenn.

77. Bridge across Waccamaw River near Conway, S. C.

78. Bridge across Choctawhatchee River near Freeport, Fla.

79. Bridge across St. Joseph River near St. Joseph, Mich.

80. Pay patients to contagious disease ward, Gallinger Municipal Hospital.

81. Memorial for William Robert Smith.

82. Bridge across French Broad River on Morristown-Newport road, Tenn.

83. Bridge across French Broad River on Dandridge-Newport road, Tenn.

86. Repeal act setting aside Quinaielt Indian land for lighthouse purposes.

87. Reserving land for addition to Skull Valley Indian Reservation.

88. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1932.

89. Sale of cemetery reserve made for certain Indians in Oklahoma.

90. To regulate conduct and administration of military arsenals, etc.

91. Exchange of obsolete supplies in War Department.

92. To authorize acceptance of bequest of William F. Edgar.

93. Chicago World's Fair Centennial Celebration.

94. Survey of Coquille River, Oreg.

95. Survey of Columbia River from Tongue Point to the sea.

96, Preliminary examination and survey of Alsea Bay, Oreg.

97. Dam at Inner Depoe Bay, Oreg.

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