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Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service:

Appropriation estimate.--

Statement of the Director..
Federal Radiation Council:

Appropriation estimate --

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin:

Appropriation estimate..

Statement of the Executive Director...
National Labor Relations Board:

Appropriation estimate---
Statement of the Chairman..

Statement of the general counsel.
National Mediation Board:

Appropriation estimate..

Statement of Mr D'Neill..
Railroad Retirement Board:
Payment for military service credits:

Appropriation estimate---

Statement of the Chairman.-
Salaries and expenses:

Appropriation estimate---

Statement of the Chairman.
U.S. Soldiers' Home:

Appropriation estimate...
Statement of the Governor.








Anderson, Dr. Robert J., Chief, Bureau of State Services, Public Health Page Service

530, 758, 833 Aronson, Albert H., Director, Division of State Merit Systems...

1533 Ball, Robert M., Commissioner, Social Security Administration.


1367, 1376, 1380 Baxter, Edmund, Director of Field Coordination..

1531 Bechill , William D., Commissioner, Administration on Aging

1748 Bright, Richard L., Associate Commissioner for Research, Office of Education.

344, 352 Brown, Dr. Murray C., Chief, Division of Occupational Health, Public Health Service..

812 Brown, Dr. William J., Chief, Venereal Disease Branch, Communicable Disease Center, Public Health Service

667 Burdbridge, Dr. Charles E., Superintendent, Freedmen's Hospital. 1399 Bystrom, Dr. John W., Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Education. 1562 Cameron, Dr. Dale C., Superintendent, Saint Elizabeths Hospital.--- 1311 Cardwell, James B., Deputy Comptroller, Department of Health, Educa

tion, and Welfare.. 4, 218, 278, 381, 530, 963, 1081, 1142, 1285, 1434, 1748 Cashman, Dr. John W., Chief, Division of Medical Care Administration, Public Health Service..

691 Chadwick, Dr. Donald R., Chief, Division of Radiological Health, Public Health Service...

830 Christensen, Dr. Aaron W., Deputy Chief, Bureau of State Services, Public Health Service.

555, 625, 659 Clarke, James B., treasurer, Howard University

1482 Cohen, Wilbur J. Under Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare-- 23, 1487 Cummings, Dr. Martin, Director, National Library of Medicine...

909 David, Wilfred D., Acting Chief, Division of Chronic Diseases, Public Health Service.-

584 Davis, Dr. Dorand J., Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases...

1215 Des Marais, Philip H., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Education Services

1393 Diefenbach, Dr. Viron L., Chief, Division of General Services, Public Health Service..

682 Elson, Sol, Chief, Division of Surplus Property

1542 Elstad, Dr. Leonard M., president, Gallaudet College

1417 Endicott, Dr. Kenneth M., Director, National Cancer Institute.

1069 Ferrazzano, Dr. Gabriel P., Chief, Division of Hospitals, Public Health Service

854 Fishburn, Dr. Howard D., Chief Medical Officer, Coast Guard.

857 Fortney, Gordon, Administrative Officer, Children's Bureau, Welfare Administration...

1739 Futterman, Jack S., Assistant Commissioner for Administration, Social Security Administration..

1368 Gardner, John W., Secretary, Health, Education, and Welfare.

1 Garrett, James F., Assistant Commissioner, Research and Training, Vocational Rehabilitation Administration....

457 Gehrig, Leo J., Deputy Surgeon General, Public Health Service


920, 941, 1259 Goddard, James L., Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration... 111 Gilbertson, Wesley E., Chief, Office of Solid Wastes, Public Health Service- 800 Granning, Dr. Harold M., Chief, Division of Hospital and Medical Facili- Page ties, Bureau of State Services, Public Health Service.-

731, 740 Grant, Dr. Robert H., Deputy Chief, Office of International Research, Office of Education.

988 Harris, Dr. Eugene K., Chief, Division of Computer Research and Technology, Public Health Service

1002 Harting, Donald, Director, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development..

1045 Holguin, `Dr. Alfonso H., Chief, Tuberculosis Branch, Communicable Disease Center, Public Health Service

656 Howe, Harold II, Commissioner of Education.

143, 208 Isbister, James D., Executive Officer, National Library of Medicine, Public Health Service..

914 Jacobs, Dr. Louis, Chief, Division of Foreign Quarantine, Public Health Service

867 Joliet, Dr. Paul V., Chief, Division of Accident Prevention, Public Health Service

546 Karsh, Norman, Assistant Commission for Administration, Office of Education.

218, 276, 380 Kelly, James F., Comptroller, Department of Health, Education, an Welfare.

5, 133, 171, 200, 624, 804, 859, 1391, 1509, 1511 Kennedy, Dr. Thomas J., Chief, Division of Research Facilities, Public Health Service.

967, 1281, 1291 Kreshover, Dr. Seymour J., Director, National Institute of Dental Research, Public Health Service

1147, 1156 Lillywhite, B. Alden, Assistant Commissioner for School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas, Office of Education --

239, 274 Linder, Dr. Forrest E., Director, National Center for Health Statistics, Public Health Service..

898 Ludington, John, R., Acting Associate Commissioner for Adult and Vocational Education, Office of Education.

157 MacKenzie, Vernon G., Chief, Division of Air Pollution, Public Health Service.

767 Marston, Dr. Robert G., Associate Director for Regional Medical Programs, Public Health Service.

1266 Masland, Richard L., Director, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness, Public Health Service...

1251 Muirhead, Peter P., Associate Commissioner of Higher Education, Office of Education..

213, 322, 357 Murray, Dr. Roderick, Director, Division of Biologics Standards, Public Health Service..

1028 Oettinger, Mrs. Katherine B., Chief, Children's Bureau, Welfare Administration.

1720, 1738 Russell

, Bernard, Director, Office of Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Development, Welfare Administration..

1631 Sava, Samuel G., Assistant Director, Division of Educational Personnel Training, Office of Education.

334 Scott, Miss Jessie M., Chief, Division of Nursing, Public Health Service.- 715 Sencer, Dr. David J., Chief, Communicable Disease Center, Public Health Service..

627, 644 Shannon, Dr. James A., Director, National Institutes of Health.

945, 967, 1000, 1030, 1080, 1120, 1135, 1270, 1286, 1295 Siegel, Harold B., Associate Director of Field Coordination..

1533 Stewart, Dr. William H., Surgeon General.

497 Steininger, Fred H., Director, Bureau of Family Services, Welfare Administration...

1643, 1673, 1691 Stone, Dr. Frederick L., Director, National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

1016 Switzer, Miss Mary E., Commissioner of Vocational Rehabilitation.

385 Wharton, James D., Chief, Division of Community Health Services, Public Health Service..

621 Whedon, Dr. G. Donald, Director, National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases.

1182 Willcox, Alanson W., General Counsel, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.


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