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every bit of trade he gets. There is more competition and the man who disposes of the most goods is the one who shows the right things at the right prices. Mr. Mallory was formerly connected with Parkersburg pharmacies, but is meeting with unusual success on the road.

Virgil Frizzell, for the last two years prominently connected with athletics in the Charleston High School, has decided to become a pharmacist and has left school and taken a position with the Roth Drug Company, Charleston. After getting a little experience in the store, he expects to take the necessary course in the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy.


After more than two years of litigation, the Lowery Drug Company, of Baltimore, has gotten a settlement with the Board of Education at Alderson, Greenbrier county. While the amount involved was less than $50, a question was at issue, which the eastern drug concern wished settled once and for all time, so as to afford a protection to other jobbers dealing with boards of education. The company had sold to the board of education a bill of goods, including paints, to be used on school houses. The board failed to pay for the goods and suit was brought, first against the president of the board and then against the board as a whole. In a magistrate's court the company lost out, but the Circuit court reversed the decision, and another hearing was given in a magistrate's court and a judgment was rendered against the board of education. The costs in the case amounted to several hundred dollars, and much time was given to the suits, for both sides seemed to be anxious to win, not because of the amount involved, but because of the precedent. The board that contracted the debt has been out of office for years.

"Almost anybody with initiative can start something new. But it takes more than initiative to distinguish the new things which the world wants from the new thing about which the world cares not a straw."

-John Wanamaker.

-:-Boards of Pharmacy.

Wisconsin Board Pharmacy.


At the meeting of the Wisconsin Board of Pharmacy held in Madison, Oct. 13-16, 1914, the following were granted certificates.

Registered Pharmacist certificates were granted to the following: Aloysius J. Dettlaff, Joseph B. Zych, Jr., Felix J. Idziorek, Walter J. Pergande, Rex E. Mather, Edwin B. Rennebohm, Milwaukee; Raymond T. LeMieux, Green Bay; Clarence H. Mees, Clintonville; Joseph F. Meyer, Chilton; Helmer A. Roen, Menomonie; Arthur S. Hessler, Antigo; P. Amos Gruett, Racine.

Registered Assistant Pharmacist certificates were granted to the following: Roy Hutchinson, Duluth, Minn.; Hans A. Hansen, Madison; Walter Gargen, Albert A. Lohr, Milwaukee; Lester B. Hansen, Racine.

The next meeting of the Wisconsin Board will be held in Madison, January 12-15, 1915.

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J. W. GAYLE, Frankfort, Secretary.

At the meeting of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy held at Berea, October the 13th and 14th, the following, out of a class of twentythree, passed as Registered Pharmacists:

Chas. F. Bartholomew, Ft. Thomas; Robert B. Creech, Louisville; E. W. Foertmeyer, Bellevue; Geo. L. Holliday, Paducah; Orin Lee, Middlesboro; Herbert T. Ransdell, Owenton; John B. Robinson, Georgetown; W. B. Schultz, Middlesboro; E. C. Wines, Jr., Rich


The following qualified as Assistants: M. D. Aitken, Flemingsburg; Chas. D. Anderson, Richmond; A. B. Brooks, Paducah; Walter J. Herp, Louisville; Jas. B. McQuown, Glassgow; Owen R. Ware, Middlesboro.

At the annual meeting held at this time Mr. C. Lewis Diehl, qualified as the newly appointed member of the board, succeeding Mr. Robin H. White, whose term expired.

Mr. C. Orville Patterson, Hawesville, was elected president for the ensuing year, while Mr. J. W. Gayle, Frankfort, was re-elected secretary, and Mr. Edward Bloomfield, Louisville, was re-elected attorney and inspector.

Covington was decided upon as the next place of meeting.

Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

T. A. MILLER, Richmond, Secretary. At the examination held in this city on the 20th inst. there were 30 applicants for registered pharmacist. Of this number the following were given certificates as registered pharmacists:

J. J. Harris, Culpepper; R. C. Morehead, Wytheville; W. B. Dabney, (col.) Petersburg; Abraham Caplan, Richmond; F. A. Lozaw, Middletown, N. Y.; B. L. Brannon, Norfolk; H. P. Hargrave, (col.) Roanoke; J. E. Manning, Portsmouth; W. M. Yearby, Richmond; C. H. Berryman, Wytheville.

The following 3 were given registered assistant certificates on the registered pharmacist examination:

C. W. Ray, Welch, W. Va.; P. H. Dinwiddie, Durham, N. C.; F. F. Lyon, Oxford, N. C.

There were 17 applicants for examination as registered assistant pharmacist. Of this number the following 6 were successful:

W. E. Manlove, Norfolk; J. B. Holland, Richmond; L. J. Henley, Tappahannock; L. J. Paulette, Farmville; J. N. Dickson, Norfolk;

J. A. Patterson, Richmond.

The following were registered by reciprocity: H. C. Greear, Appalachia, from Georgia, M. Beach, Norfolk, from Florida; L. J. Cohen, Phoebus, from Maryland; G. R. Ridgley, Richmond, from District of Columbia.

Board of Pharmacy of the District of Columbia.

W. T. KERFOOT, JR., Secretary.

At the regular quarterly examinations of the Board of Pharmacy of the District of Columbia, held October 8-9, fourteen applicants presented themselves, of which the following were licensed to practice pharmacy at the meeting of the board held this day.

John Gregory Biggs, Walter Jos. Andrew Donahoe, Harold Levy Quivers, Edwin Augustin Kenner.

Since the last meeting of the board Mr. Homer H. George, of Ronceverta, West Va., has been licensed through reciprocal exchange.

Dr. A. C. Taylor has been reappointed on the board by the commissioners of the District of Columbia.

The personnel of the board is as follows; President, A. C. Taylor; secretary, W. T. Kerfoot, Jr.; treasurer, Chas. J. Fuhrman. F. T. Hafelfinger and H. W. Kenner.

The next examinations of the board will be held January 9th and 10th, 1915.

Indiana News

About twenty-five of the wealthiest citizens of Indianapolis are organizing a parent company which in turn will attempt to organize the manufacturers of the United States into a co-operative subsidiary company the purpose of which shall be to promote the sale of United States made goods of all kinds in Central and South America. It is proposed that the subsidiary company, which probably will have a capitalization of $25,000,000 shall erect exposition buildings in the Central and South America republics for the permanent display of United States Goods. The plan has been submitted to the government authorities at Washington, D. C., and has been given their unofficial approval. Among those interested in the parent company is Thomas Taggart, president of the French Lick Hotel Company which controls Pluto.

A great deal of attention is being paid now to teaching Indiana citizens to trade at home, in view of the depressed business conditions that prevail generally. Under the auspices of the Indiana Retail Merchants Association, having 14,000 members representing every line of retail trade, a vigorous trade at home campaign is being waged. On the evening of October 29, the association planned for the merchants in more than one hundred cities and towns to meet and arrange a trade at home campaign. On the evening of November 17, it is planned that the merchants shall assemble in those same towns for a dinner at which the results of the campaign to that time will be discussed.

With an authorized capitalization of $100,000 the Central Pharmacal Company has been organized and incorporated at Seymour. Those interested in the concern include W. C. Sumner, H. A. Washburn and Samuel N. Quillen. The company has announced it will build a laboratory in Seymour, the work of construction to start as soon as plans can be completed.

The local entertainment committee for the convention of the National Wholesale Druggists Association held in Indianapolis Sept. 21 to 26, gave a dinner in honor of Henry W. Lawrence, president and general manager of the Claypool Hotel, where the gathering was held, on October 16. Mr. Lawrence was given a beautifully engraved memorial, signed by each member of the committee, expressing appreciation of the kind treatment accorded those attending the convention. George E. Wolf, assistant manager of the hotel, was given a gold watch and other employes received gifts

of minor importance. The members of the committee were Thomas A. Alford, W. A. Caperton, C. S. Dearborn, Eli Lilly, J. K. Lilly Charles J. Lynn, A. Kiefer Mayer, G. Barrett Moxley, J. George Mueller, William Scott, Marion Ward, John S. Wright and William J Mooney, the latter being chairman.

The Federal Serum and Chemical Company has begun the erection of a $100,000 plant on the National Road, twelve miles west of Indianapolis. The company has a tract of twenty acres of land it acquired recently, and here nineteen buildings are to be erected. The first building to be erected will be the laboratory and penhouse which will be 285 feet by 60 feet, of concrete and tile construction and will cost $30,000. The plant is to be completed by February 1, 1915. The company was organized and incorporated with $125,000 capital by Indianapolis business men on July 28. A specialty will be made of hog cholera serum.

At the annual meeting of the Indianapolis Association of Credit Men held during the last month, it was decided to make an aggressive campaign against dishonest merchants who make false statements as to their resources in order to obtain credit, this now being a violation of a state law, with a heavy penalty. A banquet was held in connection with the meeting and $200 was subscribed in a few minutes toward defraying the cost of prosecutions along the line mentioned. N. H. Noyes, a representative of Eli Lilly & Co., was elected vice president and J. George Mueller of the Mooney-Mueller Drug Company a director of the association.

A business meeting of the Indiana Rexall Association was held at the Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis, October 7. There was a large attendance and topics relating to pushing Rexall preparations were duscussed at length. The association has about two hundred members, consisting of retail druggists who handle the Rexall preparations in the state. Among the speakers was R. D. Lane of the United Drug Company, Boston, Sam Hartford of Indianapolis, and the officers. W. G. Valentine of Terre Haute is president and W. P. Johnson of Greenfield, is secretary of the association.

Business of all kinds is still dull in the state, owing to banking conditions. Banks are extending very little credit. Many of the banks are hoarding their money, sometimes to the extent of three or four times the required legal reserve. Retail druggists who have depended

on some banking accommodation in buying large bills of goods, are now compelled to buy in smaller quantities, according to their ability to raise the cash when the bills become due. The wholesale drug houses report a fairly good business, although it is probably still a trifle below normal.

The Indiana State Board of Pharmacy has begun an investigation of certain retail drug stores at Muncie where the board has a suspicion that illegal sales of liquor, cocaine and other narcotics are being made. At a meeting of the board held in Indianapolis October 13, Charles McPherson, Arthur Cunningham, J. F. Hildebrand and Jonathan Kennedy, registered pharmacists, employed in Muncie drug stores not owned by registered pharmacists, were called before the board and questioned. Burton H. Cassady of Terre Haute and Jerome J. Keene of Indianapolis, members of the state board, paid a visit to Muncie recently in connection with the investigation.

Eli Lilly & Company, of Indianapolis, on October 14 had as their guests forty physicians and pharmacists of Evansville. Arriving early in the morning, the party was entertained at breakfast at the Claypool Hotel. The morning was spent in visiting the Lilly plant after which luncheon was served. In the afternoon the party was taken to the company's new biological plant at Greenfield on a special traction car, returning to Indianapolis late in the afterIn the evening dinner was served in the Florentine Room at the Claypool, followed by a theatre party at B. F. Keith's Theatre. Dr. J. N. Hurty, secretary of the state board of health, was a special guest.


Martin Lynch died at his home in Edinburg, October 15, from the infirmities of old age. Mr. Lynch was born in Ireland, coming to this country when a young man. In 1861 he engaged in the retail drug business at Edinburg which he continued until three weeks before his death. He was eighty-two years old. He is survived by a daughter, Miss Lavaille Lynch; two brothers, Michael Lynch of Dayton, Ohio, and Patrick Lynch and a sister, Miss Margaret Lynch of Indianapolis. The funeral and burial took place on October 17.

The Millmore Corporation has been organized at South Bend by Harry C. Elmore, Charles L. Miller and Charles A. Carlisle and will engage in the manufacture of various chemicals. The company has been incorporated with an authorized capitalization of $5,000.

After a short illness, Samuel W. Carpenter died at his home in Waveland on October 15. Mr. Carpenter was one of the oldest retail druggists in Waveland. He was born in Florence, Ky., June 2, 1846, but spent most of his life in Indiana. He is survived by a widow and three sons, Braxton, Douglas and Campbell Carpenter.

Thieves paid a visit to retail drug stores at Bloomfield on the night of October 9, and thus far the authorities have been unable to apprehend them. At the store of Frank L. Burke, $85 in money was taken. A few dollars were obtained at the store of F. B. Shertzer and Son, considerable money in a drawer being overlooked.

Harry G. May was recently nominated for joint state senator on the Progressive ticket, for Gibson and Posey counties. Mr. May has long been a prominent retail druggist at Princeton and has other large business interests.

An automobile belonging to W. H. Roberts, an Indianapolis druggist was stolen recently and when found sometime later was badly wrecked, having been driven into a ditch and through a fence into a cornfield.

W. C. Archer, B. S. Orr and John Lake have organized the Anti-Bacilli Remedy Co., at Attica, which has been incorporated with an authorized capitalization of $10,000. The company will manufacture a line of chemicals and medicines.

Floyd Fifer, seventeen years old, is on trial at Elkhart for the murder of Emanuel A Fink, a South Bend druggist, last May. The case was venued from St. Joseph to Elkhart county.

A. R. Miller, president of Mullen & Haynes Company, wholesale druggists of Owensboro, Ky., was a member of the party of physicians and druggists from Evansville, Ind., and nearby towns, to visit the Lilly Laboratories, Oct. 14th.

The members of the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy which convened at Indianapolis the week of October 12th, were the guests of Eli Lilly & Company at a special dinner and theatre party tendered visiting druggists and doctors from Evansville and nearby towns, Oct. 14th. The five board members are: A. S. Heineman of Valparaiso; W. H. Rudder of Salem; W. H. Fogas of Mount Vernon; J. J. Keene of Indianapolis, and Burton Cassady of West Terre Haute.

War Has No Effect on These.

With characteristic business acumen, Parke, Davis & Co., are concentrating their promotion activities upon a line of products that are not only applicable to the season, but are unaffected by the European war. Prominent among them are Antidiphtheric Serum and the new Typhoid Phylacogen. These agents are being extensively advertised and detailed to physicians, and druggists will do well to prepare for the demand which will follow as a logical sequence.

Concentrated Antidiphtheric Serum (Globulin), P. D. & Co., is undoubtedly the most widely used of all antitoxins. The manufacturers' admirable equipment for the production of biological products, their trained and talented staff of scientists and veterinarians, the painstaking care with which their antitoxins are evolved, tested and standardized-these are patent to the medical profession and are a sufficient explanation of the remarkable favor in which the Parke, Davis & Co. brand of diphtheria antitoxin is held by physicians.

Typhoid Phylacogen makes its advent at a time when a reliable agent for the treatment of typhoid fever is needed, the disease being much in evidence at this season of the year. The product was tested clinically for two years before being formally offered to the medical profession, and its therapeutic efficacy is firmly established. Druggists are advised to order at least a few bulbs of this Phylacogen in anticipation of the probable demand.

Both Antidiphtheric Serum and Typhoid Phylacogen may be ordered with assurance that their prices are not likely to be disturbed in consequence of the unsettled conditions in Europe.

Statement of the Ownership, Management,
Circulation, etc., of

The Midland Druggist & Pharmaceutical Review,
Published Monthly at Columbus, Ohio.
(Required by the Act of August 24, 1912.)
Editor-Geo. B. Kauffman.

Managing Editor-A. G. Bagley.

Business Managers-Geo, B. Kauffman and A. G. Bagley. Publisher-The Midland Publishing Co.

Owners-(Stockholders holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of stock) - J. H Beaf. Scio, Ohio; S. E. Strong, Cleveland, Ohio; Geo. B. Kauffman, Columbus, Ohio; L. B. Hall, Cleveland, Ohio; A. H. Van Gorder, Cleveland, Ohio: N. A. Lloyd, Cincinnati, Ohio; Edward Kremers, Madison, Wis.: J. D. Price, Columbus, Ohio; R. H. Bradley, Toledo, Ohio.

Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders, holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities-None.

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FOR SALE-Drug store in railroad town of 1200 in northwestern Ohio; one other store. Rexall and Eastman agencies; handle wall paper; expenses low, rent $19.50; 8 miles to nearest town; 23 miles to nearest city. Only reason for selling, am used to city and don't like it in small town. Address 8655, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. Oct.2ts.

FOR SALE-Drug store in northwestern Ohio town of 3,000; Nyal and United agencies; full prices; expenses reasonable; no booze joint; Will sell at invoice or lump if latter price attractive. On certain conditions would consider a partner. As I wish to retire at once, will make special concessions. Address 8660, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

Oct. 2ts.

FOR SALE-Drug store outfit complete; shelf bottles, scales, etc. Fixtures are birch, cherry finish; 32 feet combination patent medicine and slant show cases; 20 feet tr. shelving and drawers; 9 feet R cases; 2x6 show cases; good 14 syrup onyx fountain, counter and stools; all in good shape. Can be bought at about half of original cost. Will sell fixtures separate from stock. Going out of business. Address 8662, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. Oct. 2ts.

FOR SALE-Only drug store in live town of 800, northwestern Ohio; Nyal agency; full prices; cash business over $5000. Splendid opportunity to step into a profitable established drug business. Full particulars on inquiry. Address 8661, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. Oct 2ts.

FOR SALE-Drug store in central Ohio. Corner location; moderate rent; clean stock; full prices; newly remodeled; floor cases; wall paper stock. Chance for a young man to make good on a small cash investment; balance in monthly payments. Present owner wishes to retire from drug business. Address 8663, care Midland Druggist & &harm. Review.

Oct. 2ts.

FOR SALE-New drug store in county seat of 10,000; up-to-date, all marble soda fountain; Bang fixtures; no price cutting; small expense; invoice $3500. Will sell for $2500 cash. Don't answer unless you mean business. Address 8666, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. Oct. 2ts.

FOR SALE Only drug store in town of 1500; located in the central part of W. Va., in the heart of a coal, oil and gas belt. Expenses low. Other business, reason for selling. Address 8667, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. Oct. 2ts.

FOR SALE Only drug store in n. w. Ohio town of 500. If you want a good money maker and have $2,800 cash, investigate this store. Sales over $6,000; expense only $200. Don't answer unless you mean business and have the money. Address 8670, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. Nov. 2ts

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