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Center of the American Pharmaceutical Association Convention and Michigan State Pharmaceutical Association, Detroit, August 23–29, 1914.


Left Wing of the American Pharmaceutical Association and Michigan State Pharmaceutical Association. This part of the picture shows the Parke, Davis & Co. Boat which carried the large party of druggists to their plant and later took them up the river to the

Flats, returning to Detroit at 8 P. M.




The 16th annual convention of the


Resolved, That immediate plans be evolved gists was held in Philadelphia, August

for the formation of an effective legislative 17th to 21st, 1914.

organization which shall contain representation President

from each state, and that, in so far as practical, James F. Fin

particular consideration be given the legislative neran of Bos

committees of the various state associations ton, presided.

in the selection of the personnel of this body, The attend

said body to act as a newly constructed comance at the con

mittee to assist' at request the legislative vention was

committee of the National Association of record break

Retail Druggists; be it further ing, 1600 per- Resolved, That each state representative shall sons being reg- be the head of a subordinate body of county istered, but

representatives for his respective state. only 154 dele

Resolved, That the work of organizing a gates were

country-wide auxiliary legislative committee seated which is

be continued until every state and territory below the aver

is so organized. age.

The scope of the work of a

Resolved, That the incoming president be national organ

and is hereby instructed to appoint a comization such as

mittee of three members, which committee

the N. A. R. D. shall confer with similar committees appointed Retiring President, N. A. R. D. is so broad as for the same purpose by other organizations to preclude a complete report in anything upon the advisability of forming a congress short of a stenographic report, which our

of national drug and pharmaceutical bodies space does not permit. Perhaps the under the auspices of the Americal Pharmost important work of the Convention maceutical Association, and be it further is embodied in the Resolutions adopted, Resolved, That the result of the conference and they will furnish a birdseye-view of these committees shall be reported to the of the whole proceedings.

several organizations represented and to the

American Pharmaceutical Association at their RESOLUTIONS.

annual meetings in 1915—the most of which will probably be held in San Francisco-with

such recommendations as may be agreed Resolved, That we hereby instruct our legis

upon. lative committee to have a suitable bill drafted forthwith and introduced in congress, and that all the power of the organization be placed Resolved, That the National Association of behind it to procure its passage at an early

Retail Druggists, in convention assembled, date.

reiterates its objection to this tax, and that a suitable memorandum of his protest be

submitted by our secretary to his honor, Resolved, That the National Association of

the Secretary of the Treasury of the l'nited Retail Druggists, through its committees

States; and be it further and organization forces and the efforts of its

Resolved, That the National Association of individual members, extend every assistance Retail Druggists, through the proper officials to local, state and federal governments in and in the manner deemed best, respectfully conserving the supply of drugs and medicines

request his honor, the Secretary of the and preventing forestalling, and be it

Treasury of the United States to give an Resolved, That the National Association of official opinion as to why retail druggists Retail Druggists hereby condemns most vigor- should be compelled to pay this tax. ously the practices of those wholesale dealers Resolved, by the National Association of and manufacturers in the drug field, who have Retail Druggists, in convention assembled, needlessly advanced the price of many of the that every honorable effort be put forth by products they supply.

this association to secure the passage of a





Resolved, That in the future all contracts for advertising trade-marked preparations upon which there is a set retail price and for which over $2, $4, and $8 wholesale is asked, be discouraged.


law that will more strongly differentiate between the medicinal and beverage sales of alcohol than the present laws do, and be it further

Resolved, That every effort be made to secure the passage of a law reducing the alcohol tax of retail druggists to the sum of five dollars.

Resolved, That this association instructs its legislative committee to cause the introduction into congress of a bill to provide for a nominal tax upon the sale of alcoholic liquors, when sold by pharmacists for medicinal, mechanical and scientific purposes only, and that a special stamp be issued for this purpose.

Resolved, That we urge all our members and retail pharmacists in general throughout the United States to have the name of the pharmacist in charge of any drug store displayed prominently and permanently either above the door of his place of business or on the show windows; and be it further

Resolved, That the N. A. R. D. through its proper officers and committees attempt as soon as possible to have this regulation enacted into a law through all the states.


EXTENDED SERVICE FEATURES Resolved, That the N. A. R. D. executive committee be instructed to give the extension of the service features its serious consideration at the December meeting of the committees,


[blocks in formation]

Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists heartily endorses the Stevens bill and calls on congress to enact it into law at the present session; and

Resolved, That we commend the utterances of President Wilson at Philadelphia, on October 29, 1912, when in defining his policy, he said: “Safeguard American against unfair competition and they will take care of themselves. If you make the processes by which small men are undersold in particular markets criminal; if you penalize in the same way those discriminations by which retail dealers are punished, if they deal in the goods of anybody except the big manufacturers; if you see to it that raw materials are sold upon the same terms to everybody; if you see that the closed market for credit is opened up by a very different banking system, then you have freed America, and I, for my part, am willing to stop there and see who has the best brains." And we pledge him our earnest support in any effort he may make to enforce the principles of equal rights and equal opportunity to honest dealing with the consuming public.

Resolved, That this association heartily endorses the Stevens bill, H. R. 13305, and will exert every effort to insure its passage.

ANTI-NARCOTIC LEGISLATION Resolved, That the legislative and executive committees be given full power to use their best judgment with reference to the passage of the Harrison bill.

Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists does hereby congratulate the lay press upon its acuteness in the cause of humanity, and hopes to see the improvement eventually extended to all lay publications.


Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists enters its protest to this latest evidence of attempt to monopolize successively all retail lines; and be it further

Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists condemns as "unfair” the giving of rebates of all kinds by coupons, or otherwise; and be it further

Resolved, That copies of these resolutions be forwarded to President Wilson and every member of congress.





Resolved, That we, the members of the National Association of Retail Druggists, in conference assembled once more declare ourselves for the standard of $2, $4, and $8, or better, and call upon all manufacturers to conform to it in the marketing of their products; and be it further

Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists re-endorse this action, and co-operate with the American Bankers' Association in the movement for one-cent letter postage, and instruct the secretary to continue his efforts to accomplish the results which the National One-Cent Letter Postage Association is endeavoring to secure.


Resolved, That this association use every effort to the end that Treasury Decision No. 153 be so modified as properly to protect retailers.


PROPRIETARY STAMP TAX OPPOSED. Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists strenuously oppose a stamp tax on proprietary medicines and toilet articles.

IN MEMORIAM: W. E. LEE WHEREAS, The Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists and the National Association of Retail Druggists have sustained an immeasurable loss in the death of William E. Lee and

WHEREAS, The National Association of Retail Druggists has lost a stalwart supporter and energetic worker; be it

Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists, in convention assembled, bow to the will of the Almighty with deep regret and sorrow; and

Resolved, That a copy of these Resolutions be forwarded to Mrs. Lee.

Resolved, That the association continues its support of legislation to improve the condition of pharmacists in the army and navy of the United States.


Resolved, That this association approves of any legislation that will suppress fraudulent or misleading advertising.


Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists make strenuous efforts to bring about a general increase in compensation to druggists having postal stations.

TAXATION OF MAIL-ORDER BUSINESSES Resolved, That the association approves and will support the Hinebaugh bill for the taxation of mail-order businesses.


Resolved, that the Secretary, and when convenient, the President, attend state association meetings whenever possible.



Resolved, That this association favors an amendment to the federal food and drugs act, that will establish a single standard for official drugs and preparations.


Resolved, That this association is strongly opposed to the further extension of the parcelpost system, and is strongly opposed to the autocratic powers invested in the Post-Office Department, for making rules and regulations.

SCOPE OF DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Resolved, That this association opposes the creation of a national department of health, unless pharmacy, as an allied profession, be recognized in its make-up.

OFFICIAL "BICHLORIDE TABLETS" Resolved, That this association urge upon the revision committee of the United States Pharmacopæia, the desirability of providing for an official form for tablets of bichloride of mercury.

AGAINST CONVICT-MADE GOODS Resolved, That this association is in favor of legislation that will forbid the distribution, in interstate commerce, of convict-made goods.

Resolved, That the National Association of Retail Druggists assembled in Philadelphia August, 1914, again reaffirms its previous declarations, fraternally requesting all druggists to limit their Sunday business to work of necessity and mercy. For the very gratify. ing progress of the Sunday rest movement we desire to express our deep appreciation of the great help of the noble women of the W. 0. N. A. R. D., and to thank them for what they have done and are doing to advance the Sabbath observance cause. This subject is one that runs almost concurrently with the question of shorter hours of duty for pharmacists, and both are obtaining proper recognition in an age in which considerations of old customs are being relegated to obscurity by new ideas which involve more health and greater happiness for those dependent on their daily toil, whether it be behind the drug store 'counter, in the factory, on the farm or elsewhere in the hive of modern industry. We are glad to notice the various drug journals report growing interest in this important matter and desire to especially thank Editor Craig of our own N. A. R. D. JOURNAL, for his helpful words for the good of all. In this movement the druggists welcome the assistance of the press, church organizations of every name, and hope by combining in this good work to bring about better conditions for the individual, the state, and the nation.


Resolved, That this association heartily endorses the great work being done by the American Fair Trade League, in the interest of price-maintenance legislation.

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